Wazzup Pilipinas TV on IBC 13

The Pambansang Blogger, Ross Del Rosario, joins Barter King Abaya and Dave in the new show on IBC 13.

The Pambansang Blogger, Ross Del Rosario, joins Bart “Barter King” Abaya and the Dave “the Common Sense Investor” Aguila in the new weekly habit on IBC 13.

CAN YOU IMAGINE a reputable blog become a TV program?

If you think, it’s impossible, not anymore in just a few days. No, it’s not Timow’s Turf.

Enter “Wazzup Pilipinas TV” on IBC 13, the variety infotainment lifestyle show produced by Asian Television Content Corporation (ATC) and hosted by the editor-in-chief Ross Del Rosario, the Pambansang Blogger ng Pilipinas (National Blogger), from the eponymous blog.

Dubbed as the “Pambansang Blog ng Pilipinas,” the website becomes a reliable lifestyle field guide for Filipinos in food, places and happenings. Because of the immense popularity and the accolades it deserves, the Department of Tourism collaborated with Wazzup Pilipinas in promoting tourist attractions for locals and foreigners.

On the TV series, we will also see Bart Abaya (the Barter King), Dave Aguila (The Common Sense Investor), Chef Tato (the Halal Cooking Master), and more. The show will try not to bore the audience — even a modicum of it — while giving informative pieces; business promotion is also a welcoming opportunity for WP-TV.

Once the pilot episode is materialized, IBC’s prime time boredom would almost end since the ATC blocktime withdrawal and gradual shift of purpose last year — leaving Tuesday and Friday without any blocktimer’s show.

For more information, visit their website and like their Facebook pageWazzup Pilipinas will air every Saturday, 8 to 9 p.m., beginning May 2 on IBC 13.

Update (05.01.2015): According to Ross del Rosario, the pilot episode of WP-TV is postponed due to unforeseen requirements from MTRCB. Until the payment has been settled, the show will remain in jeopardy.

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[Photo courtesy of PinoyTekkie / Wazzup Pilipinas / Asian Television Content Corporation / Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation]


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