Could PTV 4’s ‘K-Pop Idol Search’ save the network from a second Korean launch failure?

REMEMBER SANDARA PARK or Mina? If you can remember the former, you’re in luck, she is an Korean expat who was given the national spotlight in the Star Circle Quest of ABS-CBN and made a compatible duo with Hero Angeles but repatriated in 2009 as one of the members of the girl group 2NE1. If you can remember the latter, she is well known for the song, “Answer the Phone” during the year 2002 which became a hit in the radio stations in the Philippines. If you know both of them, then you are a die-hard K-pop fan.

If you idolized them so bad and have the skill of performing on stage, you’re in luck. Last February 7, a news item from News@1 of the government-owned People’s Television Network (PTV), delivered by Kirby Cristobal said that the network would be committed to air the talent search titled K-Pop Idol Search: Pinoy Edition (shortened as KIS Pinoy).

The talent show sounds helpful to the interest of the youth’s taste buds on K-Pop to live their dreams. Yet, pessimists and critics of the 40-year-old, government-owned station doubt about such a pressing engagement to the commitment of the network to air the talent show.

As Philippine TV monitors, we may ask ourselves two questions:

Will KIS Pinoy save the network from the horrors of the first failure?

If KIS Pinoy really happened, what will be the optimal timeslot for the show?

The first Korean wave’s failure and the reasons


This is not the first programming Channel 4 attempted to put in foreign entertainment in this generation. On the same news program, dated March 22, 2013, Sandro Hermoso said that two Koreanovelas would air the network on weeknights after News@6. As seen on video, the contracting party signed with the network and witnessed by the PTV resident legal expert, Atty. JJ Jimeno-Atienza, the cousin of Atty. Kim Jimeno, one of the defense lawyers during the Corona impeachment trial in 2012 and the host of Solar News Channel’s Legal Help Desk. After a month, as it was promised, the programming on PTV reluctantly remained stagnant. Months later, when Rey Langit signed the contract on Channel 4 for leasing an airtime for his show, Kasangga Mo Ang Langit, the network swiftly without haste. Then, last January, Be Alive moved in from GMA News TV 11 and is warmly welcomed by the network. The proposed first launch failed to materialize and finally shelved out. Where did the Koreanovelas go? They go to a non-mainstream, sectarian Net25 with the recently concluded The Snow Queen and Class 7: Civil Servant.

Two reasons behind the failure include first, the programming conflict. If the Koreanovelas happened, there will be conflicts on the would-have-been displaced programs. Where are the Special Forum, the GSIS Member’s Hour, SME Go, BizNews and The Veronica Chronicles when that would have been materialized?

Second, the way PTV restricts its programming where information is preferred over entertainment.

Two days before Hermoso’s false alarm, on the same news program, PTV Chairperson and Presidential Communication Operations Office Secretary Herminio “Sonny” Coloma expounded on air as said by the Rappler when the Amendment of the Network Charter has signed by President Noynoy Aquino:

Programs on PTV-4 would allow block time programming (the scheduling of similar television programs back-to-back) “provided that it is focused on education, history, propagation of Philippine culture and quality entertainment.”

He added that the majority of programs would focus on “news and public information.”

Entertainment shows, on the other hand, will not “compete directly” with private stations’ programs.

“We do not intend to produce entertainment shows like the telenovela of the type that they have produced. Perhaps we can have a telenovela featuring the heroism of our Medal of Valor or Gold Cross awardees, or of the Dangal ng Bayan awardees of the civil service, or outstanding public school teachers, outstanding policemen, soldiers,” Coloma said.

“Telenovelas that will edify the nobility of the Filipino public servant, that will be our orientation, not the telenovela that is commercially available at present. So it is farthest from our intention to compete directly with private media,” he added.

That said will incur inconsistency on programming policy and the weakening of the network’s internal control.

The flowchart of the talent search

KIS Pinoy Numbers

The Manila Times made an error to the number of provinces. It should be 81 (the most recent one is Davao Occidental) not 82 as it is printed. That error will make 98 youths qualified, not 99.

KIS Pinoy is applicable to the aspiring youth, 14-35 years old, throughout the country. According to the Manila Times, at the first qualifying round, there will be one (1) qualifier from each of the provinces, and the 17 Local Government Units (LGUs) in Metro Manila, totaling to 99 provincial qualifiers (PQs). On the second qualifier round, one (1) Regional Qualifier (RQ) from each of the 16 geographical regions and four (4) from Metro Manila shall be selected to form a pool of 20 PQ. Twenty (20) Regional Qualifiers will advance to the Semifinals in October 2014. Ten (10) finalists will be chosen. At the finals, the top 10 finalists will compete in the Grand Finals. Five (5) winners will be declared at the end of the Search.

On top of the five (5) champions in the finals with the best performer to receive cash of P1 million, KIS Pinoy shall also recognize promising talents, with monthly special citations given out, every end of the month with the end day of each month as cut-off date. These include: KIS Pinoy Idol of the Month; Most Promising Idol (14 to 18 years old); Darling of the Media; The Voice of KIS Pinoy; The Look of KIS Pinoy; The Move of KIS Pinoy. Others awards are: Trendsetter of Mindanao, Visayas, Luzon and Metro Manila.

The said champions will then undergo a six-month intensive training in South Korea and a five-year exclusive performing arts contract with a Korean company.

The possible timeslots and one problem aside from programming proper logistics

For Mass Communication students, the timeslot is a very big factor in programming. In business, the timeslot varies the price of advertising and the revenues it corresponds.

Since the program will tentatively schedule in September, after the audition, Channel 4 has enough time to clear and to restructure the schedule.

KIS Pinoy Potential Schedule

Currently, the time slots are full of blocks and clutter, much not pleased to publish in the Philippine Star’s TV Guide and to mislead the readers in Manila Bulletin’s due to a lack of Channel 4’s PR department. But, what if the current programming retains? When will it be aired?

For as long as we do not know how long will it run for one episode of KIS Pinoy, Timow’s Turf finds two possible timeslots to air the talent search: in the afternoon or in the evening both Sundays. In the afternoon, 12:00 is available where Show Up: Ang Bagong Game Show ng Bayan was once slotted. The benefit of this time is for the youths who are dead tired of ASAP 19 and Sunday All Stars. The disadvantage is that it is a lunch/siesta period. The second option will be at 9:15 p.m., right after the Lotto Draw; this is a more preferable option because of the optimum reach on viewers, in short, prime time. This scenario counterprograms Dos’ Rated K and Sunday’s Best and Siete’s Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, Imbestigador and SNBO. The disadvantage is the unexpected specials that can affect the flow of the program.

A lot of you may understand the long article but most of you have problems aside the program proper with this frequently asked question: Will there be a text vote like Pinoy Big Brother: All In? The answer will be determined by the production company, HBKOR Inc. and a trustworthy telecommunications network, with the consent of the network.

Is it clear to you? If not, and still doubt it, don’t worry, the blog concerns your grievances about the losing trust of PTV. Right now, all we need to do is to remain vigilant and to issue an opinion.

For more information about the show and the qualifications: Inquire their official Facebook page.


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[YouTube videos courtesy of the People’s Television Network. Infographic made by author-admin, timowp17.]



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