The Turf’s TV Zeitgeist 2014: UHF Networks

[READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! To my readers of this final installment of TV Zeitgeist 2014, I apologize in advance of those who are offended by the content but the motto of this WordPress site – “let it be printed in wisdom and truth” – will continue to uphold. Thank you.]

THE NEW YEAR will be handed over in 3 days but before we bid adieu to 2014, here is the look back of what happened over the boob tube on the selected and noticeable UHF networks (except ABS-CBN Sports + Action and Aksyon TV).

Iglesia ni Cristo’s Centennial cornucopia (Feb to Jul). Net 25 and INC TV 49 carried the countdown to the centennial of their denomination with live specials beginning with the worldwide charity walk for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda last February 15 and culminating it with the opening and the grandstanding of the Philippine Arena in Bulacan on July 27.

A decade of celebration and denunciation (Jun 25 and Jul 14). On June 25, UNTV celebrated the 10th anniversary of the network (in the current format but 13th by name) with the groundbreaking ceremony of a new HQ. Two weeks after, the celebratory mood has changed when the brainchild, Daniel Razon, cried foul over Good Morning Kuya due to the Sofitel Manila’s exclusion of their channel due to the system-limited channels based by the hotel guests’ feedback and demands. This outrage trended over Twitter as #BoycottSofitel and Bro. Eli Soriano, while in exile, again made his giant rival, Iglesia ni Cristo, the scapegoat of the move.

Pulling off the Jack (Sep 1). After the transfer of ownership of Channel 9, Solar Corporation faced another loss of Tieng’s channel ownership. On that day, Jack City ended its analog broadcast carriage on Channel 31 in Metro Manila. This channel provided stylistic and sophisticated American dramas. After that day, O Shopping and Trinity Broadcasting Network Asia supplied the programming on the vacant channel.

SMNI Sports Fail (Oct 12). Metro Manila viewers of Sonshine Media Network International of Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy fell for it on that day when a religious show was aired instead of the scheduled sports program. In his home base in Davao City, the program was about grassroots boxing similar to PTV 4’s “In this Corner” and GMA News TV’s “TKO: Tanghali Knock Outs.

Fix Ahoy! ETC’s first full year on the UHF 21 from Channel 9 began with complaints on social media, regarding mostly signal reception in Metro Manila and neighboring provinces. The transmitter is located outside the Metro — Rizal to be exact — in order to supply the national capital’s analog signals. This was later fixed and the identity of the channel was refreshed.

Outlook for 2015

While digital television deadline is extended until 2018/19 and not this New Year, UNTV will devote the 12 months on constructing the main headquarters in EDSA, Quezon City. The HQ will include amenities such as observation decks, a rotating restaurant, a basketball court and even, dormitories for TV employees.

According to Bro. Ryan America, the long-overdue Delta Broadcasting System TV 35 promised to be aired in time for the Papal Visit this coming January, but critics continue to doubt the materialization of the station mentioning technical obstacles (permits, facilities, equipment & manpower training to name a few) and the boss’ (Bro. Mike Velarde’s) hectic preaching schedule.


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  1. You forgot that mention, instead in October 12, Boxing Revolution or the SMNI sports block started airing in mid-November. Chino Trinidad was one of the anchors of the telecast.

    Halata parang baguhan lang at kulang sa experience sa sports production ang SMNI pero malayo ang mararating nito next year.

    1. Why is Chino Trinidad involved? Did he left GMA or is it just his sideline? Kung sideline, may agreement ba kaya between Gozon and Quiboloy?

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