#MondayThoughts No. 30: 10 Years of Cybercitizenship (Part II)

Ugh, I’m late because of laziness, covering the Miss Universe and watching Aquaman. But technically, it’s still Monday for the Western Hemisphere readers.

Anyways, let’s wrap the last Monday Thoughts for 2018 on the apps and websites that I witnessed in my decade of cyber residency:

Wattpad is home of user-generated stories, which I tied it via Facebook since the early 2010s. I’m trying to make my own novel, which I might finish it by 2020.

In 2014, I joined Spotify, the music streaming app and Instagram, the social media for photos. In addition, I have an Evernote, a cloud-based notetaking app.

The next year, I joined Reddit as I became interested in vexillology, the study of flags and I religiously joined their monthly flag design contests.

Last year (2017), I installed Grammarly to check my grammar and spelling on this blog.

Last September, I decided to join Medium for telling stories other than media or personal life.

Right now, I won’t do Snapchat and I don’t know how Pinterest works since the server connection cannot be reached.

So far, this is the shortest Monday Thoughts (on a Tuesday) and let’s call it a year.

See you on January.


#MondayThoughts No. 29: 10 Years of Cybercitizenship (Part I)

I’m on the second to the last of the Monday Thoughts for 2018.

How would I spend the last two before I’ll rest for the holidays. Oh I know, recounting the history of my cybercitizenship.

It will be my 10th anniversary this month where the day I set up my serious, personal YouTube channel — motzPHaragas. Well, on the 21st, to be exact.

Although I had Friendster before that, I considered that to be the founding stone of where I am. Believe me, it was full of cringe videos on that channel I made during my final years in high school and early years in college.

I thought to myself I could be a YouTuber — which is a radical concept at that time — but then, it’s not worth and compatable in such as schedule, unlike doing so now.

Back then, you can use your username and password but now, you need a GMail account to enter.

However, the mindset in YouTube shifted from user-generated entertainment when I subscribed to educational videos from CGP Grey and then Kurzgesagt, TED Ed, Soliloquy, Real Life Lore, Half as Interesting and PolyMatter.

A year after joining YouTube, I joined Facebook and DeviantArt. I still use the former but on the latter, I had two accounts and I deactivated for being a stalker. I still have an active dA account but I barely use and upload it because triggered me bad memories.

I joined Twitter in this first half but I was not very serious at that time. On November 2012, I made a new account and I currently use it to connect with WordPress and for personal uses.

I also have a Blogger but my posts are too random and thus, are not lineated to specific limits. This ended when I searched From the Tube on WordPress. Thus, here placed the destiny.

I also have Tumblr but my purpose there is also a hodgepodge. I am not fond of what is inside, I don’t know how to code or place icons and pixels. Thus, I tied with WordPress but I barely used Tumblr.

That’s the first half of the decade on how I used some websites and the status. The second half, to be posted next week, would be on the remaining sites I’m on and the apps I used.

Timow out.

#MondayThoughts No. 28: It’s December

For most of us, December is a joyous month with festive holidays amidst the longest nights that would depress and snoozes.

It’s also the busiest and the most preoccupied… people making lists, people buying goods, people wrapping gifts, people socializing on their Christmas parties-cum-homecomings of their friends, people receiving crispy banknotes, people learning how to make new recipes for noche buena and media noche.

Speaking of lists, being the last month of the year, it’s also the season of contemplation and compilation before another year begins. Right now, I am going to list what have happened in 2018 in a certain industry.

I’ll tell you when.


This month marks the 10th anniversary year of my presence in cyberspace. I’ll tell the story in two parts.

Until then, Timow out.

#MondayThoughts No. 27: Planner Wars

“Heto na naman ‘yong ganitong panahon
Kundi kalendaryo ay maalat na hamon
Wala na bang iba, fruit cake na luma
Exchange gift na diary, chocolate at sabon”

For those readers me understand the pre-chorus of the underrated 1991 Christmas song “Heto Na Naman” by the recent National Artist Ryan Cayabyab, it tells about the frustration of receivers over the things that are given over and over again.

Those diaries or planners were usually giveaways from stable companies embedding its name but due to increasing job order costs, it was ditched in favor of umbrellas or pouches.

Even in the technological age with Google Calendar and other planning apps, paper-based planners remains a hit in the Philippines.

For the millennials, if they think about paper-based planners, they think about Starbucks.

Every year, the designs and functionalities of the annual planner from the Seattle-based coffee chain gets better and more sophisticated.

Since the start of the month, you need to get stickers (physical or electronic) to claim the coveted prize. Never mind the TRAIN Law jacking up the prices of coffee as long as the eyes are fixated on it.

Well, I did not get into that crowd since I know that even if you buy a modest one, it’s the planning that counts. I cannot blame anyone since SB’s iteration is sacred — a holy grail if I describe.

However, this year, an alternative planner was challenged on National Bookstore.

Enter the Limelight’s “365 Days of Awesome” Series.

The designs are as sophisticated as Starbucks yet it has digest of trivias, life hacks and quotations. Each day’s page is dotted like a bullet journal.

It comes with designated page for a bucket list.

It comes in five hardbound colors to choose and it costs 300 pesos.

Due to the positive and advantageous reviews in social media over SB’s, the competing diary was sold out. No need to be insomniac, diabetic and/or broke.

If you asked me if I bought this or will buy this, it’s a NO. I bought a modest ACRA calendar planner last Monday worth P 65 before watching Bohemian Rhapsody. Though, my sister would love to have the white one.

