#TurfbackThursday: GMA’s Two-Course Lunch

[The following post is a supplement of From the Tube’s 1995 Flashback on Eat Bulaga! last January 27.]

IN A NORMAL meal, there are three courses: the entree, the main course and of course, the dessert.

In a noontime variety show, this is rather incomplete. For 35 years, Eat Bulaga served generations of Filipinos the satisfying lunch of comedy and entertainment. EB began on RPN for the first decade and then followed by ABS-CBN for six years. Since 1995, GMA became the safe haven for Eat Bulaga from transferring the broadcast rights of Television and Production Exponents, Inc. (TAPE) to Mother Ignacia. Because of the new network’s respect of the producer’s independence, TAPE gratuitously extended the meal with adjacent figurative dishes.

TAPE and GMA aired three drama series from 1996 to 1999: Mia Gracia (featuring Gracia Cortez, then the EB’s “number girl”), Del Tierro (featuring Jackie Lou Blanco) and Rio del Mar (starring Vivian Velez).

In 1999, TAPE produced Kirara, starring Patricia Javier as the adult titular Amerasian character, and Biglang Sibol, Bayang Impasibol, a dramedy where two warring families are neighbors in Biglang Sibol Street. Biglang Sibol was top-billed by Celia Rodriguez, Nestor de Villa and Sylvia la Torre.

However, the most significant and prominent time of the two-course meal offered in Eat Bulaga is when SexBomb Girls have their own show to showcase their drama in 2003. “Daisy Siete” became the dessert of the meal for almost seven years with 26 seasons. The first nine seasons patterned a light soap-opera approach but Season 10 onward, they added the touch of comedy with thematic adventures.

On July 2, 2010, the show ended unofficially, leading up to the breakup of the original girl group and its mainstay performances due to misunderstanding.

Forever alone? Nope.

Eat Bulaga stood alone until 2013 after Ryzza Mae Dizon, the Little Miss Philippines 2012, proved her stardom skills in the main show for the time after her coronation on an infamous, classical segment.

Since April 8, 2013, instead of becoming the dessert, The Ryzza Mae Show acts an appetizer — a late morning talk show — in order to hook up more viewers before the main course. RMS is normally aired live (or taped an hour early) on Broadway Centrum, the same studio as its parent show. The studio-based episode currently composed of two parts: (1) one from the audience will be picked to be introduced and to answer simple questions from Aleng Maliit in “Picture o Tanong?” and (2) the guests assigned on that day.

Today, Eat Bulaga’s servings — originally flown by Tito, Vic and Joey since 1979 — indeed go beyond their initial meal to satisfy viewers throughout their history with Timog Avenue for 20 years.

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  1. Before The Ryzza Mae Show, however, there was Diz Iz It, another TAPE-produced show which was their answer to Showtime. It didn’t fare well in the ratings, though.

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