GMA News dances to “Shake It Up! (not Off)” with new anchors

After 15 years on the graveyard shift, Vicky Morales will join Mike Enriquez and Mel Tiangco on 24 Oras this Monday.

After 15 years on the graveyard shift, Vicky Morales will join Mike Enriquez and Mel Tiangco on 24 Oras this Monday.

COME MONDAY EVENING, GMA will see an addition to 24 Oras and no, it’s neither just the logo nor the graphics design. It’s Vicky Morales, joining Mike Enriquez and Mel Tiangco in the studio, according to Media Newser Philippines.

MNP believed that the “musical chairs” move in Timog Avenue was in response of the debut of Claudine Trillo as newest co-host of 9TV’s Daybreak and the comeback of Ed Lingao as the co-host of Aksyon Tonite on TV5, both happened this week.

The Turf believed the decision of Siete’s new composition would serve as a complement of its rival, ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol by Noli de Castro, Ted Failon and Korina Sanchez.

Not only that, all regional networks of GMA will be re-branded into the national news name, bidding farewell to their own identity as far as from Balitang Amianan, Balitang Bisdak and Testigo. This re-brand would mean a direct competition against the regional TV Patrols of their respective ABS-CBN Regional Network Groups (RNGs).

The other change of anchors in GMA’s news shows

With Morales shifting to early evening news after 15 years in the threshold of the graveyard shift, Arnold Clavio won’t be alone in the late night news show Saksi, as Pia Arcangel will step in. Arcangel’s successor on Balitanghali (weekday edition) on GMA News TV in teaming up with Raffy Tima will be Connie Sison.

The present behavior of 24 Oras

The ten-year-old early evening news program is the solely the longest news show in the country with 1 1/2 hours while the rival, TV Patrol aired 1 1/4 hours in which the latter made a jumpstart to their Primetime Bida ahead of GMA Telebabad. However, both TV news programs included their own showbiz segment (Chika Minute and Star Patrol), which is obviously a sign of sensationalism by critics and observers. Lately, 24 Oras’ original anchors become opinionated in few words of the forthcoming news items and within it, almost following the bandwagon that TV Patrol set up (the de Castro gang are opinionated at the end of the news while the long credits roll).

Like all GMA News programs, the long credits after each news day are still in use and are usually cut in the middle of rolling, signifying the loss of courtesy.

However, despite of such flaws, GMA News (including 24 Oras) remained consistent in winning prestigious awards (e.g. Peabody Awards) in their continuous objective of credibility.

Dear Turfers, will the anchor reshuffling of Channel 7’s news programs paid better off than before or much worse?

Remember, remember, the 8th day of November.

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[Photo courtesy of: 24 Oras Facebook page]



  1. syempre , talo sila araw-araw sa tv patrol ayon sa agb at kantar, kahit sampung taon na sila di na nila mapapalakas ang 24 oras dahil sa isyung deniece-vhong rape cased dahil di sila patas magbalita

    1. Ang kaso ni Navajo vs. Cornejo & Lee ay nakakalito talaga!

      When the news broke in January, tumaas talaga yung ratings ng TV Patrol. Sumabay din sa usapan ang GMA pero dahil sa caption ni Cornejo with GMA CEO Atty. Felipe Gozon bilang “lolo” sa social media, ipinakita ang galit ng mga netizens (mostly maka-Vhong) with the hashtag #GMAPhilippinesWorstNetwork dahil ipinapakita ng depensa ni Cornejo ng Siete habang obvious na maka-Vhong ang Dos.

  2. They reformat the newscasts kahit may ilang empleyadong matatanggal na dahil di pa silang binibigay ng mga benepisyo at tinatawag pa rin silang “talent”.


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