ATC on IBC 13: A Band-Aid or a temporary remedy for the ‘sick’ broadcaster?

NOT FAR FROM NOW, on June 2, a new blocktimer will enter into the indebted, bankrupt and crippled government-owned broadcaster. Asian Television Content Philippines (ATC) will start its blocktime operation with the Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation (IBC 13). This will be the fifth agreed agreement and the fourth materialized blocktimer since government sequestration of 1986.

The soon-to-be-privatized, currently government-owned yet dependent network relied much to block timers to alleviate capital deficiency and to get a significant slice on the audience share. According to the broadcaster’s financial statements, which can be downloadable on the Commission on Audit website, in calendar year 2012, Channel 13 incurred PHP 655 million in capital deficiency, improved from PHP 698 million in the audited financial position as of 2011.

Nonetheless, the politically-motivated social media scholars (PMSMS) paid no attention to the said channel’s major turn off the masses’ viewing assessment, as part of the truth, while the Philippine TV monitors, initiated by the author-admin of this blog, commenced the clamor since last year.


IBC’s Blocktime Interregnum (June 1, 2013-June 1, 2014)

When Manny V. Pangilinan announced that AKTV would be shelved out on May 31, 2013 due to high operating expenses, most sports aficionados and TV critics, including this blog, would question the fate of operating IBC 13 without the said block time.

Although, weeks before the end of AKTV, ONE FC, the Asian version of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, became a transitional saving face of Channel 13 in order for a steady audience retention after the block time’s expiration. The Singapore-based mixed martial arts show disappeared before 2013 ended but a rerun of Noli Me Tangere (1990s) replaced it and the rest of the prime time block ended up with ad nauseam of repeated documentaries. Despite of AKTV’s expiration, IBC aired the 2013 PBA Governor’s Cup on eliminations and playoffs. Pacquiao’s bouts from Solar Sports were also aired the day following his bout as a catch up of viewers who missed the bout due to Sunday work but having a Monday day-off.

They justify such a stale programming strategy based on the meticulous monetary instincts on how expensive the cost of new programming and potential low return of investment, concluding the masses’ truth that Channel 13 is nothing but a seasonal broadcaster (i.e. the network becomes a better programming alternative during Christmas and Holy Week) rather than a fully operated one.


What’s in store in the new management?


What’s new?

According to the block timer company, they will air two Mexicanovelas, a resurging trend since 1990s Philippine TV. On weekends (beginning June 7) at 7:00 p.m., La Teniente deals with the navy, a much learning drama for our own navy particularly on to the crisis of territorial disputes with China. The Two Sides of Ana will broadcast on weekday evenings, beginning Monday.

Documentaries to be aired on ATC block include Animalia and Confidential series. The promised IBC Classics or the actual title, Retro TV will be fulfilled and to be hosted by Drew Arellano. According to one of the Pinoy Nostalgia administrators and TV monitors, Joshua Sabater Jimenez, who handles the RadyoTelebisyon blog, IBCinema, highlighting independent films, would speculatively air in this block.

What’s returning?

Aside from ONE FC, two programs will return on the tube: Cooltura will return but expanded their scope to other nations and Hi-5 (from TV5), to jumpstart the ATC block on weekdays at 5:00 p.m. for children after school.

What programs are to stay?

EZ Shop, the daily daytime block that turns off viewers due to consumer education and the consumer’s instinct of the vendor’s products as “unsafe,” will remain in the new management. Religious programming such as El Shaddai, Kerygma, Oras ng Katotohanan and Gospel of the Kingdom will remain at their usual times and so does sabong related programming.

NewsTeam 13 primetime edition will move one hour to 6:00 p.m. competing TV5’s Aksyon, Solar News Channel’s Solar Network News and her older sister PTV 4’s News@6.

What if this blocktimer failed?

If this scenario happened like that of the Makisig Network cancelled deal in 2008, there will be a lack of understanding in the contract’s terms and conditions. With that scenario will end up nganga and loss of trust to the ownership of the network. We will mock IBC 13 as the “Sick Broadcaster of the Philippines” for lagging behind in investment, credibility and broadcasting operations in the national scale.

As long as IBC will air the block time, we would question ourselves: Will ATC block act as a Band-Aid or just a temporary remedy for the network before privatization.


Asian Television Content Philippines Official Facebook Page

“ATC Takes a Bite on Philippine TV Primetime” (May 14, 2014) by Homerun Nievera. From

ATC @ IBC: MAAARI BA NITONG MABAGO ANG TV LANDSCAPE?” (May 8, 2014) by Joshua Sabater Jimenez [author-admin]. From RadyoTelebisyon.


Which list do you rely to prosecute the lawmakers linked to the PDAF scam?

Napoles’ version (Napolist): 100%

Luy’s version (Luystahan): 0%

Both of them: 0%

Neither of the two: 0%

Enjoy your last week of the vacation, mga chikiting!

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[YouTube video courtesy of Asian Television Corporation Philippines]



  1. I will keep monitor the ATC @ IBC launching. May FB connections na kami sa mga may-ari ng ATC.

  2. The management of ATCC wants to not to publicized or disclosed some of the information of the launching of ATC @ IBC, including the full schedule.

  3. Sec. Sonny Coloma has a newest reaction on the IBC privatization.

    “Iyon naman pong IBC Channel 13, one hundred percent pa po sa kamay ng pamahalaan. At ayon sa kautusan ng Governance Commission for Government-Owned and Controlled Corporation, mayroon na po silang direktiba sa IBC Board na umpisahan na iyong pagsasapribado nito. At ang nag-aasikaso po niyan ay iyong Development Bank of the Philippines.”

    That is really true the the privatization process is still delayed due to several reasons.

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