Solar News Channel: The Snoring News Channel?


Solar News Channel is accoladed by “thinking” Filipinos for its no-nonsense news. However, the channel snores during weekends with IBC 13.

MOVED SINCE DECEMBER 1, 2013, Solar News Channel 9 leaves a little patch of “thinking” Filipinos alleviated and relieved from the bustling, polluting and sensational mediocrity brought by big commercial TV newscasts. The news channel lives up to its name than his neighbor, GMA “News” TV. SNC 9 is dubbed for most TV critics, although Timow’s Blog would coin for the first time, as the “ANC (ABS-CBN News Channel) of free TV.”

The good sides of SNC

On SNC, you wouldn’t actually hear the Vhong Navarro vs. Deniece Cornejo, Cedric Lee, et al. because of its closest objective, the first positive aspect, as an issue-oriented newscast. Another example of this is the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee hearing on the PDAF swindle, the network did not interrupt the proceedings unlike PTV 4, which segues into the “high-priority” Palace press conference.

The second advantageous feature of SNC is that their documentary block (Solar News Channel Presents: Stories) have no dubbing in the contents unlike the pro-masses neighbor where they need dubbing to elucidate the “sophisticated” terms found in the English vocabulary.

Another SNC’s benefit is the quarterly news advisories (Solar Headlines), although it applies on a generic working day (like PTV Newsbreak). I repeat, quarterly. The rest of the national networks have news advisories hourly. Solar News Channel believes that news may change throughout the working day.

The disadvantages of SNC

But there’s a twist: the SNC’s first disadvantage is the technicality of the programs aired. The locally produced newscasts broadcast the prior MTRCB advisory, in which commercial broadcasts never do, despite of not expressly written in the circular of the national censor board, because of the breaking stories that can occur and affect within the newscast.

Second, like GMA “News” TV and AksyonTV, SNC does not air 24 hours a day, leaving no round-the-clock broadcasts on mainstream television and SMNI 39 solely remaining in continuous broadcast operation.

The third and the very important disadvantage is the problem with SNC is that on weekends, there are no newscasts aired, much similar to the hapless and hopeless IBC’s NewsTeam 13, except those from NBC Nightly News. The commercial networks and other free TV news channels have weekend editions of their newscast such as ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol Weekend, GMA’s 24 Oras Weekend, PTV’s The Weekend News, TV5’s Pilipinas News Weekend, GMA News TV’s Balitanghali Weekend and AksyonTV’s Balitang 60.

What happened if a newsworthy (in SNC’s standards) happening occurred on the weekend? This problem needs to be resolved by the management of Solar Corporation in order to avoid calling Solar News Channel, the Snoring News Channel.

Ika nga, according to PTV’s Panahon.TV, walang pinipiling panahon ang pagbibigay impormasyon. (There is no chosen period in giving information.)



  1. Another thing is SNC are added Home Shopping Network to their programming (replaced David Letterman’s show) in daytime and in the early morning (1-5am). Bad move for SNC.

    1. this is not the first time that a news channel added Home TV shopping to their programs, Global News Network added EZ Shop and TeleVshop as the programs of the cable news channel aside for religious shows.

      1. Yes, I saw GNN’s EZ Shop home shopping block. A double edge reason: (1) revenue generation and (2) filling time to was.te viewer’s patience.

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