Is Willie’s Sunday show at 3:30 a good or a bad move?

Willie Revillame's return is at hand on free TV. Will his new show on GMA be the last hope for him or be the return to his wicked ways?

Willie Revillame’s return is near at hand on free TV. Will his new show on GMA be the last hope for him or be the return to his wicked ways?

ALMOST FOUR MONTHS ago, the Turf published that the homecoming and eventual reinstatement of Willie Revillame on GMA would come into fruition after about two decades. However, the Philippine Daily Inquirer‘s Sunday lifestyle article published otherwise.

In the said article, Pocholo Concepcion also debunked the speculators’ bankruptcy of Revillame after more than a year from TV limelight. According to the sources retrieved from Inquirer Lifestyle, the net worth of the 54-year-old accumulated to PHP 2 billion. The list of assets owned by Willie was based on the article’s excerpt:

How can Willie get poor, the source argued, when he’s still got all these assets, namely: the property in Tagaytay he bought from the Madrigal family, with an estimated value of P350 million, on which he’s now building a hotel; the house and lot in Ayala Heights formerly owned by Gabby Lopez and Panjee Tapales, now worth P400 million; four floors at Wil Tower plus a helipad; a collection of paintings including a BenCab mural worth P40 million, three Fernando Zobels (P20 million), a vintage Arturo Luz (P7 million) plus a number of sculptures; a brand-new Rolls-Royce Wraith, P12 million, among a fleet of high-end cars; a private plane and yacht; and Hermès bags and Louis Vuitton suitcases.

He wants to buy a helicopter when his Tagaytay hotel is finished.

The only properties Willie has sold, the source said, is Wil’s Events Place and the mall in Wil Tower, both in Quezon City. The sale has netted him P650 million.

All told, the source said, Willie could be worth around P2 billion.

However, the last two paragraphs of this article stunned TV observers and critics.

Instead of Sunday noon, as recommended by one of the Turfers, ramones1986, “Wowowin” will be on 3:30 p.m. — right after Sunday All Stars but before 24 Oras Weekend.

Balancing the scale

The four good points The Turf are reasonably formulated of the published schedule include:

  1. Lesser exposure of Revillame than he did for many years of hosting on the Other Two,
  2. Counterprogramming strategy against viewers who are sick and tired of gossip in local showbiz industry and basketball games,
  3. Serves as a springboard to watch GMA’s prime-time lineup, and
  4. Fills the mid-afternoon crater from making Channel 7 as a Sunday movie theater

To balance the scale, the four bad points are theorized:

  1. Phobia for contestant-victims of Revillame’s past shows (whether, allegedly or not)
  2. Fearing of the return of ethical problems for the host and probably, the return of scantily clad dancers,
  3. Making lower classes to rely him for instant wealth instead of their perseverance, and
  4. Making his former employer, ABS-CBN, still triumphant over the noontime slot

Putting the game show at noon would remind of what happened on PTV 4 two years ago. “Show Up: Ang Bagong Game Show ng Bayan” ran short-lived due to taped episodes, reluctance to live airing and lack of financial support despite of Bestfriend Jireh’s upright moral fiber — something that Revillame became deficient on his job in Mother Ignacia and in Delta Theater.

Once it will be aired by next month, Revillame will pay the airtime lease to the network for PHP 2 million a week. Given the speculative net worth, he could pay it over for a bit more than 19 years.

However, the Turf asks you now, “Is his show a good or a bad move for Kamuning/Timog Network?”

CONFIRMED! UPDATE (Mar. 20, 2015): Willie Revillame signed with GMA Friday. According to Lhar Santiago, the show is indeed on a weekly basis and Revillame will act as the producer and blocktimer of his new show.

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  1. I won’t be surprised if Willie will get back his two former ABS-CBN co-hosts Iya Villania and Max Collins on his new show on GMA. The two girls hardly get enough exposure on Sunday All-Stars which is dominated by Christian Bautista and the other GMA starlets.

    1. I would better call them “B-rated talents” than “starlets.”

      Que sera sera, whatever will happen would make GMA even profitable despite of fear of his questional and returning behavior.

      1. Willie will give GMA a lot of ads on Sundays since he is producing the show as blocktimer. It’s up to him to make things work with GMA

  2. Well. Mukhang babalik na naman ang kaseksihan ng mga wowowin girls at ang pagiging maamo ni Willie sa mga seniors citizens. 🙂

  3. I can also smell na Rated SPG ang upcoming Willie Revillame show. You know, sexy dancers na naka-bra at panty lang,

      1. the reason is bakit kailangan pa ni Kuya Wil ang mga female co-hosts at dancers na naka-lingerie lang (the result of placing a Rated SPG Graphic from the MTRCB) sa show niya? for me hindi kaaya-aya sa mga viewers o sabihin ko na lang na nagmimistulang “human trafficking” ang production ni Kuya Wil.

  4. kung sa dancers ang usapan, maghanap na lng ng bago at mas attractive sa mga viewers… example dito ay SEXBOMB GIRLS na sila ngayon ay nasa NEW GEN era na.. syempre, mas popular ang dance group na ito noon pa

    pero 50:50 ako dyan kasi ang Sexbomb dancers ay MAINSTAY DANCERS sa Sunday All Stars, at ang nakakalungkot lng kung dati mga 15-17 members ang madalas naperform, ngayon ay 8-10 members na kasali ang mga trainees o unofficial member ng grupo

  5. I just saw a photo of Willie talking with GMA executives. It looks like it’s all systems go for his new Sunday show.

  6. The timing of the announcement couldn’t have come at a worse time. Gabby Eigenmann’s new drama series ‘InstaDad’ was supposed to premiere this Sunday, but GMA held it off until after Holy Week. Now what to do with the scheduling of this show now that Willie makes his presence felt?

      1. Here’s a thing. InstaDad was supposed to premiere this Sunday after SAS. Then, biglang may rumors na the show after SAS would be Willie’s new show. That makes it all the more confusing. I’m not blaming anyone, basta GMA should have exercised more responsibility regarding their upcoming shows and schedules.

  7. Wowowin will premiere on April 27, according to certain ‘reliable’ sources.

    Today Boy Abunda suddenly announced that The Buzz will take a hiatus and will revamp upon its return. There is no imminient announcement of the date of that return nor even The Buzz’s replacement program. #WowowinThreatRumor

    1. I heard that news over Christian Anasco and Gabby Hernandez. But the premier date you posted will be on Monday.

      Indeed, there is a threat for the Buzz to lose its audience support once Willie goes back on the small screens. But we have to wait and see for the actual results on the ratings.

      1. so ang tanong ngayon: nandiyan pa rin ang mga sexy dancers at ang SPG rating?

  8. Speaking about your allegation of GMA as becoming a Sunday movie theater (before Willie’s new show), I agree with it. GMA, IMO, every Sunday, is now becoming to look like an “Escolta,” “Avenida Rizal,” and “Colon St., Cebu City,” realizing the fact that GMA had 4 to 6 movie blocks on Sunday(?) and the former 3 had a lot of movie houses before. IMO.

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