Is Solar News Channel doing a GMA News TV?

CALL THE TITLE provocative or intriguing. First, watch the YouTube video and its author below.

This month, Solar News Channel will allocate their inactive-to-broadcast-our-news-when-it-is-not-important-in-our-standards weekend for the kids with children shows: Solar Kids Weekend. Programs of the block, as seen on the video, include the Care Bears (3D version), the return of Sesame Street, and the transfer of Pokémon from the neighbor of the left, GMA 7.

The U.S. original Sesame Street was aired for 11 years on GMA 7 until 2003, the same year the Kapuso Network solely withdrew from KBP, which yielded fatal entertainment programming and broadcasting mistakes in the end. Pokemon, on the other hand, was aired in GMA for a few years replaying or delaying the new season for a certain amount of time. Seven’s loss will be Nine’s gain.

This supposed cartoon block is assumed and assured by critics and the Turf that it will be dubbed-free.

Also within this month, SNC will expect to air Kapampangan News hosted by Nicolette Henson, convincing more viewers in Pampanga and nearby provinces to watch Channel 9, according to Media Newser. This would lessen the viewership of GNN 44 with NewsForce Pampanga, the free TV channel of predecessor cable channel, InfoMax 8 with their poor picture quality and less broadcast hours per day than any other networks.

For SNC’s loyal viewers, found this reaction disparaging and/or mixed. The inclusion of weekend cartoon block on inactive and snubbing weekends of the network reminded of GMA News TV’s non-news and current affairs programming or even ABS-CBN Sports + Action’s non-sports and non-action programs.

In GNTV 11, non-news and current affairs programming included movie blocks especially in the weekday early mornings that a gunshot is better way to start the day than a rooster’s crow, dubs of History Channel shows such as Pawn Stars and Kings of Restoration and sports programming like Shakey’s V-League and TKO: Tanghali Knockouts. For ABS-CBN S+A, their non-sports and non-action programs include the religious programs that once aired by predecessor Studio 23 such as Friends Again, the Family Rosary Crusade and The Word Exposed.

To be honest, SNC 9 is not a pure news channel because of home shopping from HSN everyday from 2-4 p.m., Undercover Boss and Top Gear. Not to mention, Fr. Mario Sobrejuanite and his liturgical dancers. Though, SNC acted much like your typical and credible broadsheet you subscribed.

Speculation of Ang’s merger of GMA and Solar

Last May, the Turf discussed about the two sides of Ang’s potential majority acquisition of GMA’s stakes from the triumvirate. It turned out, the SMC honcho acquired minority yet substantial stake of 30% last June, rather continuing the misery of Channel 7 in entertainment programming failure.

For the past fortnight, the buzz in television and business industry goes again to him, the network and the other network. This discussion grabbed less or virtually no noise in social media than UNTV 37’s Boycott Sofitel outrage fad.

The Turf weighed the two sides of merger and analyzed:

The advantage of the merger of Channel 7 and 9 is that the Ang’s conglomerate has the money to pay the membership fee to the KBP returning Channel 7 to competition, a sign of lessening the viewers’ impatience to switch channels.

The disadvantages of the ownership, like the majority acquisition issue, include the compromise of credibility of both networks’ news departments and oligopolistic competition against the potentially termed “oligarchs.” Not only that, this may cause lack of two broadcaster’s identity.

Solar News Channel’s eight-month long stay on the VHF frequency is a good move but a need of improvement to achieve the masses’ understanding and conviction to watch their shows is a continuing must.

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  1. From snoozing news channel to a slowly-moving news + cartoons + home shopping channel. I think the cartoons will replace the timeslot of Today Weekend.

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