‘Bahay ni Kuya’ reopens with ‘Pinoy Big Brother: All In’

TIMOW’S BLOG has returned with big news.


The Big Brother House, known for Filipinos as, Bahay ni Kuya (BNK), resides the chosen housemates from the outside world.

The exciting, trending and challenging Big Brother franchise of the Philippines returns after two years. ABS-CBN’s Pinoy Big Brother will be back on the tube next Sunday, April 27 with the fifth regular series and eleventh edition overall.

Some of the housemates’ policies inside the Bahay ni Kuya (BNK),if you can still remember from the two-year hiatus, includes:

  1. Follow what Kuya’s weekly challenges, if the challenge is passed, a budget is given;
  2. In nomination period, the housemates will be given two housemates they think they should be evicted.


In this forthcoming season, titled “Pinoy Big Brother: All In”, there are certain changes, much resemblance to the young adult trilogy series, The Hunger Games: there will be less than 15 housemates and they will reside the house for 100 days. Throughout the 100-day stay, there will be regular advisories as with News Patrol and allocate weekday review in the Big Brother House.

With the return of PBB comes local cable operators and even the ABS-CBN’s cable company SkyCable to allocate one 24/7 channel for the reality show, much of a benefit of psychologists where they learn the housemates’ behaviors, experimental and control groups and whatnots.

With such benefits, come the controversies, there are found on the Wikipedia but one of throwback moments of one series of the show, Teen Clash 2010, the voters wanted to evict Tricia Santos for seven weeks due to her indolence and a spoiled brat in the BNK. She remained in safe hands until Day 63 of 78 due to her parent related to the management of the broadcaster, constituting of what internal auditors called, a self-familiarity threat.

But as the trending machine of the return of PBB turns faster leading to Sunday, expect something better, something different and something with audience impact.


[Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons]

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