29 points to watch out on this Star Awards on TV

IN TWO WEEKS, we will see who won the best (or is it?) in each category of the oldest award for Philippine television by the Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC). However, as time marches on, controversies tend to erupt even more and to cry foul for biases.

The Turf will not get the full predictions unlike last year but here are the 29 points to watch out for on the 29th PMPC Star Awards for Television.

1. ABS-CBN will carry the PMPC Star Awards for Television for the seventh consecutive year.
This will mark free channel’s 8th coverage in PMPC history. However, the longest consecutive awarding broadcasts was 11 editions (1989-99) by IBC 13.

2. Best TV Station: A race for virtual duopoly with certain reasons. 
Mother Ignacia will attempt to grab the 12th title this year. However, they are not over GMA’s record with 15 but it’s too close to get there. In history, two instances ended up with a tie of the Big Two.
The answer was obvious why the awarding goes to the Big Two: (1) the diversity of programming and (2) popular recognition. Because of this, over time, minor networks lost their goodwill and their chance to last their mix and familiarity fades out.

3. IBC cannot win the Best TV Station this year.
In the early respectable editions of the Star Awards, the two programs awarded were the satirical “Sic O’Clock News” and the serious “Hotline Sa Trese.” The network from Broadcast City was used to act as the neutral venue from the commercial empire but because of worsening financial insolvency, the last edition to be broadcast under the network was in 2005 (19th edition). As what is said on the preceding point, IBC is a big laughingstock.

4. UNTV and NET25 will never win any categories.
Due to their limited critical capacity, the PMPC members’ judgment — like the Big Two fantards over social media — would definitely deliver a “Da Who” against the broadcasters’ respective religious ownership with their never-ending war. This year, the latter continued to defend to their Church Administration — headed by Executive Minister Eduardo Manalo — from a scandalous exposé from his expelled brother, Angel, four months ago. This, of course, makes the former, under Bro. Eli Soriano, enraged and berated this action.

5. The Best Mini-Drama Series will go to Wansapanataym (ABS-CBN). Not a surprise for Kapamilya because it was a programming institution for seasoned, cumulative years (from the 90s and 2010-prssent).

6. Magpakailanman to win Best Drama Anthology. Despite of a fresh rivalry between Ipaglaban Mo and Karelasyon with matching criticisms from Chitetskoy, again, like the preceding number, the prediction is based on the “nakasanayan na” basis.

7. Best Musical Variety Show: SAS is a NO but ASAP 20, UH-OH.
The Turf certainly predicts that Sunday All Stars will not win with obvious reasons: lost of luster due to late opening time at 2:00 p.m. and its appalling ratings.
However, ASAP 20’s victory should be treated with caution. Here’s why. Before ASAP’s facing with Sunday PinaSaya, the ratings of the Sunday noontime program began to shrink its domestic base. Because of the success of the comical SPS, ASAP tripped down to second place and tried a comic opening but it failed to impress the fed-up viewers.
However, Martin Nievera, the main host, was unhappy for the shortened running time and change of opening format of the Sunday variety show. He didn’t realize yet the defeat due to the shift of viewers’ taste.

8. Bet ng Bayan to win Best Talent Search? 
It is probable that the sole GMA talent search program would win that category but here’s the catch, Bet ng Bayan will only last one edition due to the flopped ratings and its after effect, unlike the other contender, Talentadong Pinoy of TV5. Also, blame the Never Ending Network War.

9. It’s Showtime’s win may get the big jeers. Any category won by It’s Showtime is a big blow for netizens. We all know that their recent strategy against the Kalyeserye segment of Eat Bulaga with celebrity twerking and Pastillas Girl did not amuse Kapamilyas with certain sense of morality.

10. Battle of the Defunct Showbiz Talk Shows
In this edition, The Buzz (ABS) and Startalk (GMA) will fight over on the Best Showbiz Talk Show category. However, both of them have ended in April and in September, respectively, due to the shift of showbiz news provider, the Internet. It will be a close race for the post-mortem award.

11. Best News Program is a close race between the Big Two. TV Patrol may win due to institutional and longevity factor but GMA News program may pull against them.

12. Best Public Affairs Program will not be from TV5.
Sorry, Reaksyon, Solved na Solved and Face the People. Take note that chances of winning from GMA is highly likely due to their credibility factor.

