The Turf launches 2016 election series, opens for contributions

TFD2016 collage

THE FILING of Certificates of Candidacy (COC) is over but the official campaign period is not until February (for national positions) or March (for local ones), although they are doing it right now in order to secure such ambitious positions.

All mainstream VHF networks, except Media ng Bayan, are prepared for the coverage of the most exciting chapter of the nation’s history. The Turf is also prepared as well.

I proudly present to you, the Turf’s “The Filipino Decides” (#TFD2016).


This election series will last for mostly the first half of 2016 from the official campaign period until the inauguration of the new President.

Topics of the upcoming series will cover elements on the election cycle, insights of broadcasters and post-mortem analysis.


Aside from the #TFD2016 series, the Turf has good news to share with you.

The Turf is now ready for your contributions on Philippine Television. These will subject to proper review from the webmaster. Contributions, which have an existing WordPress account, will become a part of the Turf. Otherwise, if you don’t have a WP account, please send your piece through private message on the official Facebook page below with your name (pen name, if you want your name to be protected) and e-mail address (optional).

The Turf is ready, as well, for his contributions to other bloggers with contributions such as The Filipino Scribe, the Society of Honor or Chitetskoy Chronicles.

That being said, it is obvious that we will expect some politics throughout the series.

However, this saga will not affect in any way from the original intentions of the blog (i.e. insights of new shows or new seasons and other special coverage).

Stay tuned for Timow’s Turf on Reddit.

The Turf is on Facebook again! Like it now.

[Photo collage rendered by author-admin]

[Sources: PCOS Machine ( / Malacanang Palace (CNN Philippines) / Senate Building ( / Batasang Pambansa Complex (Wikimedia Commons) and Index fingers marked with indelible ink (Coconuts Manila)]



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