Examining and reconsidering two shows of PTV 4

THE FOLLOWING PROGRAMS The Turf will tackle comes from People’s Television (PTV) 4.

They are both aired at the same time (10:30 a.m.) with the same duration (30 minutes) within the weekend. The Saturday show is titled “Tito the Explorer” and the Sunday counterpart, “Gabay at Aksyon.”

Tito the Explorer


DJ Tito Potato

Tito the Explorer, as the name implies, is an infotainment show of travel and adventure aired on October 2012. The host of this program is no other than Tito Potato (born Peter Paul Sales), who is currently working as a DJ at DZME Radyo Uno 1530 AM, hosting Juan Interaksyon on weekdays, 5:00-6:30 p.m. His sidekicks were Choco Martin (Anthony Peru) and  Zeej Bender, where the former is employed of the same radio station.

The program as of now is on the repeat mode with about seven episodes. However, The Turf actually spotted a fresh episode of this show last July 26.

As long as DJ Tito is committed much on radio career than on TV, the show is placed under reconsideration. If he remains disinclined to declare a fresh episode, it would be better if Channel 4 will shelve the show off from the Saturday morning lineup.

Gabay at Aksyon


Ms Rose Solangon

This show is presented by Ms. Rose Solangon. Unlike Tito the Explorer, G&A delivers mostly new episodes.

Its format is public service because of politicians but the host treated selected politicians on the screen as (more than) “friends.” Most of the politicians exposed are mostly from Laguna. Like the show Lakbayin ang Magandang Pilipinas, they even promote more than of the instance with the selected towns and the said province.

Why is G&A included for “reconsideration”?

Being close to the politicians she admired, one of them was declared to step down. Last May 21, the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) disqualified E.R. Ejercito from serving a second term as Governor of Laguna for campaign overspending. Although he complied to step down, his hot-headed fan decided to retain the name of the suspended governor in the credits rather than recognizing the incoming governor, Ramil L. Hernandez, for implied obviousness of practicing her religious faith.

If Ms. Solangon did not still recognize the new governor of Laguna, she must reconsider herself to transfer her show to NET 25, where she is also the host of Talking Heads. Before the transfer, the well-disciplined national sectarian network mandated its programs to convert the picture format into HD — an enabling step towards the transition of digital television.

This Sunday, make your team proud! Go, fight, win!

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[Photos courtesy of Tito Potato’s Facebook Fan Page and YouTube]


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