Do you think respect is earned from what you wrote? (An Open Letter to MKO)

Dear MKO,

If you have read my open letter, I understand about your concern on IBC 13 and I pity how the network really worked out. We know that the Filipino people no longer watched it unlike the days of the old because of lack of repetitive and bland programming content. But what more is that the network cannot hold the financial bankruptcy due to the National Government’s mishandling and influence.

However, I noted that what you just published yesterday was even worse. Let me detail this “private-affair-turned-public” engagement point by point.

First, you mention the “due process” of IBC’s privatization. Indeed, it’s long overdue since sequestration of 1986. So far, the news is concerned is under the process of the Development Bank of the Philippines. However, the near-ending administration — despite their efforts to combat red tape through their campaign slogan — failed to reach the concrete goal and not to mention, the long overdue demand of employee remuneration worst among all broadcasting entities. Not to mention, the pending case on the joint venture scandal with a building contractor would also prolong such process.

Second, I would agree for C&L — cease and liquidate — but then again, due to the ownership, it would be difficult to attain compare those if it is under the hands of private citizens.

Third and the most important point I have ever noticed is you are attacking a reputable person in our Pinoy Nostalgia/Philippine TV Group with your NAME CALLING. Even though I deactivated a social media account to take my personal challenge of earning a title for a lifetime, I have engaged with him despite our recent difference in socio-political spectrum. I understand his political resentment by keeping mum or minimal interference. The main question I really need an answer is: “Do you really want to get arrested on the charge of online libel for 12 years?”

Nevertheless, I realize that you are getting impatient just like most of our netizens. This is indeed the negative behavior when it comes to exposure of social media.

What bachelor’s degree did you earn, again? Ah right, Mass Communication. Then, when you type your post in straight English, why is your simple proofreading instrument called “spelling and grammar” found on Microsoft Office isn’t applied before entering into the battle of differing thoughts? If Howie Severino said “Think before you click,” I say, “Proofread before you post.” That’s why you fail to reach the blogging standards akin to Ralph Domingo or JM Melegrito.

Do you think respect is earned from what you have written recently?

The judgment of the Pinoy Nostalgia community was right all along. Your insights online really showed immaturity and lack of trustworthiness.

Get real, Sir; look at the mirror and admit that you — not just being a weeaboo — are a disgrace to the community. You should be ashamed of yourself when you have a real job, such as a writer for a newspaper in the lifestyle section, magazine of anime and J-pop or even a reputable anime website.

You may be blacklisted soon, banned by bloggers (not just myself but maybe, From the Tube) and declare you persona non grata.

To end this letter, try reflecting on a line from a judge of the Decathlon in Adam Sandler’s 1995 film “Billy Madison” of what have you done.

I hope you will do something for the good of Filipino TV observers and critics.

Respectfully yours,




  1. That Kelvin Abe’s blog posts are just trash. No one cares his about his blog anyway; he will still continue namecall persons who attacked to him entirely…..
    I hope he deserved a little karma for that man. Masyadong weeaboo!

    1. Indeed, from now on, this blog is declared persona non grata on Timow’s Turf for such lack of his intelligence and respect for Philippine Television Community, especially it’s management.

  2. Speaking of namecalling, he responded to this article the other day and derogatorily called this blog as ‘Tungaw sa Turf’. Here’s what he quoted in response (obviously with misspelled words and incorrect grammar):

    “Pasensy na! hindi nga pala ako nagbabasa ng negative post (or so-called RANT POST) ni “Tungaw sa Turf” Last June 30 nakaka-trauama kaya ang post na hindi kanais-nais ng tungaw na ito. kaya kung may problema ka sa ‘kin (kahit maliit lang) ngiti-ngiti rin pag ako’y tumanggi… TUNGAW! “Think Before you Click”? Kumita na yan!”

    He then finished with this:

    “You don’t need to think but you can find the answer, That’s what Media Critics do.”

    Clearly he’ll ignore this open letter of yours. But who cares? As long as you ignore his for good.

    1. I am neither not seeing his blogs. Masasayang lang ang reading pleasure at mauuwi sa antok.

    1. Indeed, he is a disgrace to his classmates, his professors and his family when they see his blog.

      Not to mention, ginisa ng isang visitor sa From the Tube tungkol sa scrambled signal sa SkyCable habang nag-Kalyeserye. Sabi daw, kung nag-ECE si K.A., instead of MassComm, he should’ve realized that scrambling signal on GMA would also interfere other neighboring channels.

      AFAIK, pupunta na siya sa isang cosplay convention sa October 3 (obviously I’m not around). Looks like, kailangan ng isang PN para harapin siya to give him a taste of medicine.

      1. Bigyan siya ng sleeping pills! (But no overdose also, please!)

  3. Late for the party, but this Wapanese trash really needs to contain his autism, lest he wants to continue to shame himself, his peers, and his family with his stupid ramblings. His blog, from what I have seen, really does reek of unprofessionalism.

  4. No political leanings here, but I won’t be surprised if Kelvin Abe gets arrested and charged for online libel someday. If that happens, I wish he must pay millions of pesos as fine for this.

    Is Kelvin Abe a pro-Duterte or anti? Because if he’s for the latter, and if Kelvin makes a libelous post of Duterte in his “AbeTorial,” for sure there’s worse to come, and I won’t be surprised on that.

    1. Just check on his Twitter for his politcal sentiments.
      With that, it looks like I need to get skeptical in two weeks on the change of presidential administration. It doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m disgusted with his policies he’ll implement for the next 6 years.

  5. thanks for Jake’s tip, I wouldn’t have known that I’m also a target. last thing I know he’s ranting against Gab.

    PS. despite our recent differences at least we try to engage (though sometimes I also get a little out of control, recently graduated from therapy).

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