‘Kawaii International’ on IBC 13

[This post is dedicated to Anjho Ezekiel Reyes whose birthday was celebrated yesterday.]

NHK World's Kawaii International will be seen on free TV on IBC 13 this Sunday afternoon.

NHK World’s Kawaii International will be seen on free TV on IBC 13 this Sunday afternoon.


Japanophiles in this country of ours are going wild this Sunday. Be it mild or terminal, the said sector who are dead tired of musical variety shows of the Big Two will now have a chance to watch a show  of a slice of their main interests on free TV: Kawaii International on IBC 13.

Kawaii International is produced by NHK World since 2012, hosted by the native-born Mari Sekine, the Japanese-American Yoko Reilly and the non-Japanese Misha Janet. The program from the overseas cable channel of Japan’s public broadcaster devotes on the latest and hottest trends on their country’s fashion.

Six segments are offered on the very fresh foreign show:

  1. Tokyo Kawaii Trends (covers the latest in kawaii trends),
  2. Tokyo Photo Book (Pictures and interviews with local fashion leaders),
  3. Kawaii Showoff (photo contest where fans from around the world send in photos with a theme and a famous Japanese kawaii leader picks the winner),
  4. Kawaii Tutorial (kawaii experts share their techniques to achieve their look),
  5. Kawaiipedia (experts give an in-depth look into the history of kawaii), and
  6. Kawaii Around the World (video clips from kawaii fans around the world).

Having this aired on IBC 13, the Sick Broadcaster of the Philippines, will assuredly gain a bit of audience since ATC blocktimer’s unexpected withdrawal after August 31 although the blocktimer returned with the PBA D-League since last October 27.

Kawaii International and its local counterpart, Kawaii PH TV, will be seen every Sunday at 2:00-3:00 p.m., with replays every Wednesday, 9:00-10:00 p.m.

Happy weekend.

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[Photo courtesy of NHK World Wikia/Nippon Hoso Kyokai (NHK)]



    1. Technically both a yes and a no, GRW222.

      A “yes” because the D-League was produced with the blocktimer corporation, ATC.

      It’s also a “no” because of the league’s contract accomplishment during their prime time blocktimer (June to August 2014) operation.

      With the unexpected withdrawal, this league is indeed the only program so far until this Sunday afternoon.

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