Makati’s payroll department runs like CD-R King


What does CD-R King have in similar with Makati’s payroll department?

The Philippine Daily Inquirer slammed the modern Makati City, triggering the term of “dark” ages, on the implementation of the archaic, hard-cash system of payment to its government employees. According to their article, all Metro Manila local government units (LGUs) but Makati City have converted into the automated teller machine (ATM) system since 2003.

It is completely ironic and impractical to see Makati as a thriving city in the metropolis rewarding their employees with a manual, risky method than a modern, less risky one. In an accounting information system, conversion from manual to computerized system is a benefit based on these reasons: (1) creating a backup data more easily than a manual, physical record, (2) lessening the pickpocket of wages and salaries and (3) reducing labor costs of the company or an entity.


Having your pay placed in an envelope is too risky and too tingling for pilferage and plundering by the top management.

Most users who commented on the article referenced the second reason of the benefits listed and attacked the family of the honcho, the Binays, and their speculation on their father’s presidential campaign in 2016. But let’s get a move on to the subject.

The system that Makati is using is impractical because of the workforce size. The Inquirer article recorded about 7,411 employees working on the said LGU, the third largest after Quezon City’s 13,477 and Manila’s 10,749. Having Makati stayed in the status quo will realize them of accruing more labor costs in the payroll department and less budget on their local services!

This archaic system reminded every mall goers about running an LGU’s human resource (HR) department to a CD-R King store.

In a typical CD-R King store, mostly found on malls, you would have been amazed to look the gizmos you wanted to buy on the one-stop computer parts shop. However, the style of recording the sales came into the irony. Instead of point-of-sale (POS) machines on the supermarkets, appliance centers or even restaurants when you scan the barcode and exposes the price in a monitor, they write their sales in a pad of paper. It’s just like Makati City.

When would Makati ever be transformed into a vibrant, thriving patch of progress if they can’t even upgrade their own system of pay?

[Images courtesy of CD-R King and Inquirer.NET]


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