People Power: A Piece of History Netizens Will Rather Forget

[NOTE: The author wishes to apologize to leaders of faith about the post you are about to read. He says that taking WordPress is a controversial and risky decision in his Internet experience. He will accept any criticism from this post. Thanks for bearing with us on Timow’s Blog.]


The People Power Revolution is a bloodless revolution between the tyrannical State (the Marcos bust in La Union, destroyed in 2002) and the solidarity Church (the EDSA Shrine built in 1989). Sadly, many Filipino netizens now worshiped Marcos rather than the generous, merciful, compassionate and truthful God.

BOTH 1986 and 2014 begin in the same day of the year. Last February 7, those two years brought significance to the world. In 2014, Sochi commences the world on the 22nd Winter Olympics and in 1986, in our country, a snap election is held.

Focusing on the latter, the snap election’s result became a big outrage due to manipulation of the free people’s votes by the dictator’s stalwarts. Thus, a million people marched to EDSA, where the Camp Crame is located with no lethal weapons but rosaries and roses. For four days, the dictator and his family escaped freely from Malacanang.

This year, I’m sorry to say, most netizens will rather forget this piece of contemporary Philippine history. How did this happen? Such method of “fighting ignorance” includes (1) by ignoring the supposed objective of this peaceful revolution and (2) revising or deleting extremely the 1986 happening in our history books.  The methods are initiated exceptionally by the politically motivated social media scholars (PMSMS) since 2011.

Such things sprouted exponentially and advantageously in the current Age of Social Media: from websites, Facebook pages, Twitter tweets and of course, YouTube videos. Because of the sirang plaka (broken tape) method of learning on posts, it lead to them to hear “comfortably” (read: painfully) the deviating, revisionist (read: honest and correct) history and to discourage them to watch or read “harmful” (read: truthful) substances against the despot. The media is not exempted under the prying eyes of them; reading or watching such media outlets “not allowed” by them is considered an “unforgivable sin.”

This year, for you, will be considered as a year of lament and revenge against the incumbent President Noynoy (PNoy) Aquino. Why this year? You know that this year (2014) marks the 25th anniversary of the death of President Ferdinand Marcos (September 28) and the greatest failed coup d’état against Cory (December 1-9). They (including you) can come out in various permutations to seek revenge against Noynoy, including plotting an assassination or staging a coup d’état with the guillotine ready to meet his fate to compensate the rage. You have totally lost your patience, I tell you.

Our affairs in this nation depend on two entities: the Church and the State. The PMSMS iterated on you that our country is run as a “theocracy” rather than a “democracy,” where the Church “runs” the affairs of the State. Because of the rumors that you accepted now as facts, you probably are converting to agnosticism, then to atheism. You would probably take politics as a religion. With apologies to the priests, pastors, imams or other ministers, in a few years from now, the State is the new Church. The State will dictate to the Church rather than working with each other. Emulating a slipping quote from The Beatles’ John Lennon in the USA in 1966, in a few years now, Marcos will be more popular (or revered) than Jesus Christ, Yahweh, Allah, etc.

It’s conclusive enough that you contribute the cleaning up of the name and the records of Marcos’ family, proclaiming them “sinless” and “infallible” to make “His only Son,” Bongbong live in an easy street in his campaign in 2016 despite that the unico hijo was one among the linked legislators of the PDAF swindle. You are probably trying to help dismissing or deleting Bongets’ claims. Woe to you, you people who whitewash his mausoleum!

To say People Power a “big baloney” , “phony” and/or “hoax,” then what happened last October 2012 when you are protesting against the online libel provision (now in force since February 18, 2014) of the Cybercrime Prevention Act (RA 10175) by posting a black photo. Is it not what the weightier objective of People Power: to defend the civil liberties? Or what about last August 26, September 11 and October 4, 2013 (in Luneta, in EDSA Shrine and in Ayala Avenue, respectively) when you are outside feeling outraged due to the pork barrel robbery? Is it not a spirit of People Power also (specifically, in the EDSA II): to know what is morally right to run this country?

People Power is still here and should live every day, but you “knew better.” You knew how to emphasize every negative minutiae of every civil actions done on the four days of 1986 rather than the weightiest objective of defending civil liberties and life. Woe to you, you hypocrites!

It’s all clear why you will forget People Power, now and forever.

You wanted now is restoring despotism and destroying opposing voices’ rights. You are going to be apologetic and triumphant in supporting it.

At the end, the mostly affected sector of this trend is our Filipino posterity, our children. They’ll will never forgive you for what you’ve done.

[Photos courtesy of When in Manila and Wikimedia Commons]



  1. Being a God-fearing person, I won’t accept what these PMSMS are thinking. And so are the others. If they want to kill me (as you commented in my blog), fine, as long as faith remains superior from the pessimists of society.

  2. I plan on creating another facebook account to treat Marcos as a GOD. let’s see how people will react and if they reply in a positive way then let’s be scared.. I won’t be surprised if Macoy indeed has a cult somewhere here in the country, what I’m reading in today’s Social Media is beginning to be scary..

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