Holy Week Message 2015

Jesus carrying the Cross


You thought that I am writing an April fool’s joke; unfortunately, this year is not the fitting time to do so.

Every Holy Week, we reflect the last week of Our Lord’s earthly life: from His triumphal entry in Jerusalem to His death on the Cross in Calvary. On this part of the year, we unravel His Paschal Mystery and His mission of laying His own life for the salvation of humanity.

On this blog, the mission plan was almost modeled from the meaning of this hebdomad: laying down the thoughts on what we see on TV for the readers to reframe and to reflect on their minds for the sake of equality.

At this point, Holy Week is the best time to cease attacking other major and underdog networks, which can ruin the dignity of respect of others who are your brothers with their diverse choices to take.

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, on this spiritual respite, I pray that the mission of Jesus of laying down our lives for the good of others will not be in vain.

To other Christians who do not observe Holy Week, I pray that you will learn how to bow down before Him and learn how to serve Him through faith and good actions.

To those who do not believe in God, I pray and wish that you will be enlightened and you will learn how to stay humble and to treat each other fairly.

I pray also for the people who will be harnessed by Super Typhoon “Chedeng” (international name: Maysak) this long weekend in the eastern part of the country to stay safe.

May the Good Lord bless you on these sacred days.

NOTE: Timow’s Turf will take a writing respite until Easter.

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