DOJ just caught my blog!

Dear readers of Timow’s Blog:

The Department of Justice Region 3 in my home city of San Fernando, Pampanga sent me a letter about my blog, regarding to a contentious contents posted. Should I respond to this?

 The letter is read as follows:






City of San Fernando, Pampanga 2000

Mr. Timothy John L. Paragas

[address cannot be shown for confidential purpose]

City of San Fernando, Pampanga 2000

 Mr. Paragas:

The Department of Justice believes that every Filipino citizen shall attain equitable justice regardless of wealth, status or creed.

We believed that your WordPress blog, Timow’s Blog, has inspected by our Office of the Cybercrime, contains libelous content against the National Government. Online libel is a punishable act by Section 4(c)(4) of the Republic Act 10175, commonly known as the “Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012.”

While we recognize your right to free speech online, the law cannot tolerate your blog’s habit of propagating posts against the National Government.

We intercede to comply the said provisions of the law by deleting the libelous posts from the blog or we will be compelled to 12 years imprisonment, pursuant to the Revised Penal Code, if you did not comply.

Respectfully yours,

[Name cannot be disclosed]

Regional Director

Do you think I came to post here for criticizing the National Government?

Should I stop writing after I received this letter?

Should I answer the letter?

Should I serve my term in jail?

Do you know what today is? ;-P







APRIL FOOL’S! I’m not going to jail.

But I’ll be back into the WordPress world by this month.

[Department of Justice logo photo courtesy of the Official Gazette. This April Fool’s post is inspired by The Professional Heckler. See the modeled post here.]


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