A dark horse with renames: 9TV to rebrand as CNN Philippines

CNN Philippines will replace 9TV on January 2015. This will mark the fifth localized CNN channel.

CNN Philippines will replace 9TV on January 2015. This will mark the fifth localized CNN channel.

This would have been a reaction to most netizens upon reading the October 12 article of Media Newser, “First on MNP: 9TV to rebrand as CNN Philippines.”

Two days later, this news is confirmed at the Solaire Hotel and Casino. According to, no less than the network’s news itself, 9News, Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific and Nine Media Corp. announced… “a historic joint partnership to launch CNN Philippines on free television, along with its website, CNNPhilippines.com.”

This relaunch will take place on the New Year, in time for the pastoral visit of Pope Francis in the country. The programming mix composes of local production and from the CNN’s U.S. content. Despite of the forthcoming name change, the local production will retain in the Metro Manila area.

This new name will roster into the CNN for their fifth localization after Turkey (CNN Turk), India (CNN IBN), Chile and Indonesia.

According to Rappler, this contract will initially last five years paying monthly fees to the 34-year-old American multinational cable news network in exchange of expertise and programming rights.

Indeed, this channel name changing confuses viewers with so much throughout the first half of this decade as:

  • TalkTV (March 2, 2011 – October 29, 2012),
  • Solar News Channel (October 30, 2012 – August 22, 2014),
  • 9TV (August 23, 2014 – December 2014), and soon
  • CNN Philippines (January 2015 – )

Programs that may offer and that may risk

Here are some programs that may offer come January:

  • Anderson Cooper 360. Hosted obviously by Anderson Cooper, the news program is broadcast live on location with in-depth analysis like Jiggy Manicad’s QRT on GMA News TV. This program is well known for covering the slow government aid and its lack of government official’s presence after the Typhoon Yolanda catastrophe that irked our local journalist Korina Sanchez, whose spouse is the current Secretary of Interior and Local Government, Mar Roxas.
  • The Situation Room. Hosted by Wolf Blitzer in 2005, TSR currently airs weekdays live from 5:00PM to 7:00PM ET (6 to 8 a.m. local time) from Washington D.C.
However, with new programs will lead to an end of some programs that 9TV enjoys.
  • Current lifestyle shows. Examples include in the local productions of Boys Ride Out, Something to Chew On, Drive, etc. and foreign ones such as Top Gear and Undercover Boss could hit the ax and will be written on Philippine television history.
  • Selected NBC and CBS news shows. NBC’s Today and Nightly News and CBS’ 60 Minutes are hot off the press by few hours delay. With CNN PH’s arrival soon, these programs are ready to hit the sack.
  • Kids Weekend. The morning block established last August 23, in time for renaming as 9TV with a new season of Pokémon. Like the post last National Heroes’ Day, this anime made a good decision to remain intact from editing and dubbing. Weeks later, it was given an afternoon replay for the convenience of children. As time passes by, the ground that supports this block will shake out into rubble.
  • Sunday TV Healing Mass for the Homebound. This Channel 9’s sole religious program is Fr. Mario Sobrejuanite’s safe haven after Channel 23’s broadcast inability in favor of sports programming on Sunday, which became ABS-CBN Sports + Action, since January 26. However, there are certain doubts if the TV Mass will be scrapped or not come 2015. If they did, The Pinoy Catholic would be relieved that no more Sunday dance fest will annoy his day of rest.


How to make CNN Philippines successful?

In order to make Channel 9 successful aside for no-nonsense reporting, The Turf recommends the following four proposals:

  • Staff and train into competent and uncompromised journalists. With MNP’s praise of ex-TV5 journalists moving on to 9TV, they wanted to expose a better and solid journalism experience.
  • Conceive a weekend news program. This is the persistent joint battle cry of MNP and The Turf. This channel (aside from IBC 13) is the only functional channel that has no weekend news. The reason of having a weekend news is to give better up-to-date information, as stated on the Turf last February.
  • Eliminate the home shopping block. Currently, 9TV aired Shop TV on free VHF daily from the unholy hour (2 p.m. to 4 p.m.) except important newsworthy coverage. Its items are from Home Shopping Network (HSN). The Turf proposes a business news program on weekday afternoons, during the close of trading at the Philippine Stock Exchange.
  • Operate the channel round-the-clock. Channel 9 experimented 24-hour television during the 80s but as of now, 9TV on free TV lasted 18 hours per broadcast day. Since CNN does not sleep in order to deliver important news, the new branding should follow suit despite of high operating expenses for the sake of reliability and relevance.

Final words

Having materialized despite of imbalance of the usage of mainstream VHF channels due to their intentions and affordability of major networks to acquire such, CNN PH would surge against its competitors from the Big Three in the name of credibility: the free undeserved-to-be-named GMA News TV 11 and the awry, preoccupied UHF AksyonTV 41 & the oldest yet cable-only ABS-CBN News Channel.

Despite of these confusions and impulses of ownership change, their uncompromising objectivity remains with its intended audience (on classes AB in social, economical and intellectual scale) with the avoidance of sensationalism in this channel of many renames.

[Photo courtesy of Media Newser Philippines]


  1. kaya ako nagtaka about sa Nine Media, wala pang isang taon eh, REBRAND AGAD! the only possible reason why 9TV was rebranded several times (starts from Talk TV to Solar News Channel) is low ratings and/or lack of advertisers supports and of course their have no male anchors in regular newscast (except for Jino Rufino for Sports Desk is currently simulcast with former sister channel Solar Sports)

    1. Mismo, Kelvin. Low ratings is due to the masses’ unacceptance. Advertising is low in placement and time because of 9TV’s objectivity of delivering serious and important news content.

  2. CNN Philippines will launch on March 16 as a 24-hour channel, but that announcement comes with a price: Atty. Rod Nepomuceno will leave the soon-to-be-renamed 9 because of some offer from a yet-to-be-officially-announced joint media venture.

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