New Year’s Message 2015

My dear friends:
In a few moments, the splendid chimes will ring out the first half of this decade and will usher in the first of the new half.

We accumulated and summarized the events of 2014 — may it be personal, communal, national or global — and we are now closing the books and store them in the shelf of humanity. Whenever a certain part writes the story of the Old Year, they will normally always bring emotion of each moment involving another or for oneself. In this closing of the consumed book, it is normal for most contributors in the annual memoir to let it go, face a blank space and write our expectations in the new one.

Dear colleagues, celebrating New Year’s Eve is an inclusive and elusive tradition across the world. Though many traditions exist, the common reasons are to expect us hope for the next 365 sagacious days in the midst of fears and to rectify our human torts through resolutions in the midst of trials.

The New Year revelry in this country is no exception for we also have an expectation of joys and fears.

On the sense of joy, the ethereal spirit of the New Year will continue for the first three weeks in anticipation of Pope Francis’ state visit in the country. The key theme of the forthcoming five-day sojourn of the Holy Father, “Mercy and Compassion” is already crafted as the first New Year’s resolution. On the sense of fear, the impending power crisis in a few months will affect our daily affairs. Thus, the second New Year’s resolution is conceived: to be conscious of our resources in order to preserve the future.

In a nation where faithfulness resides, let our actions be done and let God light our way for this slice of chronological opportunity. And for the rest of the world, let us join our hands and raise a united toast for this momentous time of our lives. May all our aspirations and destinies of every individual and as a united people be realized and fulfilled.

A prosperous 2015 to all of you!

Timow’s Turf will take a break from writing for tomorrow, New Year’s Eve until Sunday, January 4.
Once again, a gracious and joyous New Year for our dear readers!


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