Miss-ed Universe 2015 (or is it 2014?)


Mary Jean Lastimosa from Cotabato, the bet of the nation, will race to the Miss Universe this Monday despite raises of controversy.

THE STAGE is up and the crown is set to sit who will reign beginning Sunday evening in Doral, Miami, Florida (Monday morning, local time) as Miss Universe 2014.

Wait, what: 2014? Isn’t that year behind us by almost a month?

This is the first edition of Miss Universe to be out of respective year. But there’s more than scheduling that makes the international beauty pageant became controversial.


Behind the schedule

Luigi Boria, the mayor of Doral via Twitter, announced the controversial move last September 12. The tweet was confirmed as the national contingents for this pageant is underway until October 27, betting 88 delegates on the race to the crown.

Factors of reactive netizens were formulated such as the influence of Donald Trump, the recognizable business magnate who made significant philanthropy of this non-profit organization since 1996. Some inferred the fear of Ebola virus entering in the USA. Others believed that logistics and availability of the venue were justifiable for the delay.

When the calendar flips to 2015, feeling the gut of irrelevance and void due to the cut-off period, news about the pageant in print, TV, radio and online turned into a big confusion of what year will be printed since the crowning never happened in the recently outgoing year. Even though the instruction is clear that it’s still “Miss Universe 2014,” the ambiguity should be settled by using the ordinal form (i.e. 63rd Miss Universe).

The delegates on the actual Miss Universe 2015 (64th) to be crowned at the second half of the respective year is a work in progress; the Philippine delegate will be crowned on March 15 but that’s a story for another person for another time.

Even though the reasons were explained, some pageant fans would boycott the impending TV special and decided to migrate to the second-in-line pageant, Miss World, complying international coronation within the respective year. Kapuso fans would remember that their network carried Miss World last December 14-15, the broadcast of the international pageant was delayed by few hours due to time zone problems and programming priorities at the receiving country. When the pageant commenced in London on Sunday evening, in Manila, they were prioritizing their morning show, Unang Hirit. Later, the coverage of the pageant was aired in place of the second half of their Astig Authority block for the sake of value under the perspective of pageant observers and patrons.

DID YOU KNOW? The 2012 edition (61st) was almost scheduled beyond the calendar year — on December 20 — where Janine Tugonon reached its best at 1st runner-up in this decade as Olivia Culpo was crowned the winner.

ABS-CBN: The broadcaster in hot water

ABS-CBN may have the full rights of Miss Universe with its local Binibining Pilipinas since mid-2010, but expect a somewhat 30-minute delay on the free channel, unless you afford cable in order to air seamlessly on STAR World for the international pageant at 9:00 a.m. local time (equivalent of 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time).

Why a 30-minute delay if Kris TV is over by this time?

There may be SpongeBob Squarepants at that point, but expect the Nickelodeon cartoon to be adulterated by edits unless the programming division in Mother Ignacia decides to scrap SBSP for the day and jump in to the main event.

Velvet, the cable channel of Dos that supplied the Miss Universe continuously since 2008, was shut down last January 1, 2014.

Show da Manny

Aside from the scheduling and the TV network, mixed reactions arose as Manny Pacquiao, the fighter of the decade, is confirmed as one of the judges on coronation night. Observers and critics would see it as a distraction, despite of being a one-off extracurricular, and would embarrass global viewers due to his poor and simplistic English proficiency. Pacquiao will return to his other stint as PBA playing coach career on its 2015 Commissioner’s Cup, commencing this Tuesday.

Other formulation and conclusion

Analyzing from the factors of the periodically irrelevant edition of Miss Universe, The Turf formulates two rules of thumb behind beauty pageants.

First, the schedule of international pageants cannot be prevented by local board but must be decided in advance by the main board before the actual confirmation before dismaying its fans for going beyond their respective period.

Second, the time of international beauty pageants, like Miss World and Miss Universe, shouldn’t be delayed more than 24 hours from live broadcast. Local counterparts should be not more than 6 hours. This is somewhat similar to business philosophy of lean manufacturing, particularly, on delivering value to its clients (in this case, the pageant observers and fans). This is definitely not the case of what happened to PTV’s Miss Casino Filipino last September.

Nevertheless, The Turf wishes for our representative, Mary Jean Lastimosa, the best of her beauty and her wits this Monday morning.

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[Photo courtesy of the Cotabato Provincial Government]



  1. ABS-CBN’s airing of Miss Universe 2014 will be tomorrow at 10:00am, one hour delayed.

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