PMPC Star Awards for TV 2014 on ABS-CBN (Again!)

This is one of the trophies to be awarded on PMPC Star Awards for TV, or the Holy Grail of Philippine entertainment TV. (This trophy was awarded in 2008.)

This is one of the trophies to be awarded on PMPC Star Awards for TV, or the Holy Grail of Philippine entertainment TV. (This trophy pictured above was awarded in 2008.)

[Author’s note: Please feel free to differ on The Turf’s prediction of winners of this year’s PMPC Star Awards.]

THE PHILIPPINE ENTERTAINMENT PORTAL (PEP) has released its nominees on respective nominations for the 28th PMPC Star Awards for Television last night.

The said award, established in 1987 by the Philippine Movie Press Club, is the Philippine equivalent of the USA’s Emmy Awards. Unlike the latter that awards separate dayparts (Daytime and Primetime) on separate dates, the Star Awards award all daypart categories (and more) in one night.

The awarding of this edition will be on Sunday, November 23 at Solaire Resorts and Casino, Paranaque City and will be televised on ABS-CBN’s Sunday Best a week after.

Dos again?

Most netizens who are devoted to read entertainment news (especially to the masses) have questioned why ABS-CBN aired the forthcoming important entertainment awards. For few years, the Mother Ignacia channel’s consecutive carrying of the specific Star Awards feels a bit too unfair with their network’s pool of talents grabbing the majority of the categories.

Following the principle of comparability, the Turf will use two previous editions (2013 and 2012) air by the same network:

In 2013, ABS-CBN (including sister channel, Studio 23) dominated with 141 nominations in 47 participating categories out of 56 over-all. In awarding, 34 nominations won (a return of 24.1%) in 30 categories (a participatory categorical return of 63.8% and a 60.7% over-all categorical return).

In 2012 edition, the same network won 30 categories out of 44 over-all categories (68.1%).

Affordability, host assignments and proper planning are indeed Dos’ fortes but as long as the network’s continuous carrying rights prevail, the network’s influence of winning showed its implied excess.

According to James Ty III, the network covered the rites with the help of Airtime Marketing under Tess Celestino. Because of the entity’s close ties with ABS-CBN and PMPC, the whole “club” is composed of mostly (but not all) public relations for the network and its talents. Because of the indirect favoritism, some minority members walked out (figuratively) and established a new group called the Entertainment Press Society (ENPRESS).

The Turf predicts the winners

This year, ABS-CBN dominates again with 133 nominations (including Sports+Action), participating in 49 categories out of 55. However, the rival GMA dominated the most nominations in aggregate (i.e. Channel 7’s 96 and GMA News TV’s 47) with 143 participating in 52 categories.

The Turf believed that the following nominees are potential victors on this year’s edition on the 23rd:

