Independence Day 2014: Of Celebrations and Of Questions (Part 2)

[This post is the last of two parts for the coming 116th Philippine Independence Day. The second part focused on the de-motivation of the citizens and what can we do to end such apathy.]


The Independence Day logo this year actually serves another year of celebrating our boredom rather than our freedom.

IN THE FIRST PART of this Independence Day commentary, you have read about the reactions and responses of the government and the media on celebrating the most important holiday among the of five legal holidays stamped into our typically huge wall calendars related to our country (others being Araw ng Kagitingan, National Heroes’ Day, Bonifacio and Rizal Days).

This time, Timow’s Turf will analyze and formulate the reactions under the real eyes of the common Juan de la Cruz.

For our Juan and Juana abroad, our dear OFWs, the celebration of Araw ng Kalayaan in consulates, embassies and of course, their residences are more colorful and more participatory but back here at home, it goes meh. On a related story, a news article by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, published one day before Flag Day, our Independence Day celebrations in Singapore were scrapped due to threat by the locals with their sentimental rage against immigrants.

Speaking of Singapore, most of you think that our Independence Day celebrations at home are not like those of the rich Southeast Asian neighbor, which is celebrated almost two months later on August 9. Well, that’s indeed a part of the harsh truth, in SG, they have a National Day Parade. They have careful planning for months that most of us have lack of such mindset and skill. In Singapore’s National Day, they bragged the best of military and cultural through a show. They also have fun packs and returned a positive feedback by spectators. Back home, we don’t or barely have that kind of version and knick-knacks. Our outdated military vehicles are still in use in defending disputed maritime territories and Mindanao from extremists.

For our youngsters, this holiday will be definitely useful as another day to go to the malls rather than watching the parade or some patriotic activities. Although, some malls and its tenants tried to market the holiday in building up morale or motivating the people of what meaning of June 12 with flag cupcakes in an event center or even a free flag after a purchase in a famous chain drug store.

If you are just at home and listen on the media, either traditional and social, the persistent question floods up on the sound box, on the screen and on the dashboard: “Are we truly free?” or similar questions and reflections. We contemplated how our applications of freedom inherited by our brave ancestors implemented since the past June including the litanies of the brunt of a national swindle, the after effects of natural disasters and siege in Visayas and Mindanao respectively and the constraining civil liberties online.

Speaking of the nearly one-year-old pork barrel scandal, you would march again to Manila or stay here at the comfort of your own homes, showing your support by selfies, in sympathy for the common Juan in the continuing the fight of freedom against PDAF and the right to call for speedy prosecution of the tyrants and abusers of the national coffers. Well, let’s just wait and see.

So what is something common on the paragraphs discussed earlier? The problem of handling the celebration of Araw ng Kasarinlan, aside from logistics and programs provided is the DUBIOUS TRUST between the citizenry and the National Government.

To be honest, the logo, seen above, is completely recycled, except the changeable year and the theme. It serves a prima facie reflection of boredom and dullness of the national celebration. There are artists (not those on TV, radio and dramatics but those who sketch manually or digitally, professional and amateur) out there wanted proposals for a distinguishing patriotic celebration. And yet the Government does NOT bother about your creativity! Is that even “inclusive” in eyes of the incumbent?

What’s the solution to end the apathy and the lack of trust in celebration: Abolish June 12 from becoming a national and legal holiday? That’s just PLAIN WRONG. That silly proposal would create our nation’s identity crisis in our birth certificate because all nations (except the United Kingdom and Denmark) have at least one national day based on the nation’s declaration of independence, self-rule, foundation or unification.

For as long as the problems and questions of Juan de la Cruz, aside from the contents written in this blog, prevail on this fete, only time will tell when the feedback of conviction by the citizenry will be reasonably assured with the Government in order to end the apathy of celebrating our country’s birthday.

Magsitayo po tayo at awitin natin ang Pambansang Awit ng Pilipinas…

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Mabuhay ang sambayanang Pilipino!


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[Photo courtesy of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines]


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