#MondayThoughts No. 40: Quo Vadis, Vernum?

On March 21, the spring equinox will balance the hours of day and night and will mark the gradual lengthening of daylight. Astronomically, the sun will be overhead in the equator before it pushes slowly northwards toward the Tropic of Cancer.

Climatically, when we think of spring (in the standpoint of temperate zone), we think about flowers and planting some seeds of fruits and vegetables. Nowadays, snowstorms and summertime temperatures in April seems to be a norm in the United States and those scenes are either shifted early as some groundhogs predicted last February or it does not anymore exist.

In my place (in the tropics), it will mark the dry season. Schools will be out for the vacation except those that begin in August. Baguio will be crowded and so the reopened Boracay and the poor will head to Manila Bay despite the ongoing cleanup.

This year, it will be intensive.

In other words, expect the water demand to outstrip its evaporating and/or depleting supply. And that happened within the last week with the water shortage brouhaha over the Metro and sporadic, dry-spelled areas in the provinces, topping all the problems in the country where its governance is well-known for evading and fabricating.


Timow out.


#MondayThoughts No. 39: Captain Marvel

This is my 50th post on a new slate. WARNING: Spoilers ahead for those who haven’t watch it in the cinemas.

Captain Marvel (Boden and Fleck, 2019) is the first film to be released after the loss of its creator, Stan Lee, last November. Yes, the specialized opening titles of Marvel Studios does make every fan cry or trigger emotion if one can’t shed tears.

Brie Larson plays Carol Danvers and the titular character while Samuel Jackson plays Nick Fury, the future director of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Lee’s cameo, unlike the previous films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is placed on the opening action instead of the main action near the end. That Captain Marvel’s smile on the creator reading the Mallrats script (which he was a cameo of that film in 1995, the year of this film’s setting) is a big honor.

The most funny, awesome part — other than Captain Marvel’s fight — is Goose the Cat. His flight in space and swallowing of the Tesseract using tentacle tongues just incite humor. In terms of the soundtrack, it’s apt and the ’90s music, it’s pretty neat.

My verdict: Haters gonna hate, it kicks ass. Sorry for those who review-bombed the film before watching but Brie takes no crap. In the end, anyone can do greater things as Captain Marvel can.

Personally, I should do some film reviews as I looking forward for the next one next month, Avengers: Endgame, to see if Thanos will be defeated.

Anyway, Excelsior!

Timow out.

#MondayThoughts No. 38: The First Monday of March

Finally, after a Monday break. I am now recharged to write my Monday thoughts.

However, this is a tedious month for me as I have to encode mom’s work as we reach the final stretch of the school year.

Regarding my committed video project, commencing at the end of this month and I’m lagging behind on the first of ten. The second comes at a faster rate.

Recently, instead of waking up at 5:00 a.m. or early, I now wake up now past 6 a.m. Why I am like few years behind what the struggles of an average college student — sleep late and wake up a bit late?

On Wednesday, it will be the premiere of Captain Marvel but then it’ll be Ash Wednesday — a dilemma for moviegoers who want to give up their pleasures for Lent. Well, I’ll tackle about that next Monday after watching the film.

Timow out.

#MondayThoughts No. 37: Controversy of Next Week, Heaping Problems for This Week

Next Monday is another national holiday. However, I don’t know if I would commemorate this or not as it has been debatable — with one side rising and wishing it should have never been at all.

One thing is for sure, I really need a break. This week, I am trying to finish three test questions as their examination falls this Saturday. In addition, I have a backlog of blog posts.

I need to reconsider this weekly move.

Timow out.


#MondayThoughts No. 36: On Official Campaigning Tomorrow

By midnight from this publication, the campaign period for national positions officially begin.

This means, the candidates will be timed on their advertisements that says “VOTE FOR,” the designated number in the ballot and “Paid for by the friends of…”

However, I am not surprised with the days leading to tomorrow were all on guestings on a weekday morning talk show.

Last Saturday, the penultimate before the campaign period, both weekly drama anthologies portrayed the sensationalized life stories of two senatorial candidates who are recently in the Top 12 pre-campaign survey.

One of the networks was unforgiving. But people keep bashing the other party. They realize that it does not matter who the President is or was and what he says on the network ad infinitum?

This is, according to one’s perspective, beauty (or ugliness) on taking advantage of legal loopholes. In reality, literal interpretation matters; it does not matter on spiritual or moral implications.

I wonder, after those three years, is this present governance worth our expectations?

Did we live a comfortable life within our means? Was the sovereignty protected? Did the OFWs that supported him come home and secure their jobs? Was the anti-corruption drive effective?

Those questions should be generated on the minds of the people, which are now preoccupied with the socio-civic exercise that happens every three years.

If they still go with the abusive shepherd, I’m not surprised that others would call us “unprincipled” and “cowards.”

Pray tell, is it too hard to be called out for a spade for a spade?

Timow out.

#MondayThoughts No. 35: About the Sickness Last Week

I’m getting a cough right now. I’m still lightheaded.

Don’t get us wrong, with amihan season still prevailing (chilling temperatures, rising at noon and decreasing slowly), this is a dominant scene especially for a guy who has asthma.

Last week, my mom had a fever but she had to work because her colleagues were on leave. That evening, I decided to finish encoding the prelim grades in college and submitted it to her.

Because of that, on Wednesday, I felt a fever over my head and I had a lack of appetite at breakfast. My dad sent me to the nearest hospital for a checkup and it lasted two hours. I realized that I have a bacterial infection.

The following day, Thursday, it was my sister’s turn but it ended up being confined there for the same case — albeit on a different circumstance — and was discharged 24 hours after.

Glad I was not hospitalized as I regained my resistance and appetite due to compliance in taking medicines. My special child brother was also infected with fever and, right now, recovered to his normal state.

Today, my mom is in Baguio for the continuation of her high school alumni homecoming escapade. I’m still concerned with her health, which inherited and transmitted the problem over us that week but I hope she will be fine and will not get worsened.

Timow out.

#MondayThoughts No. 34: Significantly Untitled

January is almost over but I can’t think of a title.

I am in agony what to write every Monday, where it is my main media review blog’s off day and for other projects.

Next Monday is a bridge between Sunday and a holiday — the Lunar New Year (Earth Pig) and technically, I might need to report my thoughts after watching the Super Bowl on that morning.

The next Monday holiday will be on February 25, a day that certain, loud people wished it should have never been. More on that in a few more weeks.

Why did it have to be like this?

This is not even the longest period of the year in between those national rest days. Based on the calendar year, this is the fourth longest — the longest is from between August 26 and November 1.

This week, I will begin planning for the video series about the 2010s.

This will be a long way.

Timow out.