Christmas Message 2014

My dear friends:
As the Advent wreaths consume all of their four candles and the Advent calendars almost punching out its remaining days, almost every one of us seem to be jovial of the coming of Christmas.
Here at home, we celebrated the climax of the season with pleasant feasts with our families and colleagues. We made a certain distinction of how we celebrate it from the rest of the world.
But things have changed ever since three years ago as the situation of anticipation has changed radically due to the extreme forces of nature. Earlier this month, Supertyphoon “Ruby” wiped slightly northernly provinces residing more than a day than last year’s Supertyphoon “Yolanda” but with lesser sustained winds.
Taking the common picturesque of the damage rendered by the force majeure, how could we say if it’s “merry” for another Christmas if…
…Instead of a chilly breeze from the Amihan monsoon, a gust of wind from the supertyphoon welcomed us?
…Instead of a manna for Noche Buena, the victims’ feasts are mud and waters from torrential rains?
…Instead of diverse smiles of children, eternal sorrows were shown over in different platforms?
…Instead of a show of resiliency, prolonging trauma and hopelessness are reasonably assured?
…Instead of showing our bravery, our contemplation will end up being worthless to heed?
With our persistent intercessions, the storm has been subsided and spared the rest of the country. If our determined prayers didn’t include the fear of God, we wouldn’t be able to survive and to praise Him in return.
That is why Christmas is initiated and is supposed to be. The first lesson is praising the Almighty, through his Son — the Word made flesh and made its dwelling among us — from the troubles we encounter, survive and overcome.
After the storm, countless images of the aftermath imprinted us the sorrows and the need of others. This is the second lesson that we must apply from Our Lord: to learn how to bow our knees, how to contemplate and how to help those in need.
We hope that the two lessons in this message I speak before you will uphold not for oneself but also for others and will pledge to spread throughout the year even beyond this short season of joy.
I wish each and all of you a blessed Christmas.

Timow’s Turf will take a break from writing for tomorrow, Christmas Eve and the following day, Christmas Day.
Once again, a blessed Christmas to you all!


    1. Ahahaha, Dan Krinkle was just foolish to know that Modern Language Association focuses on citations than grammar syntaxes. Well, it’s a good move here in WordPress.

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