Goin’ Bulilit at 10

LAST NIGHT, the first show of the Sunday primetime lineup on Mother Ignacia turned 10 years ago this month with a behind-the-scenes documentary.

MemoriesMonday! The pioneer cast of Goin' Bulilit with Dagul (2005).

The pioneer cast of Goin’ Bulilit with Dagul (2005).

Goin’ Bulilit, a kiddie gag show, began its transmission over TV last February 6, 2005, just a day after Wowowee premiered. The cast is composed of child actors and Dagul, the sole midget adult.

GB’s sketch comedy incorporates not just ordinary comedic situations but also current events around the country — even political ones — and current stars within the network.

Seasonal or ordinary, within or outside the studios, the show provides different segments with a situational gag sketch (similar to Bubble Gang), parodies of current TV programs, “Use in a Sentence,” “Sino Daw,” and sometimes, “Sinech Itey,” somewhat inspired by Balakubak segment of the rival’s defunct comedy show Nuts Entertainment. Normally, the show ends with the “Palarong Pambata” splitting the cast into two teams: red and yellow. Outtakes were aired while the credits roll but both are withheld later, except for rare circumstances.

Coming, going and replacing…

With time passing by, the first batch came and gradually let go by graduation. The replacement process is exclusive for kids to keep the show running. In a “graduation” ceremony, where a cast member turned 12 to 13, they will have their one last episode dedicated to them before automatically leaving the show to enter the new slice of life of adolescence. Among the casts that were graduated, include:

  • Kathryn Bernardo (well known for a long relation with Daniel Padilla and hyping up over the national trending topics on Twitter);
  • Nash Aguas and Alexa Ilacad (who played the duo, Drew and Mac of “Bagito“); and
  • Jane Oineza (well known for being a housemate on Pinoy Big Brother: All In).

However, not all GB members were able to move to the graduation process. They have indeed the right to leave the show. Among the cast members that left GB include:

  • Zaijan Jaranilla and Timothy Chan, the Santino and Rico R. Rodrigo of 2009-10 inspirational TV hit “May Bukas Pa“;
  • Cha-Cha Canete, very well known for the nickname “Cha Cha Bulilit” and her endorsement for Camella Homes; and
  • Eunice Langusad, well known for Charming in Princess Charming, a 2007 teleserye on GMA.

GB means ‘gone bad’?

However, two drawbacks arise from the longevity of the gag show. First, in 2011, GB was tagged by politically motivated social media scholars, for “child abuse” despite of the network’s compliance of working child’s permits (in accordance to Republic Act 7658). Analysis of “enlightened” netizens found out even deeper about their accusatory label, particularly on the “Sinech Itey” segment where the girls wore scantily clad clothing similar to Wowowee’s.

The second reason came from the MTRCB rating. Normally, the show is rated PG, implying the slight inappropriate content for children if watched alone — thus, being accompanied by a parent or a guardian of legal age.

Nevertheless, Goin’ Bulilit acted as a springboard of future Kapamilya stars and acted as a legacy of learning pop culture — well, starting them young.

Welcome, February. May Valentine’s ka na ba?

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[Photo courtesy of Photobucket / MoviesPictures.org / ABS-CBN]


One comment

  1. Not to mention na binigyan ng X-rating ang show ng MTRCB dahil sa mga skit ukol sa Katipunan.

    More over, several members of the GB transition to their young counterpart, Luv U.

    Indeed, Goin’ Bulilit is the pioneer of the Edgar “Bobot” Mortiz’s helmed Comedy division (which also produces Home Sweetie Home and Banana Split)

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