Holy Week Message 2014


Readers of Timow’s Blog:

SINCE SUNDAY, we commence the start of the climatic and culminating week of Lent, the Holy Week. In the Philippines, we celebrate the hebdomad with rich tradition to manifest the meaning of the mystery of God’s love through the Passion and Death of our Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross.

Presently, the situation of our country suffers as much as what our Savior did. We have crosses of different scenarios with their respective types of Calvary. As Christ Jesus lays down His life for the sheep, so as we, believers, shall lay down for others. In the end, laying down for the good of others would surely reach us to the reward of sharing the Son’s Resurrection and Everlasting Life.

God bless you and have a safe, solemn and serene Holy Week.

[Please click the YouTube video for the song, “How Beautiful” by Twila Paris.]

Timow’s Blog will sign off and will resume regular posting on Tuesday, April 22.

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