4 reasons why Super Bowl did not air this time on TV5

[This post is dedicated to Ralph Domingo, Mark Jaro, James Ty III, Christian Anasco and John Rodrigo Diaz Valdez.]

New England Patriots earned its fourth Vince Lombardi trophy against last year's defending champion Seattle Seahawks yesterday morning (local time) on Super Bowl XLIX.

New England Patriots earned its fourth Vince Lombardi trophy against last year’s defending champion Seattle Seahawks yesterday morning (local time) on Super Bowl XLIX.

SUPER BOWL XLIX yesterday morning (local time) scored New England Patriots’ fourth over-all title against the last year’s defending champion Seattle Seahawks, 28-24.

For those who don’t have P 250 for pay-per-view on Cignal, you wished that TV5 and/or AksyonTV would cover the four-hour-long global American football event. Instead of the kickoff in Pheonix, Arizona and the halftime show of Katy Perry, you were watching Disney Club block (Henry Hugglemonster and Phineas & Ferb) and Hi-5. On Aksyon TV, it aired a rerun of Astig and the TV simulcast of Punto Asintado and Bitag Live.

You were confused and frustrated because you wanted to see some aggressive action on the field like last year. Fret not, Pinoy Super Bowl fans and American expats, the Turf will explain four reasons behind the missed annual global sporting event.

Sporting culture shock. According to James Ty III and Mark Jaro, American football is not popular in the Philippines than basketball or soccer. Although such matches were aired on the early days of national TV — especially the so-called glorious and perfect days of Martial Law — where most of the lineup are foreign canned, the trend gradually decreased until no VHF channel would be able to see any snippets of action, save for the sports news programs.

Programming dilemma. If Super Bowl would’ve continued as usual, the two new original public service shows, Solved na Solved and Healing Galing (both premiered last January 19) would be delayed. Even Happy Wife, Happy Life would also be affected by the sporting special and kids — with the TV5 Kids block in the early morn — who really don’t know what American football is than basketball.

Excessive pressure into sports. According to the Turf’s Zeigeist (year in review), last year’s performance to TV5 was very critical due to their difficulty of declining sportscasting commitments from the last Super Bowl to Incheon Games, thanks to the influence of the sports-minded owner, Manny V. Pangilinan, thus, sacrificing most of the idea of their original creations slated for the year. It would also mean anger to animé fans who relied on TV5 for fresh and new anime series for “sports parties” (most them are now relieved thanks to Sword Art Online during the past two weekends). Hence, they needed to be pulled out.

Lack of an alternative free TV coveror. Yesterday, ABS-CBN Sports+Action was busy airing the replay of an NBA game but that would insult NBA fans around the country, especially those who missed their favorite team’s game. GMA, on the other hand, is obviously not a candidate broadcaster to cover Super Bowl due to the lack of a sports division; they would incur a day’s loss, as they would sacrifice the whole morning of their prized programming asset, the Astig Authority block. PTV cannot be the coveror because of the strict government ownership but IBC could’ve been the proxy yet the cost of rights would come into question and would bear more brunt of indebtedness.

Now back to the concerned clients: the small fanbase and expats. They would’ve shown contentment even if it is delayed by few hours replacing a repetitive Movie Max 5 yesterday afternoon.

Well, last year’s was just an experiment and that means March Madness would also follow the same path.

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[Photo courtesy of ABC News]


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