“Millionaire” to return on TV5 this May

WWTBAM FB cover photo

BOSSING WANTS YOU. Yes, Vic Sotto wants you to answer his questions on the hot seat on the new season of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” come next month.

LOOKS LIKE “Bossing” Vic Sotto is back to find anyone to become the next winner of P 2 million on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire“?

After four months of rest, the lead-out program after PBA’s Sunday games (or Movie Max 5) on the Happy Network, TV5, will come back to its 7 p.m. habit next month.

The fourth incarnation in a nutshell

In the past incarnation (the fourth, lasting more than a year from September 15, 2013 to December 28, 2014), Bossing Vic introduced a tweak of the game play — new variant of the money tree, the High Risk Money Tree. On this variant, there is only one safe haven after answering correctly Question No. 5 (P 20,000) but with four lifelines (50:50, Switch, People’s Speak and Double Dip).

Among the contestant who partake the new twist, only one was able to answer all 15 questions from Bossing: Eduardo “Gaeilo” Pajinag, Jr. (on October 20, 2013), IT auditor, using the said new variant of the money tree.

It’s a no-brainer why the return of Millionaire is imminent: popular demand.

How about the Money Drop?

However, rumor has it that the other game show hosted by the same Sotto, the Million Peso Money Drop — which was supposed to be on Season 2 last year — would replace Move It: Clash of the Streetdancers and not Millionaire. The problem why the Money Drop was dropped out is because of the prize money they’ll take home. In the Money Drop, the contestant will diversify the bundles of money into trap doors with choices designated on it; if there are bundles are on the incorrect choice, it’s dropped down and whatever surviving bundles after eight rounds will be theirs to keep or will go home empty handed even less than eight rounds. Unlike Millionaire, if the lifelines are consumed and stopped on the step of any money tree on the respective fixed amount, the contestant would received a check from Bossing after one’s acceptance.

As the allowance of furlough is suffice for its return, will there be a tweak of game play rules on facing the hot seat and answer the challenging questions? Who knows?

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” will replace once “Move It: Clash of the Streetdancers” announces the Grand Winner on TV5.

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[Photo courtesy of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Philippines official Facebook page]


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