#MondayThoughts No. 22: 12 Days of Adulting?

Beginning tomorrow night, my Mom will depart from Manila to California to be with her sisters. She won’t be here on All Saints’ Day but at her time in San Francisco, it’ll be Halloween and I could imagine if Tita’s house would be greeted with trick-or-treaters.

It will last for 12 days, being in charge of the house with my dad and my older brother.

For the days leading up to tomorrow, I set my alarm 9 minutes earlier to 3:00 a.m. This has something to do with my older brother (a special child) whose body clock begins at dawn. I have to oversee him, even though I agitated for eating breakfast three times. (I did up to twice.)

We might resort to eat canned goods… or rather on meal preparation, although I know how to cook on the rice cooker since my youngest sister has a first job (night shift). In addition, this Saturday will be her last in school to attain units ready for teaching.

Without mom, me and my sister will visit to the cemetery on the maternal side on November 2 — the actual celebration of All Souls’ Day where Filipinos made a mistake unless you are from Angono, Rizal.

Plus, I have some work to do for the second semester subjects offered for senior high school yet I worry over not crafting the final examinations on the first semester for college which she was dead tired due to irreconcilable differences

I really need to get to shape up some adulting skills and I’m 24. Where should I start?

Timow out.



Monday Thoughts No. 21: Overthinking

Posting a Monday thought without a clear mindmap made me overthink but then the unquenchable dumpster fire made by the sitting administration — the political agony that sacrifices patience, civility and self-restraint — holds us back, even on the fiesta in COMELEC (no matter how hard they even appease) as the certificate of candidacy filing continues today until Wednesday.

This week is the last week before the public school’s semestral break, which means the the quarterly examinations are going to be administered. I know students have the tendency to overthink as the requirements to subjects are due.

We wish we were octopuses — benevolent ones, not abusive ones — were our hands can manage our affairs efficiently and employ lots of neurons (five times more than humans) so we can think lot more over this dumpster fire.

But sadly, we can’t live underwater.

Timow out.

#MondayThoughts No. 20: Self-Control, The Second Killed Virtue after Civility

Virtues keeps on changing and/or abandoned with the times, don’t they?

With short attention spans, technological advances and higher demands, it seems the moral compass shifted awry and broke easily.

We already killed civility and respect, due to the rise of geopolitcal populist-nationalism demagoguery. We have been influenced by our leaders we elected. This year, the next virtue under threat is possibly self-control.

If you’re still spiritual or religious, like patience, self-control is another fruit of the Holy Spirit.

There are so many examples on how self-control no longer matters:

  • This month is a major beer month — Oktoberfest. You’ve heard this disclaimer on the media after airing such advertisements to “drink responsibly.” Formerly it’s “drink moderately.” We presume the magnitude and delineation of moderation is because our bodies vary in shape and size and metabolism is changing over time. But then, we expect news of accidents due to drunk driving.
  • Since February, a live daily noontime show ended up until merienda time and other shows that follow get affected in a domino effect due to a famous personality’s monopolizing control over the microphone. It may have increased revenue for the network but at what cost? The people in the news department and regional groups and teleserye production would be irritated. In the end, their electronic program guide’s function for their own digitally-encrypted black box is just worthless.
  • The most real-life situation will be this Thursday (October 11). That day commences the week of filing of certificates of candidacy in all elected positions (from municipal to Senatorial level) for next year’s (and possibly last) midterm elections. However, we are certain that from October 18 to February 11, that window of time is an exploitable opportunity for public figures to air their advertisements and greetings without mentioning the word “vote for” and the position, not to mention they would add a life story a few Saturdays before they would go out to the journey.

Should we just concede to these and just embrace the new normal or status quo? Do you have a story to tell about the abandonment of self-restraint? I am open.

Timow out.

#MondayThoughts No. 19: New Quarter, Asthma and Medium

It’s the fourth quarter of 2018 already?. Time flies so fast.

