PTV 4’s empty promises exposed!

"Oh Ja Ryong is Coming" is a Korean drama originally aired by Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation in 2012. But with a new memorandum of agreement signed by People's Television Network, would that program really come or it will be another strike of empty promises?

“Oh Ja Ryong is Coming” is a Korean drama originally aired by Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation in 2012. But with a new memorandum of agreement signed by People’s Television Network last Monday, would that program really come or it will be another strike of empty promises?

[Author’s comment: This #BantayKwatro post is now the third consecutive post but this really needs to tackle out squarely.]
That’s strike two for the 40-year-old national government network and then, another promise is now underway. Is this going to be their strike three?

Strike One


The first strike, for those who are new in the Turf, is what happened on March last year. Watch the video below and reflect.

What happened on the following month and the rest of 2013?
Nothing happened but these:
  • Public affairs programming conflict. If the said show would go after News@6, this will displace public affairs program such as PTV Special Forum (Wednesday) and GSIS Members’ Hour (Friday).
  • Unexpected special coverage. Do you remember the speech of President Noynoy Aquino about the now-unconstitutional Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) last October 30?
  • Preferential treatment of programming. Reiterating the post published in May, according to a Rappler report, PCOO Sec. Sonny Coloma would rather make Channel 4 as an information channel rather than an entertainment one. Want an example? Gov@Work. Plus, they prefer local production than foreign: remember Rey Langit and Maggie de la Riva with their Kasangga mo ang Langit and Be Alive respectively?

No wonder, they breached the memorandum of agreement (like a quasi-contract) and moved out to Net 25.

Strike two


Last February 12, Good Morning Boss, the morning show, gave a segment on a talent show entitled K-Pop Idol Search: Pinoy Edition. This news was confirmed with evidence by the broadsheet Manila Times with its process of qualification.
They pledged to go around the country for auditions from April until August and will air its supposed premiere on September but the said Facebook page was last updated April 10. That last update hints no official disclosure and what did PTV air instead? It’s MTRCB Uncut took the timeslot on Sunday at 8 p.m.
Is Channel 4 losing its memory (short-term) like the common Juan dela Cruz or is it again, another conflict of schedule? It’s another breach of agreement and Most K-Pop fans would totally feel disappointed and would call it as a “scam,” though not like the PDAF scam.

Strike three?


Last Monday on NewsLife, the sole English evening newscast of the network, “Oh Ja Ryong is Coming” but the date of launch is not explicitly mentioned on the video to avoid another broken promise of the network.
The 2012 Korean drama from Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) starred Lee Jang-Woo as the title character. According to Wikipedia, the series juxtaposes two very different men who married two sisters. Oh Ja-ryong is a gregarious and good-natured fellow with a pure heart who is honestly devoted to his wife Gong-joo, while Jin Yong-seok married his wife Jin-joo because of her family’s fortune and is now plotting to steal their estate. The jobless Ja-ryong stands up to his greedy and conniving brother-in-law Yong-seok, and saves his in-laws from ruin.

With 129 episodes ready to be shipped, the Philippines’ potential carrier could be aired on weekdays but then, critics and observers see the cloud of doubt of keeping the promise as the schedule and programming preference are the main concerns.

With their potential hesitation, it would likely score a strike three — an out of the Philippine TV ball game. If her younger sister, IBC, would have retained the ATC blocktimer and was given the right to air Mr. Oh Ja Ryong, then there would be an equilibrium on the umbrella consortium of Media ng Bayan as the main channel cared about dissemination of government’s policy, which citizens (apathetic or not) give less or no conviction to watch even for a second or two.

The moral lesson

Do not expect PTV to promise to deliver imported entertainment programs unlike during the so-called glorious days of Marcos until Ramos.  This can change the scenario if the General Manager’s (presently, Mr. Cleo Donga-as’) management thinking is significantly lax from being a marionette of Sec. Coloma because empty promises pay hefty monetary and non-monetary costs.

Happy long weekend!

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[Photo courtesy of and YouTube video courtesy of People’s Television Network, Inc.]



  1. Airing “Oh Ja Ryong is Coming” on either GMA or TV5 instead is a better idea.

    And what’s the point of the so-called K-Pop Idol Search Pinoy Edition in terms of the OPM industry?

    The entertainment shows PTV supposed to churn out may get a second chance on 9TV if it completes its transformation into the Aliw Channel.

    1. My replies:

      1. That would happen if PTV remained reluctant to change the programming mix, WooB. But the Koreanovelas are so much and may be selective depending on criteria of national commercial networks with their limited airing time, much emphasis on relevance and loyalty. The more latest and the more demand, they’ll respond.

      2. About K-Pop Idol Search, I felt sad on the youngsters for not patronizing OPM nowadays in favor of East Asian pop music. All you may hear on the radio now are mostly covers of foreign and local songs and old OPMs. Last Sunday, there was Himig Handog: P-Pop Love Songs on ABS-CBN in order to revive the spirit with their original compositions.

      3. There’s no official statement yet about 9TV being converted into Aliw Channel despite of the ownership by former Amb. Cabangon-Chua. Right now, Channel 9 offers objective news and public affairs, foreign and enlightened documentaries and eye-grabbing local lifestyle shows. I don’t think there is a transferability clause on the memorandum of agreement. If it didn’t happen, poof, no chance to air on other networks. Again, PTV management should be ashamed of themselves.

      Thanks for stopping by and have a good day.

  2. Ah… I get It! My Theory is This is Sonny Kolokoy’s Demolition Job for breaking promises of PTV-4 to the viewers. some of which Korean Dramas which they’re air on Telebisyon ng Bayan is still unknown due to many reasons (programming schedule conflict is one of them) but some of them are moving out to Net 25 according to your theories. In my AbePinion, Dapat tanggalin ng PTV-4 ang mga programa na hindi kaaya-aya sa mga manonood tulad ng EZ Shop (yan ang nakakasira ng program schedule ng network) that’s part of Network Charter
    May nabalita akong mag-eere din sila ng isang anime na mapapanood sa PTV-4 which is “Dragon Snooker” pero “unknown” pa rin kung kailan ipapalabas ang Anime na ito sa Telebisyon ng Bayan?

    1. Anything important by the Government, particularly, the President, may use PTV at any time to discuss the issues affecting the country. Thus, the flow isn’t as smooth than in commercial networks where they have sister channels or cable channels to handle it.

      The theory of K-drama ditch to Net 25 did not come from me, originally but from Bado Ofilada.

      This is a rumor but what I researched is that “Dragon Snooker” is Chinese not Japanese. Thus, sa inyong standards, hindi ito animé.

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