A little advice: Please utilize those planners.

Timow out.

#MondayThoughts No. 26: The Abandoned Playground

There was once a prosperous playground on the verdant hill where we once frolicked.

But as time marched on, we abandoned it due as the equipment were rusty and unsafe to play.

I persistently visited the hill — rain or shine — every passing year.

Since then, it was barely improved — it’s a former shell of itself. I try to go back to check on improvements but to no avail, it remained at the very same place.

As time went on, the custodian kept changing but they kept took care of it as they have to give consent from their superiors.

One moment, the sky went instantly grey. I thought to myself that it was joyous to sing in the rain as I brought my umbrella.

Suddenly, it rained red and heavy; it scorched my skin. But you think it’ll subside, a howling wind whispered me to concede and then, I was electrocuted by lightning.

I was laid unconscious. I died.

When they discovered my pungent corpse few days after, they remembered my actions — positive or negative, light or serious. Deep inside, they don’t understand me.

When they looked the sorry state of the playground, the memories were still fresh.

Soon, the playground kept improving externally but the function and the spirit that was abandoned for years cannot be replaced.

The playground defenders debated heavily on every parameter.

So many pitched constructive, attainable and realistic suggestions yet would its current custodian have the sheer will to stand up and to end the ages of subservience?

We don’t know. Wait for the next chapter, they say.

Timow out.

#MondayThoughts No. 25: A Filipino’s Perspective to World War I

Yesterday completed exactly the first century of the commemoration of the armistice that culminated the First World War.

The current leaders of the players of the Great War have already paid tribute to their fallen and called upon peace and reconciliation.

One of them, President Trump, reportedly skipped the ceremony due to rain while others braved it. Of course, this was rebuked for disrespecting the 100,000 lives of American soldiers who fought of many fronts in Europe and netizens quickly contrasted with his predecessor.

Imagine if he was a soldier 100 years ago, he has to endure not just the adverse weather but also the gas and the bullets that come with it. Those men sacrificed their comfort zones to be sent into trenches in favor of fighting for a peaceful and free world.

Anyway, the very landmark commemoration has left to a perspective of Filipinos clueless on its contribution.

Before K-12, the textbook of Philippine History (taught on first year high school) mentioned with emphasis on the Second World War but not the First. You would know it by its monuments and historical sites now scattered around the archipelago.

A century ago, we were under the Americans. We had an autonomous legislature (via Jones Law) but we were not allowed to fly our own flag and were forced to flutter theirs.

Nevertheless, in April 1917, when then-US President Woodrow Wilson declared war. The Philippine Assembly swiftly responded with the formation of the National Guard as a contribution to the American Expeditionary Force contingent to provide support to the war-weary Allied forces.

We were very loyal and supportive of the colonial master through different means:

  • apprehending anyone from the Central Powers and seizing their properties, particularly from Germans and Austrians,
  • commissioning of constructing a destroyer and a submarine (with the former, named USS Rizal, being completely materialized)
  • oversubscribing to their war bonds
  • enlisting 6,000 Filipino men to their army


Filipinos in America were able to fight under the US Army. About 4,000 workers in Hawaii enlisted and fellowmen from other parts of the US volunteered as well.

While many Filipino figureheads will be remembered as casualties in the Second World War, we barely heard that there is one in the First.

His name was Tomas Claudio.

He was enlisted to the Army on November 2, 1917, and fought in Chateau-Thierry, France under the leadership of Gen. John Pershing and died on June 29, 1918, at 26.

He is buried at the Manila North Cemetery and his name is forever embellished in an elementary school and a college, along with his statue, in his hometown of Morong, Rizal.

Other contributions for Filipinos include the production of supplies for refugees and coconut shell charcoal for gas masks.

It’s so unfortunate that the Philippines also have the contribution to the Great War but it seems to be dwarfed from the limelight and being disregarded for being too small.

But with the current situation on national education, with the constitutionality of K-12 and removal of Filipiniana subjects as core college subjects, I think the responsible bureaucracy should append lest we forget.

For more information, check at the source from Diego Vicente A. Magallona’s presentation.

Timow out.


#MondayThoughts No. 24: Mom’s Homecoming is the Advanced “Merry Christmas” Moment

After 12 days, my mom went home yesterday from San Francisco. Throughout that period, no bad, significant incidence happened in our house. Everything, as termed by police and military authorities, is “generally peaceful.”

After 10:30 a.m. that day, just as I arrived from church, she went home with three balikbayan boxes containing clothes, bags, food and multivitamins not just for us but for the nephews and nieces from the maternal side. (I am jealous with the tortilla wraps.)

After sorting what’s inside of the box for others, just like what happened last January, here’s what items left –aluminum foil burner covers, black pepper, Parmesan cheese, candy from last Halloween, and almond dark chocolate biscottis — just to name a few.

My sister have a Chromebook but she gave it to Dad but she keeps the Pentax DSLR camera.

For me, she did not send an oversupply of Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate as I wanted but also Honest Earth Creamy Mashed Potatoes. No colored gel pens for my bullet journal as I wanted.

Now that mom is home, it’s back to normal. Back to delegating her busy work at school with huge backlogs as she has limited computer literacy.

While the Christmas countdown resumes and its playlist escalates, what happened yesterday is considered to be an advanced Christmas gift sans the decors.

We’re still trying to set it up by this week.

Timow out.