This Franchisee Sounds (Too) Familiar

Can you guess the originating country will this new game show air on ABS-CBN soon?

Can you guess the originating country will this new game show air on ABS-CBN soon?

POP QUIZ: Try guessing the originating country from each show franchise shown on our Big Three networks.

  • Pinoy Big Brother
  • Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
  • Don’t Lose the Money

Time’s up! The answers, respectively: Netherlands, United Kingdom and Germany.

But what about “Your Face Sounds Familiar”? Never heard of it?

Your Face Sounds Familiar is another franchised game show produced by Endemol and is originated in Spain as Tu cara me suena in 2011.

According to Flow Galindez, the webmaster of Ang Sa Wari Ko (ASK), the newly-acquired game show will be carried by ABS-CBN. This was proven by the tweet of the franchisor’s director, Tinet Rubira, last November 18, 2012 in Spanish. (Click here for the external link to the said tweet)

Aside from the Philippines, Galindez published that other local versions of YFSF will be aired in Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Ecuador, Georgia, Malaysia and South Africa.

The format

In most common editions, celebrities are challenged to perform as different iconic music artists every week, which are chosen by the “Randomiser” — a machine that chooses any artists (can be of gender, age or status).

Each celebrity is transformed into a different singer each week, and performs an iconic song and dance routine well known by that chosen singer.

They are then judged by the panel of celebrity judges. The contestants are awarded points from the judges based on their performance. After the vote, the contestants have to give a set of points to a fellow contestant of their choice. The total score of each contestant is counted by summing the points from the votes of judges and contestants.

Whoever gets the most points on the leaderboard at the end of each episode receives a cash prize for a charity of their choice and a further grand prize for the “season champion”.

However, it is up for Mother Ignacia to tweak a bit of the common format of the show but not the majority of it.

To simply summarize, according to Christian Anasco, the show is pretty much similar to the Eat Bulaga! segment “Gayang Gaya, Siyang Siya” but with celebrities.

Not surprised

However, the Turf is not surprised for Channel 2 to ink the deal on airing the new game show. Three reasons were given why ABS-CBN easily grabs this franchise.

The first most obvious reason is the experience and feasibility. It’s not surprising that Sgt. Esguerra carried franchise game shows for many years because of their financial feasibility and following well-administered business principles. The goal of success of this new program is on its return.

The second most obvious reason is the plurality count of its network’s celebrities. We see it in our trending topics of Twitter and watch it in our TV as commercial endorsers. Once the show commences, there will be a slim chance of a celebrity to perform again on the same show than the Other Two.

Lastly, the new show will give B-rated (low-priority) celebrities or its negative connotation — starlets — to shine on stage. In order for them not to leave the station, this program will be a golden opportunity to enjoy their stay.

According to, the new franchise will replace The Voice of the Philippines once their grand winner for Season 2 is chosen but for the replacement, this franchisee is just sounded too familiar.

Have a productive week!

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[Photo courtesy: Logos.Wikia.Com / ANT1 / Endemol]



  1. Your Face Sounds Familiar has its origins in the Dutch show Soundmixshow (created by Endemol co-founder Joop van der Ende), which was adapted for UK television as Stars in Your Eyes (whose revival this year has recently ended). (One day, Endemol apparently revisited the Soundmixshow concept for a potential “new” TV franchise. The fruit of the attempt is… Your Face Sounds Familiar.)

    The Philippine version will be hosted by Billy Crawford.

    1. Thanks for finding the other story of YFSF and for the updates, Mago.

      We’ll have to wait for the show to be aired after the Grand Winner of The Voice PH Season 2.

  2. Breaking News: YFSF will served as a comeback project on ABS-CBN for Megastar Ms. Sharon Cuneta, after 4 years. Mukhang hanggang co-host duties lang si Billy.

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