SNC airs TV Mass; FRC, ‘Friends Again’ remains unknown

A blessed Sunday to all the followers on WordPress. I arrived from Tagaytay for a three-day retreat from January 22 to 24 and it is worth a trip down to my memory lane.

Fr. Mario Sobrejuanite, SSP comes back on TV on Solar News Channel 9 with his advantageous charismatic homilies and disadvantageous liturgical dances.

Late morning earlier, on Solar News Channel, the Catholic Mass on television has returned on Channel 9 since early 2000s. The celebrant of the said liturgy is Fr. Mario Sobrejuanite, SSP. The move of Fr. Sobrejuanite’s Mass on TV becomes a benefit for himself and for Channel 9 after their inability to broadcast on Studio 23 due to slated NBA Games and non-Pacquiao Top Rank Boxing matches. These sporting events became a cue that Channel 23 becomes ABS-CBN Sports+Action since last week. However, the televised liturgical celebration comes with a drawback on vigilant, liturgically observant Catholics like The Pinoy Catholic with headaches on liturgical abuses (e.g. liturgical dances during Gloria and the recessional).

On the other related program, the Family Rosary Crusade, as what From the Tube, said, would be a problem for loyal viewers. The weekly hour-long format is a more comprehensive program than its 30-minute spin-off “Family Matters,” which is currently aired on PTV and TV5. Do you remember the scary choir-singing plug of the Virgin Mary in blue saying: “Please pray the Rosary” on then Channel 5 as ABC, before a show starts when you are a kid? Yep, that is part of the hour-long program. The FRC’s magazine show aired on ABS-CBN since 1989 and moved to Studio 23 in 2003. With the recent rebranding of Channel 23 into ABS-CBN S+A, the program remains in limbo with the counterbalanced, born-again Christian program Friends Again with Pastor Louie Santos. Recently, Jesuit Communications announced that Cardinal Chito Tagle’s The Word Exposed would resume on its old timeslot on the new ABS-CBN S+A beginning February 16, 2014.

Fr. Erick Y. Santos, one of the hosts of the Family Rosary Crusade, would really need to plead ABS-CBN 2, the loyal broadcaster to stay on a Sunday at 5:00 a.m. timeslot or find a new channel.

The Reactions of Other Channels on Mainstream TV on the Family Rosary Crusade:

PTV 4: No vacancy. All Sunday morning programs full.

TV5: FRC on Channel 5? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

GMA 7 & GMA News TV 11: Strictly NO Catholic programs allowed.

Solar News Channel 9: We live up to our name unlike my lousy neighbor.

IBC 13: Executives Sleeping, Do Not Disturb. (in fine print: Baon kami sa utang at wala kaming mga palabas na matino.)

Pastor Louie Santos

Pastor Louie Santos, not relating to Fr. Erick, heads and runs a born-again Jesus Christ, To God be the Glory Church, with his family. He preaches over the program “Friends Again.” I recalled that this show was once aired on RPN 9 in early 2000s before moving to Studio 23. Now that Pastor Santos and his family packed their bags on the show, where would they go? On IBC 13? Maybe, as FTT remembered, it was once aired there. On Light TV 33? I hope Bro. Eddie Villanueva would agree to lease an airtime and not to argue on Scriptural teachings.

Remember that no matter what denomination you belong, we propagate the singular common faith in God, and we are, firmly and faithfully indeed, all brothers and sisters of Christ, the Son of the Living God.

[Photos courtesy of Rojan88 and Jesus Christ To God Be The Glory Church International, Inc.]



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