  1. Best TV station: ABS-CBN
  2. Best Primetime Program: Honesto / The Legal Wife (ABS-CBN)
  3. Best Daytime Program: Be Careful With My Heart (ABS-CBN)
  4. Best Drama Actor: Coco Martin (ABS-CBN)
  5. Best Drama Actress: Angel Locsin / Maja Salvador (ABS-CBN)
  6. Best Drama Supporting Actor: Christopher de Leon (ABS-CBN)
  7. Best Drama Supporting Actress: Cherry Pie Picache (ABS-CBN)
  8. Best Drama Anthology: Magpakailanman (GMA)
  9. Best Single Performance by an Actor: Jose Manalo (GMA)
  10. Best Single Performance by an Actress: Maricel Soriano (GMA)
  11. Best Child Actor: Raikko Mateo (ABS-CBN)
  12. Best New Male TV Personality: Manolo Pedrosa (ABS-CBN)
  13. Best New Female TV Personality: Lyca Gairanod (ABS-CBN)
  14. Best Gag Show: Banana Nite (ABS-CBN)
  15. Best Comedy Show: Home Sweetie Home (ABS-CBN)
  16. Best Comedy Actor: Michael V (GMA)
  17. Best Comedy Actress: Toni Gonzaga (ABS-CBN)
  18. Best Variety Show: It’s Showtime (ABS-CBN)
  19. Best Musical Variety Show: ASAP 19 (ABS-CBN)
  20. Best Male TV Host: Vice Ganda (ABS-CBN)
  21. Best Female TV Host: Nikki Gil / Sarah Geronimo (ABS-CBN)
  22. Best Public Service Program: SOCO (ABS-CBN)
  23. Best Public Service Program Host(s): Atom Araullo (ABS-CBN)
  24. Best Reality Show: Day Off (GMA News TV)
  25. Best Reality Show Hosts: Bianca Gonzales, Robi Domingo, Toni Gonzaga and John Prats (ABS-CBN)
  26. Best Game Show: Celebrity Bluff (GMA)
  27. Best Game Show Host: Eugene Domingo (GMA)
  28. Best Talent Show Program: Celebrity Dance Battle (TV5)
  29. Best Talent Show Program Hosts: Alex Gonzaga and Luis Manzano (ABS-CBN)
  30. Best Youth Oriented Program: Luv U (ABS-CBN)
  31. Best Educational Program: Matanglawin (ABS-CBN)
  32. Best Educational Program Host: Kim Atienza (ABS-CBN)
  33. Best Celebrity Talk Show: Gandang Gabi Vice (ABS-CBN)
  34. Best Celebrity Talk Show Host: Vice Ganda (ABS-CBN)
  35. Best Documentary Program: I-Witness (GMA)
  36. Best Documentary Program Hosts: Sandra Aguinaldo, Howie Severino, Kara David and Jay Taruc (GMA)
  37. Best Documentary Special: Cheche Lazaro Presents (ABS-CBN)
  38. Best Magazine Show: Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (GMA)
  39. Best Magazine Show Host: Jessica Soho (GMA)
  40. Best News Program: State of the Nation with Jessica Soho (GMA News TV)
  41. Best Male Newscaster: Mike Enriquez (GMA)
  42. Best Female Newscaster: Jessica Soho (GMA News TV)
  43. Best Morning Show: Umagang Kay Ganda (ABS-CBN)
  44. Best Morning Show Hosts: Anthony Taberna, Ariel Urieta, Winnie Cordero, Atom Araullo, Jing Castaneda and Zen Hernandez (ABS-CBN)
  45. Best Public Affairs Program: Failon Ngayon / The Bottomline (ABS-CBN)
  46. Best Public Affairs Program Host: Ted Failon / Boy Abunda (ABS-CBN)
  47. Best Showbiz Oriented Talk Show: The Buzz (ABS-CBN)
  48. Best Male Showbiz Oriented Talk Show Host: Butch Francisco / Joey De Leon / Ricky Lo (GMA)
  49. Best Female Showbiz Female Oriented Talk Show Host: Kris Aquino / Toni Gonzaga (ABS-CBN)
  50. Best Children Show: Tropang Potchi (GMA)
  51. Best Children Show Hosts: Isabel Frial, Kyle Danielle Ocampo, Lianne Valentino, Miggs Cuaderno, Miggy Jimenez, Nomer Limatog and Sabrina Man (GMA)
  52. Best Travel Show: Landmarks (NET 25)
  53. Best Travel Show Host: Drew Arellano (GMA News TV)
  54. Best Lifestyle Show: Kris TV (ABS-CBN)
  55. Best Lifestyle Show Host: Kris Aquino (ABS-CBN)

In numerical analysis, ABS-CBN will lead again on 35 categories (71.4% participation rate, 63.6% over-all).

Rotation of networks: A better solution?

In the Emmy’s, the Big Four (ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX) take their turns on broadcasting annual editions. This is to ensure a fair share and lessening the biases of winning certain categories consecutively.

Applying the lessons from the States’ big TV awards, there would be an equal chance of the Big Three’s national viewership.

