“KIS Pinoy” tries again, this time on TV5

Laboum, a K-pop girl group, will be on the Philippines as part of the grand launch of KIS Pinoy this April 22. This is not the first time you've heard this talent search program.

Laboum, a K-pop girl group, will be on the Philippines as part of the grand launch of KIS Pinoy this April 22. This is not the first time you’ve heard this talent search program.

IF THE TITLE you’ve read sounds familiar, then you’ve probably have read two articles here on the Turf last year.

But if you don’t have time to do so, here’s a four-sentence summary:

Last year, K-Pop Idol Search: Pinoy Edition (KIS Pinoy), the K-Pop talent search, was supposed to be on the programming portfolio for People’s Television (PTV). The show would’ve been aired on the 3Q or 4Q of the said year. However, the Facebook page behind the program remained silent for so many months. Because of this, litany of conflicts and problems between two parties emerged; alas, the deal is declared a big failure.


For the second time, this concept of talent search will be materialized — this time on TV5. The Philippine Star confirms this news today.

The most obvious advantage why they beseech on TV5 over PTV is the texture of programming lineup and priorities. If PTV would’ve materialized last year, the episode flow would be interrupted due to unexpected special coverage. For TV5, this scenario would go to her sister channel, Aksyon TV, and the main channel will continue with their entertainment programming affairs.

The KIS Pinoy’s original auditioning plan was a tour around each part of country but on TV5’s case, it’s on malls just like usual auditions in reality competitions of the Other Two such as StarStruck (now on its 6th regular edition) and Pinoy Big Brother (now on its 10th anniversary). Auditions will begin from on April 22 on SM Mall of Asia Music Hall and it will last for a month across several malls around the archipelago.

Once the materialization is realized, the elimination procedures would either be revised from the original PTV plan (see the first article) or be rewritten entirely to match with the consultations from the agreeing prospective commercial network.

When it comes to the target launch date and the frequency, it will be target on 3Q 2015 and it will run, preferably, on Sunday night at 7:15 p.m. (right after PBA), replacing Move It: Clash of the Streetdancers or Saturday where Talentadong Pinoy once resided or replacing Mac and Chiz.

For now, the eyes of hope for the victimized aspirants last year will look on TV5 for having their dreams come true.

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[Photo courtesy of Laboum / NH Media / The Philippine Star]



    1. Read the Philippine Star article provided in this article. Beginning this Wednesday, there will be several auditions across few malls around the country for a bit over a month.

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