With Kids Weekend on 9TV, GMA loses the “astig” and “authority”

THE NEW KIDS block on Channel 9 has just heralded your near-concluding long weekend at 7:00 a.m. The block was intended to air August 16 but it was moved to last Saturday, coinciding the renaming of Solar News Channel to 9TV– much living out the network name.

Sesame Street returns on 9TV after 11 years in the Philippine airwaves.

Sesame Street returns on 9TV after 11 years in the Philippine airwaves.

For the past two days, you have watched a showcase of six TV programs suitable for children progressively, from preschool to preteens, together with the time slot beginning with:

  • Sesame Street at 7:00 a.m.,
  • American Greetings’ Care Bears (Saturday) and Strawberry Shortcake (Sunday) at 7:30 a.m.,
  • DC Comics’ Beware the Batman (Saturday) and Young Justice (Sunday) at 8:00 a.m. and last but not the least,
  • Pokemon XY at 8:30 a.m.

The freshness of each children’s show can come as slow as almost five years from U.S. original airing (Sesame Street) but can come as fast as seven months from English dubbing (Pokemon XY).

The best traits of all these shows broadcast over the weekend mornings are their episodes are intact from editing and are free from Filipino dubbing.

But wait, if the title says that 9TV’s Kids Weekend, GMA loses something. Isn’t this unrelated?

This is where The Turf dissects another mea culpa to the litany of sins of the Kapuso Network following the law of programming motion, which is modeled after Isaac Newton’s laws of motion.

Before 9TV retrieved the airing rights of Sesame Street, GMA 7 was the last broadcaster to air from 1992 to 2003 for 11 years. The network from Timog Avenue has the airing rights of Pokemon but The Turf remains unsure if the rights were expired and given to 9TV in order to conclude another GMA’s loss.

After the first day of Kids Weekend, Bado Ofilada opined that assuming GMA retained the airing rights of the new season of Pokemon under the Astig Authority banner and Sesame Street, he’s reasonably assured that edits and dubbing will adulterate the dignity of the shows and its viewers. Not only that, he recalled Young Justice was once aired on Seven in a similar manner much to dismay when comparing to the original U.S. airing with scene cutting “for the sake of time constraints.”

That said with the continuing reluctance of Atty. Felipe Gozon to air new shows in favor of replays, it’s all clear to conclude that GMA should drop the factor of “astig” and the “authority” on the toon block for Ofilada’s reasoning.

Sorry, Siete defenders, your boss would receive a chokehold from the boss of 9TV, former Ambassador to Laos, H.E. Antonio Cabangon-Chua.

To conclude the post, let The Turf indirectly refer Mr. Ralph Domingo’s comment last December: Does GMA have any audacity to air new children’s shows anymore?

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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[Photos grabbed by author admin. Courtesy of 9TV and Sesame Workshop.]



  1. Eh ang mga ipinalabas palagi ng GMA “Astig Authority” ay Fairy Tail, Ghost Fighter, Detective Conan, One Piece, Slam Dunk, etc. Nakakasawa especially already-complete anime.
    What Care Bears show is included in 9TV’s lineup? The latest CGI one?
    For Sesame Street fans here, thank 9TV for bringing that show for a new generation of Filipino kids!

    1. The CGI version of Care Bears is titled Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot.

      To answer your related questions: Yes.

      The CGI system is the same as Strawberry Shortcake with Berry Bitty Adventures on the other day, same time. They are originally carried by The Hub network, a well known U.S. cable channel for carrying My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic with million fans of adult males known as bronies.

  2. Speaking of 9TV, here is my post from one of the groups in FB.

    Napagalaman ng inyong lingkod sa monitoring na lahat ng mga newscast ng 9TV kasama ang Serbisyo All Access (except current affairs and Sports Desk na naging virtual set na ang studio) ay pinalitan na ng graphics at theme music para makasunod sila sa reformat ng kanilang channel.

    1. That will be for another time kasi sometimes, unexpected yet important events batay sa standards ng 9News may occur during the weekend. Plus, may Today Show at NBC Nightly News and replays of 9TV Public Affairs show in case they missed it.

  3. Just recently, GMA began to air Pokemon XY in edited and Tagalized form, even though 9TV continues to air that program in its original edit. Knowing that 9TV will become CNN Philippines this January (and with it, the possible loss of Kids Weekend), GMA simply took advantage of the situation and defied 9TV’s orders.

    1. Oh dear, any exact date it first aired?

      Gee, Bado Ofilada was correct; it’s gonna be a “PUTOL” Authority and terminally-ill anime fans are crying foul over this programming ethical dilemma in Kamuning.

      I remember that dilemma when the new episodes of Doraemon, the product of the titular robotic cat was given in the edited GMA version instead of Nobita or anyone who had trouble in their tasks at the start before asking Doraemon on what gadget he can provide.

      The only saving grace for Pokemon fans on the new season is on Cartoon Network as John Rodrigo Diaz Valdez told me last week.

      To see the saving grace, they need to contact their local cable operator, but what if they don’t want to waste money? They can use torrents or watch online.

      But what if the fear of piracy? Then, there’s no choice but your comment. For me, I’m totally disappointed with this news, Ralph. 😦

      1. GMA insists that they still have the ‘rights’ to Pokemon, hence they still aired it even with a minor network doing so.

        The animes on free TV are definitely in ruin at this point. GMA is not the only station heavily editing animes, even rival ABS is doing the same.

      2. Uh, Ralph. Anjho Ezekiel Reyes told me that it’s the Diamond and Pearl — about two generations behind the present XY. Anyway, it’s just plain wrong.

        P.S. Happy New Year, Ralph Domingo. 🙂

      3. I see.

        GMA also has rights to the Dragon Ball animes, but this Sunday, ABS-CBN will air a Dragon Ball movie on Kapamilya Blockbusters called ‘Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods’. It was essentially their answer to GMA airing Mr. Bean movies recently despite the fact that ABS had the rights to both the Mr. Bean live-action and animated series.

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