What’s wrong with the Manila Bulletin’s TV Guide?

IF YOU SUBSCRIBED to the Manila Bulletin, of course, by physical printing, you would read some news articles on government agencies and normal citizens and editorials praising whoever is in charge of the government or a nation. Not only that, they also remind the feast day of a saint or a solemnity and the Mass readings like an almanac.

The Bulletin is the oldest continuous broadsheet in the Philippines and one of the three major English broadsheet dailies since 1900. Every February 2, their anniversary day of its maiden issue, they release a special complimentary yearbook all about the incumbent Government officials, the clergy from the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), the nations and even higher educational institutions.

Indeed, MB is an Official Gazette, Catholic Almanac and World Almanac combined friendly for the readership in Classes A, B and C.

The big question

But there’s a twist…

On the Entertainment Section of MB, there is a full-page TV Guide. The top half dedicates to free TV channels while at the bottom devotes the cable channels.

However, the entertainment editor, Crispina Martinez-Belen, is not able to see the flaws but not to worry, The Turf sees the flaw and expounds the error that may misguide the readers.

This issue, captured by the author, is dated Tuesday, August 12, 2014.


The TV Guide’s local channels listing is outdated with ETC, which is no longer on Channel 9 since December 2013 but traded with Solar News Channel from Channel 21.

The TV promo is in between of the halves. The Philippine Star promotes on ABS-CBN’s free TV programs daily. Manila Bulletin promotes programs of other local channels and of cable TV.


The error on ETC as “ETC on RPN 9” exposed since the channel was traded with Solar News Channel more than eight months ago.


PTV 4’s program listings are wrong!


PTV 4’s programming gets it wrong…

The program listings of PTV 4 is always wrong on Manila Bulletin, particularly on timing. On the photo on the right, the morning show of Telebisyon ng Bayan, Good Morning Boss!, started at 6:30 a.m. on the paper but it actually started at 7:00 a.m. but the show ended at 8:30 a.m. based on the Bulletin (actually 9:00 a.m.)

Contrary to the print, there are no CONSTEL series aired right now on PTV and lacked recognition of “Kahanga-hangang Pilipinas” and EZ Home Shopping. Value Vision is long gone off the air for a few years while Winner TV Shopping ended its free TV lease on this channel early this year.

They got Oras ng Katotohanan of the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ 4th Watch correct but the time went off by half an hour early. Again, HSN is actually aired on Solar News Channel 9 not Channel 4. Damayan, a well-known anthology series under the NBN branding of the predecessor president, is no longer on the air on the incumbent administration.

At 7:00 p.m., there is no “UAAP Live.” Fact check: UAAP is no longer in the hands of PTV for ten years with Silverstar Sports but on ABS-CBN beginning the 2000-2001 season or for short, Season 63. Instead, they provide “SME Go” (once hosted by now Senator Bam Aquino) which was printed on the same issue but 3 and half hours late than received on the tube. There is no mention of “Upload” at 8:00 p.m.

The 9:00 program on PTV is the most popular one: the Lotto Draw. Instead of the show with the traditional peak of viewership in the government station, they labeled it as “Biyahero.” The travel program, produced by Meteor Productions and hosted once by sexy star Francine Prieto, went off the air for a massive failure in audience retention. NewsLife, the final weekday English newscast of Channel 4, comes after 15 minutes at 9:15 p.m. and not 9:45 printed on the paper.


Meanwhile, IBC 13’s lineup gets it right.

Lastly, there is no more Concert at the Park and no mention of the last almost-daily religious program of Apostle Pastor Renato Carillo, Oras ng Himala at 11:00 p.m.

…while IBC 13 gets it right

As the sister network, PTV Channel 4, get a huge listing errors that needs to be updated. The young sister, IBC 13, gets their listing correct including the ATC prime time block. See the photo at the right.

Other networks with a small error

Solar News Channel, on Channel 9, did not recognize the first Filipino-language live public affairs show Serbisyo All Access but recognized the new Kapampangan News.

What’s the conclusion?

