If the Binay-Trillanes debate would’ve continued…

[DISCLAIMER: This post may not please any readers who are not interested at national politics. Timow’s Turf apologized in advance.]

BIRTHDAY BOY'S BRISK. Vice President Jejomar Binay joined with the Marines in the Philippine Navy for the walkathon on his 72nd birthday. He announced the back-out of the debate scheduled Nov. 27.

BIRTHDAY BOY’S BRISK. Vice President Jejomar Binay joined with the Marines in the Philippine Navy for the walkathon on his 72nd birthday. He announced the back-out of the debate scheduled Nov. 27.

VICE PRESIDENT Jejomar Binay turns 72 today and makes a stunning announcement during his birthday celebration at the Navy Headquarters: he backed out the debate against Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV.

The debate proposed by the Vice President was settled and was scheduled by the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) on Thursday, November 27 at 10:00 a.m. at the Philippine International Convention Center — a stone’s throw away from his official manor, the Coconut Palace.

According to GMA News, KBP President Herman Basbaño outlined four questions on the would-have-been the biggest political face-off of the year:

  1. Is the Senate blue ribbon subcommittee hearing on Binay justifiable?
  2. Are PDAF and DAP legal?
  3. Does Binay own the Batangas farm?
  4. Is the Makati City Hall Building II overpriced?


The debate would have last a bit more than an hour and would have invited 300 guests, mostly from heads of civic organization aside from KBP members.

One question, many answers with different reasons

A single question would have asked for every TV broadcaster: “Would they air the debate or not?”

The Turf would believe that ABS-CBN‘s main channel would snub the debate due to committed airing of taped episodes of the Singing Bee and the second-to-the last episode of the longest drama series of this decade,  Be Careful with My Heart. ABS-CBN Sports + Action would apply the same move as the main channel because the political special is not part of the channel’s intentional programming lineup. Cable channels of the conglomerate, such as ANC and DZMM Teleradyo, would have broadcast instead.

GMA, being a non-KBP member for 11 years, would follow the rival’s main channel with Basta Every Day Happy and Don’t Lose the Money. Her sister channel, News TV, would be interested to broadcast as they aired the saga of the Senate Blue Ribbon subcommittee on the intriguing the lifestyle check against the person next in line after President Noynoy (P-Noy) Aquino.

TV5, a KBP member, would look forward but it would severely interrupting Face the People (the whole episode) and Let’s Ask Pilipinas (by few minutes). The main would rather relay the responsibility to AksyonTV, interrupting its Radyo5 simulcast if the debate happened.

PTV, the government broadcaster, would also join the broadcast bandwagon despite of questioning special coverage priorities: particularly, the exposure of the President more than the Vice President or even the Senate. Her younger sister, IBC, would either simulcast PTV’s stream or continue the EZ Shop marathon in order to make its ends meet — to settle the hopeless PHP 730 million-capital deficiency.

9TV, being questionable if the network is a KBP member or not, would be interested to see the political bout, pre-empting Serbisyo All Access.

For now, the networks will go back to normal on November 27 but for the netizens remain vigilant in national politics and the future of such, especially the coming 2016 presidential elections.

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[Photo courtesy of GMA News Online]



  1. If VP Binay did not announce his candidacy for 2016, this issue wouldn’t happen. He should have done the following:
    1. As soon as he learned that a case of overpricing will surface, he should have not directly endorsed but plant a seed of idea that he will not run and somehow favored Cayetano’s bid.
    2. When the issue subsides, commission someone to uncover any dirt on Cayetano
    3. Let the administration and Cayetano battle it out.
    4. Make rounds in the provinces as VP
    5. Announce his candidacy as last minute decision and tell the Filipino people that the political maneuvers of administration and Cayetano are self serving. What they are doing is reckless and endangering our chances to reclaim the Spratlys, and destroying the momentum of our economy by not solving the issues of port congestion, traffic, MRT situation, food security and health. That he is only running as the last option and even though his campaign team is only a day old, he has been more than prepared by his 20 years of service acting as chief executive to the country’s political district and without a clear political enemy he is more likely to help the Filipino people unite and aim for the common goal which is more jobs, better health care services and booming economyeverything that he has solely accomplished in Makati.
    6. His opponents wont have the luxury of time and will likely resort to building their campaign rather than whats happening now.
    Sad but he could have dodge the bullet and still keep the scandal. After all why announce if you are the front runner?

  2. According to KBP there is already a TV deal slated with ABSCBN, unfortunately only topics were approved but no format or moderator was chosen up until VP Binay cancelled the event

    1. Well, marcus. I thought their main channel would snub the would-have-been the most exciting newsmaking political faceoff because of the lacking experience of past coverages of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee about him.

      1. The report was published after VP Binay cancelled and was broadcasted in TV Patrol. KBP chose ABS CBN since the two political figures wants TV coverage and both parties agreed that ABSCBN will best fit the event

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