Last Monday, my sister (accompanied with my dad) went to Bonifacio Global City for the interview. Days after, she got asthma due to the Metro Manila pollution to and fro. She has to take medications and prevention.

Anyway, last week, I formally set up a new blogging platform called Medium, which I already posted my maiden entry about the Ultra Lotto jackpot. Last night, no one won the PHP 800 million prize. My intention for that platform will be used for non-media topics.


What to look forward for October is the month of rosary, beer, United Nations and breast cancer awareness. In addition, sembreak for public schools and colleges who are still following the June opening and the reopening of Boracay.

On the second week of October will be the filing of certificates of candidacy (initially starting today).

My mom will leave to America on the fourth week, which means I won’t go to the cemetery for Undas this year.

I need to work on writing. Timow out.

#MondayThoughts 18: End-September News Roundup

It’s the last week of September and it means payday by the end of this week and Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day will get up soon.

On this edition, I’ll try to reduce opportunistic political news which agitated every one of us (especially if it’s no way out and affecting adversely our mental health), including myself, which forced me to reduce the use of screens.

Monday, 24

Today is the 29th birthday of Pia “Queen P” Wurtzbach. A lot of people would recently remember that tinnitus-inducing Goya Dark Chocolate commercial.

Today also is when Lucky Me convince every family to dine together at home for Kainang Pamilya Mahalaga Day. We do that almost every day but not others.

Tuesday, 25

Oil price hike will take effect for the 7th consecutive week. Price change range is from 10 to 40 centavos.

The Ultra Lotto 6/58 jackpot would reach PHP 720+ million. If there will be no winner, the next draw will be on Friday with the largest jackpot prize in PCSO history. More on that on an essay over the Facebook note on the following day.

Wednesday, 26

If you are from Marikina, you will remember hauntily on this day nine years ago as the wrath of Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana).

Friday, 28

Payday Friday, Feast of St. Lorenzo Ruiz.

The 250th post of my main media blog will be up. The corresponding YouTube video is bigger; expect 2 hours of upload time. I won’t tell what topic it is until that day arrives.

Saturday, 29

The Feast of Archangels and the second death anniversary of Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago. A lot of young people will never forget her.

What more to live her legacy but to go register as it will be their last day for the midterm elections for May 13, 2019.

That’s it, I had nothing to say. Timow out.

#MondayThoughts No. 17: Bad Planning, Good Opportunity

Before I begin this Monday Thought, I am fine after Super Typhoon Ompong (Mangkhut) battered the northern part of the country; I’m in Central Luzon, so it’s just winds and floods.

On that related note, during the past Monday before watching Goyo, the planned swimming in Antipolo for my uncle’s arrival and birthday (yesterday) would be cancelled due to a supertyphoon. They say they would be rescheduled but he will go back to Brunei (?) on Wednesday.

I knew beforehard that it will be a bad idea since September is on a rainy season plus the access to the city on a hill is tricky. In addition, it would be a distraction as there is much work to be done.

Nonetheless, I read dad’s conversation on Facebook group chat on his family but I should not accept the “alarmist” message easily unless proven and double-checked with verifiable sources.

When I checked the supertyphoon after the movie, he was right. It would coming through us.

The following day, the typhoon battered Guam and Northern Mariana Islands. If that was the case, I said, then it should never have happened.

On Thursday to Saturday, when classes were suspended in my locality. Despite the heavy work, there was a good opportunity to finish the midterm questions for my mom. It contained 5 subjects, which is too much.

Yesterday, the supposed day to be in Antipolo, was my mom’s birthday. Ompong was already out of the Philippine Area of Responsibility and it was just a completely cloudy day.

Last night, my dad came home from his brother’s homecoming in my late grandma’s house in Sampaloc. The place I feel that I won’t come back again after her demise last year.

The moral lesson: Why plan when there is an unfavorable condition?

Timow out.