Hi-5 Philippines on TV5: A high expectation for a low network

The original Hi-5 members. Half-Filipino, Kathleen de Leon, was second from the left. The local counterparts of the Australian children's musical group will be determined soon.

The current members of Hi-5. The local counterparts of the Australian children’s musical group will be determined soon.

IT SEEMS TV5 will have a live-action preschool show in the morning since the reboot of Batibot. Hi-5, an Australian children’s band with an eponymous TV show, finally gets a third localized and licensed edition of the show and gets a chance to see our counterpart.

The original Hi-5 is formed in 1998 comprising of Nathan Foley, Tim Harding, Charli Robinson, Kellie Crawford and Kathleen de Leon. The TV series began in Australia’s Nine Network a year after but in 2006, Kathleen was first to leave until, Nathan and Kellie, the last two of the pioneer generation were replaced in 2009. The show continued until they pulled the plug in 2011 (yet revived as Hi-5 House in 2013) but the band stays strong with their set of world tours.

In Philippine free TV history, the Third Network carried Hi-5 in 2009 every weekday morning but was cut in 2010 because of the change of ownership. Four years later, IBC took the rights to carry the show under the Asian Television Content (ATC) block as their jump start every weekday afternoon for three months but the edition the Broadcast City aired was actually off by a decade. The Reliance Network returned the rights of the Australian show to its original time slot last January, this time, with the recent series.

From a rumor to reality

The localized Hi-5 was once tagged a rumor before it became a reality. The show was part of the network’s plan for the broadcast year 2015 and was marketed on their trade show.

Last week, the rumor was transformed into reality when executives of TV5 signed the deal with the honchos of Hi-5 World.

Despite of adhering based on the style guide (e.g. the interior design, show’s segments, the band’s raiment and the two puppets) the agreement gave open doors for Noel C. Lorenzana, the boss of TV5, to customize the show in accordance with the new national curriculum for the catered audience.

Auditions will begin this Saturday for males and females, ages 16 to 24 at their old studios in Novaliches and new in Mandaluyong. According to Wilma Galvante, the entertainment head of TV5, talents (or even the inappropriately termed “starlets“) from any network are also welcome as long the age requirement is met.


If Hi-5 PH is materialized, this will replace the original Hi-5 at 8:30 a.m. Like the original program, the weekly theme will span weekdays, each lasting half an hour.

Comparing to the other two localized Hi-5’s (USA and UK), the Turf can expect our own edition to go on a bit longer after a trial period but not longer than in the Land Down Under.

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[Photo courtesy of InterAksyon / Hi-5 World ]



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