PBB: 737 to devote their Big Night for a weekend

PINOY BIG BROTHER’S The Big Night, indeed, culminates a season of different editions of the reality show for a decade now but nothing compares to the coming Big Night of the most controversial and current edition, PBB 737.

Albay Astrodome will be the venue of the PBB 737's Big Night from November 7-8, 2015.

Albay Astrodome will be the venue of the PBB 737’s Big Night from November 7-8, 2015.

The coming Big Night will be held the next whole weekend in Albay Astrodome in Legaspi City on November 7-8, 2015. It did not just mark the third hosting of the PBB Big Night outside Metro Manila but the first in having a long duration of the franchise’s traditional culmination.

The first was held in Clark Expo, Pampanga on the very first edition of PBB in 2005 where Nene Tamayo of Romblon became the first Big Winner. The second was held last 2012 in Malolos, Bulacan for the Teen Edition 4 where Myrtle Gail Sarrosa of Iloilo was crowned the Big Winner.

The summary of PBB 737

Before the launch of the current edition, the digits “737” puzzled netizens; hence, they made up theories behind each digit.

On June 20, the premiere date, Toni Gonzaga finally explained the digits. The first “7” denotes the chosen teens to enter into the Bahay ni Kuya for seven weeks. Eleven teens entered the Big Brother House but throughout the confinement from the outside world, a controversy spurred on a housemate’s challenging sexuality (Ryan James Bacalla of Cebu). Because of this, netizens showed outrage on how Ryan interacted with the rest of the housemates and thus, MTRCB summoned the network demanding an apology. The online streaming and 24/7 cable streaming of the show were both pulled out until his eviction and the end of the teen’s division.

A new tandem was conceived over the social media on the teen’s part of the show, BaiLona, composed of Filipino-British Bailey May and Filipino-Australian Ylona Garcia. After the seven-week stay, the couple, Jimboy Martin and Franco Rodriguez became the finalists of the division and would re-enter the Bahay ni Kuya seven weeks after the regulars’ entry.

The regulars edition began on Day 50 (August 8) with 13 housemates entering the House for two days.

On Day 99 (September 26), the four finalists from the teens division returned to the House but they are not competing against the tenants.

As of press time, Dawn Chang secures a spot for being the finalist of the Big 4 on the Big Night. The rest of the regular housemates (Tommy Esguerra, Zeus Collins, Roger Lucero and Miho Nishida) are nominated and the last eviction will be held this Friday, October 30.

The digit “3” of the “737” denoted the three house guests throughout the edition. The first house guest was Enchong Dee, entering the House when the teens arrive until the complete transition to the regulars’ division. Recently, Karla Estrada became the second house guest for five days. The last houseguest will be revealed in the final week.

The second “7” of the combination, announced last August 21, denoted the seven weeks of fundraising of PHP 3 millions from the regular housemates and previous seasons’ Grand Winners for building 20 houses for 20 families as part of the 10th anniversary on the show.

Signs that we expect on the PBB Big Night

Following the Turf’s observations of the past Big Night editions, the finalists are normally blindfolded from the Big Brother House with many surprises in different locations leading up to the main venue.

During the live Big Night, there will always be the following observations:

  • Screaming fans of the housemates-finalists in the venue or in social media
  • The performance of PBB’s theme song “Pinoy Ako
  • Last text voting (either by percentage or by save-minus-evict vote)
  • Toni Gonzaga’s final pep talk to the finalists (per individual and as a group)
  • The most awaited results verified by SGV (an audit firm), announced slowly and dramatically from the lowest place to the grand winner, and
  • The emotions of the winners and the prizes from the sponsors of the show

Lead-out programming and conclusion

Since the Big Night will always end on a Sunday, expect the lead-out programs such as Gandang Gabi Vice and their Sunday’s Best to be delayed.

That being said, no matter how difficult to sustain covering the most controversial edition of PBB, it will finally lay to rest and it will be written in the annals of Philippine TV history.

Ingat po kayo sa darating na Undas.

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  1. The location where PBB 737 Big Night Weekend will be held has something to do with Super Typhoon Yolanda.

    1. By your comment, hahhh, it indeed coincides with the second anniversary of the natural catastrophe. As we know, Albay — though not much exposure to damage than Eastern Visayas on that infamous day — is well known for a good evacuation and disaster risk reduction plan.

  2. One of the articles you may find said that nilipat daw ng venue ang PBB para daw makaiwas sa posibleng BOOs ng mga manonood kay Dawn. What can you say?

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