Independence Day 2014: Of Celebrations and Of Questions (Part 1)

[This post is the first of two parts for the coming 116th Philippine Independence Day. The first part tackles on the celebrations rendered by the National Government and the response of TV stations on this significant national holiday.]

“The Making of the Philippine Flag” by National Artist Fernando Amorsolo

PURSUANT TO Republic Act 8491, today, May 28 is the start of the national flag day in the Philippines. On this day, in 1898, during the Battle of Alapan, as part of the Philippine Revolution, the flag was said to be first used by our men of gallantry against the oppressive Spanish colonial rule. Establishments and schools are required by law to display the national ensign until June 12 or sometimes until the end of the said month.

This Independence Day will be on Thursday and the number of years of the original declaration of yearning hope of our nation’s freedom is 116.

The theme this year, according to the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (formerly known as the National Historical Institute) is: “Pagsunod sa Yapak ng mga Dakilang Pilipino, tungo sa Malawakan at Permanenteng Pagbabago.”

So what are the key responses of the government and of the media on June 12, 2014?

Response by the Government

High-ranked government officials, executive, legislative or judiciary, will lead the June 12 rites on different significant historical landmarks during the Philippine Revolution from Luneta Park, Pinaglabanan Shrine, Aguinaldo Shrine in Cavite, Barasoain Church in Bulacan, Pamintuan Mansion in Angeles City (where Emilio Aguinaldo rendered the celebration of the first anniversary of our independence) or somewhere depending upon their own choice or by the local government’s invitation.

Provincial and local government officials will have a simple flag-raising ceremony and sometimes, in their discretion, a parade of influential and significant people that contributed the well-being of the nation.

Responses in National TV

During Flag Days, plugs of free TV channels (especially free TV news channels) recognize such days by encouraging the public to the display the Three Stars and a Sun.

On Independence Day itself, most free TV channels aired normal programming as a regular day would be. However, expect three networks to air something special on June 12:

First, ABS-CBN will air the Simultaneous Flag Raising Ceremony with their Regional Network Groups (RNGs) after Umagang Kay Ganda and the singing of the National Anthem rendered by the network’s Philharmonic Orchestra.

Second, PTV 4 (and the overly dependent sister, IBC 13) will air the two Independence Day traditions. First, the flag raising ceremony will be lead by no one else but President Benigno Simeon (P-Noy) Aquino III at his own discretion. Second, after his speech on the ceremony, he will be transported back to Malacanang and will host the Vin d’Honneur with diplomats and high-ranked government officials with the traditional toast with the Apostolic Nuncio.

Third, although there will be no special Independence Day programs to broadcast, GMA 7’s Ryzza Mae Dizon will celebrate her 9th birthday, so expect her eponymous show, The Ryzza Mae Show, to be much wholesome and fun with the host-celebrant.

And yet, most people do not see this Independence Day as motivating as like the previous years. What’s wrong with the madlang people? Is there something wrong with the planned celebrations?

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.

Boses ng Madla Results


Which past IBC block/s do you like best?

AKTV (2011-2013): 40%

VIVA (2001-2003): 40%

Vintage (1996-2000): 20%


Iwagayway ang ating watawat, ipakita ang ating pagmamahal sa bansa. 

(Fly our flag; show our love of country more.)


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  1. Something’s familar with a plug used after the nationwide sattelite broadcast message during the sign on of ABS-CBN na dapat iwagayway natin ang watawat. xD

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