The Turf concludes that PTV 4 got their lineups wrong, either the Bulletin did not access the official website of the network for confirmation or PTV 4 did not have enough funds to create a public relations (PR) department to notify the paper.

IBC 13, though no longer maintaining the website or any social media platform, deemed retained the PR department in order to notify the broadsheet.

Since these networks belong to the National Government through the Presidential Communication Operations Office, headed by Sec. Herminio “Sonny” Coloma, the programs mentioned are indeed subject to change without prior notice like a daily Press Conference and important Presidential coverage.


The official TV guide dated August 12, 2014. There are cable channels listed on The Bulletin that does not supply national cable suppliers or local cable suppliers that needed to be reconsidered and/or removed at once.



Robin Williams (1951-2014)

The ‘Genie’ of Aladdin. Hope for a whole new world up above.


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[Photo of Robin Williams courtesy of Disney Wikia.]

[Newspaper photos captured by the author-admin. Courtesy of Manila Bulletin.]



  1. Maybe some of the contents of the PTV hoax schedule has been originally created by Lars Josue Buriel of russel.wikia.com

    1. Pwede rin. Kailangan talaga ng PR department ng PTV parang ABS-CBN Social Media Newsroom pero within their site for cost-cutting purposes and current financial standing.

      1. At least, The Philippine Star, along with the Inquirer, has already understood the changing tastes of time when it comes to TV schedules, thanks to ClickTheCity.com and electronic programming guides (EPG) by channels on SkyCable, TV+, and Cignal. And the Manila Bulletin, as well as Mr. James Ty III, the so-called and self-proclaimed “King of Sunday TV Programs,” should keep an eye on that, too.

      2. Well, I saw in his Facebook profile that he’s planning to go to the U.S. with his mom, perhaps due to the current condition of our country.

  2. Speaking of the discrepancies of TV guides, perhaps there’s one problem with TV schedule listings in our country: The Philippines doesn’t have a magazine dedicated to TV schedules, which ensures accuracy in the listings. There used to be 3 of them but they all folded up in different times:

    1. Chronicle Entertainment Guide – The entertainment magazine of Manila Chronicle with a TV guide pull-out section, it ceased publication when the mother newspaper was forcibly shut down during Martial Law, and never made a comeback even when Chronicle resurrected in 1986. (I have two 1962 issues of this at home.)

    2. TV Times Philippines – Considered as the stand-alone entertainment guide and TV schedule magazine during Martial Law, it was first published on June 7, 1976 by the now-defunct Quad Publications of Makati (owned by the late Rod Reyes), but folded up in August 1984 due to financial losses and the atmosphere of our economy then. You may check some of this magazine’s issues for sale at http://www.dekadacollectibles.com

    3. Atlas TV Guide – I have no information about this magazine, but it was published by Atlas Publications (which also published Mod Filipina and some comics) I was able to buy an issue of this sometime in May 2008. What I only know is that Atlas TV Guide folded up in October 2013, together with its sister publications, due to a labor strike. By then, Atlas was already part of the Ramos family (NBS owner), noong 1996 pa.

    Hopefully, I can make an article regarding these 3, once I get all the necessary information from the stakeholders concerned.

    1. With the Internet nowadays as the prime mode of access what shows are premiering, currently airing and ending, schedules can change without prior notice due to unexpected or unannounced circumstances; thus, it makes the print publication devoted to TV programming obsolete.

      1. Indeed, and the Bulletin must adapt to this, like I said in a previous comment.

  3. One year has already passed from the last time I made my latest comment here in this article, and as I just checked today’s issue of the Entertainment Guide of MB (the first time since May), I observed that they’ve no more TV guide, and taking its place instead is a bigger SM movie guide.

    I guess the paper’s Entertainment editor heard our calls about the print TV guides being obsolete. However, I don’t know yet when did MB ceased publication of their TV guide (considering that the last time I bought a copy of it, last May, the TV guide was still there).

    1. I read the same paper last April and indeed, we are not sure when did they pulled it off but thankfully, my post was recognized.

      Right now, the TV guides are now online via ClicktheCity and are in EPGs of digital converter boxes.

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