GMA would get an advantage to broadcast the Star Awards on their Sunday Night Box Office (SNBO). At present, according to the persistent reasoning of Mr. Ty, Channel 7 suffered badly through repeated dubbed films that led to losing advertising confidence. In addition, the ratings of SNBO fell to its knees against the rival’s Sunday’s Best; especially those specials of the rival are concerts and documentaries of which the former of Seven’s talents are low.

For every better solution, there is a not so good one. In TV5‘s case, they would not be able to broadcast future editions as long as the symptom of almost-permanent sports programming preoccupancy prevails. PBA is under contract with TV5 until the league’s 2015-16 season. If the contract is renewed for another five years, it would be difficult to carry the Star Awards, leading a “Two-Major-Network” turn (i.e. ABS-CBN on odd-numbered years and GMA on even-numbered, or vice versa)

If the Telebisyon ng Bayan would air the Star Awards in avoiding “imperial commercialism” and protecting their “independent choice,” think even deeper. The weaknesses of Channel 4 as a potential candidate broadcaster include: (1) their consent to broadcast from the owner, the National Government and (2) programming constraints and preferential treatment.

Despite of controversies of the ceremony, we will never stop asking these questions until the contract with Mother Ignacia expires.

We did not forget you, Visayas.

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[Photo courtesy of: SiFranzayPinoy]



  1. I remember before, RPN 9 or IBC 13 would air the Star Awards on a slightly delayed telecast on the same night during the 80s.

    1. If it happened today, RPN and IBC won’t fit in.

      RPN’s tenant is 9TV, a news channel and IBC cannot do so due to deep insolvency and slack management unless ATC blocktimer would’ve been on air and they would bid to air so.

  2. Christian Anasco said: Expect heavy “donations” to the PR’s that will vote from the artist/producers of the said nominees. (also applied to Enpress)

    Also expect some cuts in the delayed telecast of PMPC Star Awards as usual. (di pinapakita ang mga nominees).

    1. 1) This results in accusations of bias and complaints by netizens regarding certain nominees they believe were snubbed from the awards.

      2) Blame these cuts on Airtime Marketing Philippines. In recent awards whose Airtime Marketing Philippines handled the production, the presentation of nominees per category as shown on TV are very short for the sake of airtime, comprising just the pictures of the nominees and the verbal announcements of the award categories.

      1. 1. Amen, Halo, I say to you. The awarding of this PMPC Star Awards is indeed acting like a rubber-stamp where the members made their decision without their proper scrutiny. Because of the composition Mr. Ty shared, it’s now pushing far from being the equivalent of the U.S. Emmy Awards.

        2. Amen again. There are 55 categories to be awarded this year and it would take a long time to air or even edit and air a week later. Indeed, it would be nice to split the broadcast awards into two Sundays but then, they need to face competition against the rival.

  3. I hope your predictions are correct since the awards will be tonight. Uulan na naman ng awards tong ABS-CBN kung magkataon.

    1. It’s on the composition of PMPC. Sinabi sa post, ayon kay James Ty III, na the members are puro related sa ABS-CBN and its talents. They favor more on the related entity without proper decisions except the categories where Mother Ignacia has no bet.

      Because of this, I predicted the winners based on the imbalanced mix and past results.

      In Manolo’s case, he was one of the popular housemates of PBB: All In. Even though he evicted from the Bahay ni Kuya, the strong fanbase in social media impacted him to enter showbiz.

  4. In the televised version of the PMPC Star Awards For Television 2014, the announcements of the nominees are simply skipped. When the (not-special) award winner is vocally announced, the picture (most likely fetched from the internet) and caption of the winner is flashed on the screen for a while, then the actual awarding of the trophy and the acceptance speech comes afterward. (That time constraints.)

    A trademark of Airtime Philippines is the subpar video-taken-with-cameras quality when the awards is televised. Oh, and lip-sync is detected on the musical performances!

    1. Superb observations, zap2. Your word proves that there is a broadcast aduleration within Mother Ignacia.

      Unless the current PMPC members will resign en masse or shakes up and compose by our own selves, the observers and viewers won’t see a fair awarding, full broadcasting and baton relaying in the future editions.

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