Of Morning Cartoon Blocks and TV5’s AniMEGA Removal

TV5 had a toon block… E, I, E, I, O. And suddenly it disappeared… Oh no, oh no no.

ONE OF THE Facebook fans in this blog, Yesung Tak Gu, asked to tackle TV5’s AniMEGA removal. Despite of the author-admin’s unknown idea that the said cartoon block existed aside from the current Big Two, he will try to do his best to research and to conclude the reason behind the disappearance of TV5 cartoon block.

Knowing the demographics of television viewing is no rocket science. You may not need to be a psychologist to know the slice of viewers’ preference (depending on the age, class and/or gender) at certain times of the day.

In the morning, especially next week when children will go to school, cartoon blocks will remain airing in free TV, catering children who are too (hopefully confirmed) sick or are not yet in class because they are in a different shift.

Current State of Anime on Philippine Television

Today, most anime in the Philippines are mostly available on cable but since most viewers don’t have enough money to pay a monthly fee. They are stuck with limited programs of the said genre on Free VHF mainstream TV channels.

As of press time, we have two cable channels that are available on most cable providers across the archipelago: Hero of ABS-CBN and Animax.

The Lose-Lose Situation of TV5’s Competitors

Cartoon blocks of the TV5’s competitors, the Big Two (ABS-CBN and GMA), as Sir Yesung noted, will yield a no-win situation. With the common reason that they are both dubbed in Filipino for the sake of the masa who don’t know how to understand or seem uneasy to speak direct English. However, let us dissect the players behind that current scenario.

GMA 7 (with Astig Authority) was highly noted due to reruns of Doraemon, Slam Dunk, Detective Conan, Dragonball; you name it but remained at the highest in the ratings game in the morning for loyalty of classics. Will the three-headed monster even dare to change into new anime or cartoon programs? Never, NOT IN A MILLION YEARS.

ABS-CBN, on the other hand, cannot air very new animes in the free TV but rather placed it in their anime-dedicated cable channel, Hero. In their past abrupt lineup, Team Animazing, you probably heard about Naruto, Digimon, you know. Then, interruptions came due to the current NBA Playoffs or if none, a Kapamilya Kiddie Blockbuster that may air something beyond the suitable flicks to our chikitings.

Fate of TV5 AniMEGA and the current state of the network’s cartoon block

By Google search, TV5 AniMEGA warehoused animes such as Azumanga Daioh, Full Metal Alchemist and D. Gray Man until last year (2013) when the Pinoy TV monitors had the last contact with the block.

Now back to the question of Mr. Yesung, why did the TV5 cartoon block, AniMEGA, just vanished?

The reason behind the removal or deafening the viewer’s demands is due to high operating costs and renewal of broadcast licenses. Manny V. Pangilinan is indeed business-minded to his entities but due to constant operating losses on his TV network, he may be the culprit responsible for shelving out the block.

Today, TV5 aired Cartoon Network and Disney Channel (live and animated) shows dubbed in Filipino except Oggy and the Cockroaches (for obvious reason that no human dialogue exists) in the morning. In the afternoon, they air mostly movies, dubbed also in our national language.

Sadly, we have no choices left to spare and the clamor of the anime fans are left yearning and fed up hoping for to getting TV5 back into competition. For now, Kira Yamato Mendoza and Anjho Ezekiel Reyes are so not impressed.

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  1. maganda na ibalik ang animega sa tv5. tataas ang ratings ng 5 pag binalik at nakakasawa na ang disney at cn, pati na rin ang movies na paulit ulit, dapat palitan na nila bago mag 2015

    1. I hope so, muning.

      But because of the change of programs this coming week, hindi basta basta ibalik ang animega sa TV5.

      Tama ka naman, sawa naman ang movies sa Singko pero wag kang sumborang atat diyan.

  2. sabi lugi daw sila sa anime pero kaya nila magpalabas ng game shows like who wants to be a millionaire at lets ask pilipinas. ano yan, kalokohan nalang ang ginagawa ng tv5 eh mas magastos yan kesa sa pag ere ng anime! simula pagpasok ni mvp sa tv5 , pinaalis kaagad ang animega

    1. Muning, natigil ang Animega noong early 2013 and MVP chaired TV5 since 2010 until Sir Noel Lorenzana came to take the entity’s management.

      Well, that’s how TV5’s management is treating now. Please, no more excessive whining.

      1. Brush up with the facts: Dumating si Willie Revillame noong 2010 sa gabi at hindi sa hapon, thus, tuloy noon ang animega. When Willie moved his show sa tanghali bilang “Wiling Willie” noong January last year, the Animega was in conflict and finally, went away.

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