CNN Philippines launch set, faces new competitor

THE GRAPHIC TRANSITION proved it. The launch date has been settled. The long wait is finally over.

Next Monday, March 16, CNN Philippines will succeed 9TV after five months of negotiations and preparations.

About a month after the deal with the U.S.-based cable news network, Hollywood Express became the first CNN program to be exported to Channel 9. Last mid-January, CNN’s corporate colors of red, black and white dominated the graphics in time for the Papal Visit. After the visit, the programming identities on the lower thirds have been sacrificed in favor of the name of the program in white text on a red square background.

ONE MAN DOWN. As 9TV will be CNN Philippines next Monday, Atty. Rod Nepomuceno will fade away back to TV5 with their new joint media venture.

ONE MAN DOWN. As 9TV will be CNN Philippines next Monday, Atty. Rod Nepomuceno will go back to TV5 with their new joint media venture.

However, the official launch paid a significant price. One of the mainstays of Channel 9 will leave back to the old, green pastures. Atty. Rod Nepomuceno, the moderator of Legal Help Desk and Opposing Views, will depart after a bit more than two years for an announced joint media venture.

Published by Media Newser Philippines last Monday, business magnate/media mogul Manny V. Pangilinan is looking forward to expand his empire by collaborating with Bloomberg Television, an American-based international cable-and-satellite-only business news network. The firm founded in 1981 by Michael Bloomberg, who served as Mayor of New York City from 2002-2013 but their business news network commenced operations in the United States since 1994. At present, Bloomberg TV is available here on Cignal Digital TV Ch. 43, SkyCable Digital Ch. 30 and Destiny Digital Cable Ch. 30.

According to MNP, the top TV5 bosses are “finalizing a deal with the Bloomberg group to form a localized business news channel to be launched this year” — though vague to mention if it’s cable or free. The rest of the story follows as excerpted:

While no deal has been made yet with the American-based international cable and satellite business news network, budget for the said venture has already been allocated according to our sources, adding that the channel will be headed by veteran journalist Twink Macaraig.

“They are also wooing other journos right now to join the network,” said one of our sources. “Expect to see those big name TV journos… journos who have good resume to join Bloomberg Philippines. Walang gaanong mga EMAJs (entertainers masquerading as journalists) dito.”

On the preceding paragraph, the independent media watchdog for tolerating entertainers masquerading as journalists (EMAJs) tagged the network but with this channel, they must learn how to prevent them. Having an all English-language business news channel isn’t a new idea for MVP. In 2013, he made an announcement for launching CEO TV in order to compete against ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC) but it was pushed back many times.

Having it materialized as soon as possible will mark the sixth localized channel in Asia and eleventh worldwide (sans International and the originating country). The most recent deal was with the Canadian media company Channel Zero for rebranding happening on the same year.

As this news entices local financial experts and foreigners, wishing to invest in our country but there’s one problem for TV5: AksyonTV’s broadcast potholes. If Aksyon TV didn’t simulcast any PBA games or Radyo5 programs, replays and reruns of News5 public affairs programming would occupy but it’ll lose its measly audience. Attaining a block for Bloomberg PH would suffice but that would go into a big problem for long-term improvement and scheduling.

Going back to Atty. Rod, Nepomuceno’s decision marks the homecoming to Channel 5 since he was anchor of the Big News on ABC from 1999 to 2002 with his colleague, Amelyn Veloso, although she will remain on Shaw Boulevard. Speculation exist on MNP that Anthony Pangilinan, who was once also a news anchor before him, would replace for the time being.

With the launch date set, would this mean CNN PH will be 24 hours on free TV? Tough luck, friends but the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) says “no,” despite of the urgency of hard news overnight. This would also apply if TV5’s Bloomberg PH will be on the UHF TV band.

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  1. Good job to CNN Philippines. More power to them and to its competitor Bloomberg Philippines. 🙂

  2. If that Menchu (or maybe Hillary) will stay on CNN PH, I will not watch the launch.
    If the management could fire them, then I will watch this. It’s a big mark in the news industry pero puro EMAJs ang naghahandle ng newscast nila.

    1. Synopsis of the latest MNP article about CNN PH posted today:

      – Daybreak will be replaced by the morning newscast Headline News, but no hosts for the latter were announced because CNN PH is still on the hunt for those hosts.
      – Hilary will be a presenter of the weekday news updates (every 15 minutes) on CNN PH with Roanna Jamir
      – Newsday will become Newsroom with Mai Rodriguez and Jing Magsaysay
      – Will Serbisyo All Access (hosts: Amelyn Veloso and Gani Oro) be the only Tagalog-language program on CNN PH?
      – All anchor lineups for all other newscasts remain unchanged
      – There’s no mention of weekend newscasts or the fate of Legal HD

      1. My response and reactions:
        1. Let’s wait and see on its first week.
        2. Not that EMAJ!
        3. Compromise between an EMAJ and a veteran news anchor.
        4. Yes, it will be maintained.
        5. Very sad to see this after Jinno Rufino and Atty. Rod Nepomuceno decided to leave.
        6. We have to check out on their first weekend and this Monday, respectively.

  3. It’s definitely too hard to accept the consequences that you’ve once had a higher expectation from an upcoming CNN franchise that will soon change the face of Philippine Television. Now, 6 months later, it’s still there. I mean many people are gradually starting to watch CNNPH just to catch some of the HLN shows. I mean who are these viewers? Aspiring Filipinos who want to be Americans? Or perhaps Americans who come home to Philippines? That’s not a good situation. And that is NOT how you really tell the story of the Filipino. As the slogan supposed to say. Take a better look at HLN’s content and see what’s wrong. Lack of reportage for other international stories. hence most of their stories are more like sensationalized in nature.

    Meanwhile, why are they relying much on outdated CNNi programs? This is not even good

    CNNPH should really produce more local news, commentary and lifestyle programs instead of barging for inappropriate programming.

    Better check out CNN Indonesia’s videos on YouTube and see for yourself how it should be done.

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