Another Koreanovela on PTV this November

A screenshot of "The Legendary Doctor" (1999-2000) from MBC. Expect these and more on PTV 4, come November 7.

A screenshot of “The Legendary Doctor” (1999-2000) from MBC. Expect this scene and more on PTV 4, come November 7.

LAST YEAR, “Here Comes Mr. Oh”, their first dubbed Koreanovela, made it to the small screens on People’s Television Network (PTV). However, the press did not recognize the effect of the underdog network competing on the hallyu wave until last February. Despite of conclusion or abruption, their first attempt accrued 800,000 viewers on its first week, according to a broadsheet.

Now, the network of Visayas Avenue tries anew with another dubbed K-Drama. This time, it’s different; enter “The Legendary Doctor.”

The Legendary Doctor” (not to be confused with “The King’s Doctor,” currently airing on GMA) was a historical drama, originally aired on Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) from 1999 to 2000. It is based on real-life events about a famous Korean doctor named Hur Jun (late 1530s to 1615).

Set in Joseon dynasty (a Korean kingdom which lasted from 1392-1897), about half a century after the death of Jang Geum (said to be their first female doctor), Hur Jun (played by Jun Kwang-ryul), an illegitimate child of the governor of Pyong Ahn Do (a region in Northern Korea), was working as leader of a smuggling ring. When he got caught, his father arranged for him and his mother (played by Jung Hye-sun) to leave for Kyung Sang Do (a region in Southern Korea). But then his mother fell ill so Hur Jun had to seek the help of a local physician named Yoo Ui-tae (played by Lee Soon-jae). Jun became interested in medicine thereafter and trained under Dr. Yoo, ultimately rising up to become the emperor’s physician.

Unlike “The King’s,” where the protagonist is actually a veterinarian before becoming a physician to the emperor, “Legendary” is more traditional, according to the incoming drama’s distributor, PTV Korean Entertainment Incorporated (PKEI).

According to the Manila Bulletin, PKEI is also committed of airing other K-Dramas on the soon-to-be-sole government-owned network such as “90 Days of Love” (2006) and the Hallyu historical-drama-action-romance “Jumong” (2006) (a re-air since the first transmission from Timog Avenue years ago).

The Legendary Doctor will premiere on November 7 and will broadcast for half an hour on weekends, right after the Lotto Draw (9:15 p.m.) on PTV.

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[Photo courtesy of Manila Bulletin / Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation]



    1. Base sa video, they will break the J-Drama monopoly but there’s a catch, though.

      Given the business environment, PTV will be in the spotlight next year kasi magpapalit ng administrasyon at maaring palitan ng pamumuno at ang kanilang supervision.

      As I said last year on the Radyobisyon post, continuity is not an option at Telebisyon ng Bayan. Thus, we have to monitor them closely.

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