13. Tropang Potchi maintains the record. 
The Best Children Show Award will again go to GMA’s own kids show. Because of the competing nominees belong to the rivalry of UNTV (The KNC Show) and NET25 (Homework), as it was based on Point No. 4, the PMPC won’t really much care about them.

14. Best Travel Show to hail from GMA.
Both Channel 7 and 11 has the chance of winning the said award against Net25’s “Landmarks” and PTV 4’s two shows. Again, need to say more?

15. Kris Aquino to get another award.
No surprise there as the Presidential sister will win due to her eponymous lifestyle show, KrisTV, despite of definite low viewership in the ratings game.

16. Pangako Sa ‘Yo actors to win
The remake of the 2000 teleserye on ABS-CBN can propel the nominated cast’s chances of winning: Daniel Padilla for Best Drama Actor, Angelica Panganiban and/or Jodi Sta. Maria for Best Drama Actress, Ronnie Lazaro for Best Supporting Actor and Amy Austria for Best Supporting Actress.

17. AlDub Nation will get fumed! 
The AlDub community grew beyond expectation for four months now but the tandem’s loss on their respective categories would get a jumpstart of outrage against PMPC’s favoritism.
Alden Richards is nominated on the Best Drama Actor, competing against six Kapamilya talents. However, his nomination is from GMA News and Public Affairs’ historical drama “Ilustrado,” the last TV project before Kalyeserye, which garnered single digit ratings in both Kantar and Nielsen.
Maine Mendoza, on the other hand, will face five Kapamilya actresses and two Kapuso colleagues on the Best New Female TV Personality Award.
Despite of a probable loss of one or the whole tandem, they will still bring home the German Moreno Power Tandem Award with LizQuen (Liz Soberano and Enrique Gil).

18. Empress Schuck gets no shmuck.
Empress Schuck is the sole nominee of the Kapuso Network for Best Drama Actress in her soap, Kailan Ba Tama ang Mali? But her chances of winning will be futile as she competes with 7 recognizable Kapamilya talents.

19. The Fallen 44 story to win Single Performance.
Titled “Watawat” on MMK, the story focused on one life of a Fallen 44 soldier (played by Coco Martin) from PNP-SAF during their encounter in Mamasapano last January. This action further endures in another role, this time on FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. Martin and Angel Locsin will bring home their own Star Award.

20. Willie Revillame’s win will be a scandalous talk.
The Kapuso comeback game show Wowowin and Willie Revillame are nominated for the Best Game Show and Best Game Show Host, respectively. If any of the said categories (solo or tied) were won, it’s a scandal as Revillame was ordered arrested by the Court of Appeals due to the child abuse case on his former show on TV5 in 2011. If Filipinos could remember that case and his past litany of sins, then, the chances of his winning will lessen.

21. Pia Hontiveros’ sour homecoming
The CNN Philippines newscaster is nominated for the first time for her show, News.PH, in two separate categories. The newscaster would feel back at home to meet her colleagues in the former employer since departure in 2011. However, due to the control of status quo, she will come home empty-handed.

22. A possible cry foul for “political maneuver.”
If Rated K and/or Korina Sanchez wins one or two categories, netizens would like to cry foul for “advancing political causes.” Being the spouse of the Liberal Party standardbearer Mar Roxas, they’ll speculate that the awards will act as a leverage of his victory for the Presidency at next year’s polls.

23. Two nominations in one category are better than one.
For Toni Gonzaga and Robi Domingo, there are two nominations for two Pinoy Big Brother editions (All In and 737) for Best Reality Show Hosts. However, critics see this as a loophole and asked themselves, “Is it even legal under the PMPC Star Awards rule book?”

24. Like father but unlike the son.
Angelo Castro III may have followed the footsteps of his father, Angelo Castro Jr., a well-respected news anchor on ABS-CBN in the late 80s and early 90s.
He is nominated for the Best Newscaster this year but he was assigned on UNTV as anchor of their English news program, Why News, and not on his father’s employer.
His chances of winning is slim to no dice.

25. Hi-5 PH cast gets nominated but may not win
The cast of Hi-5 Philippines is nominated for Best Children Show Presenters, together with the respective presenters from the Best Children Show Award (see Point No. 13). However, due to the new admission, the chances of winning is remote as the cast of Tropang Potchi would grab that award again.

26. Ms. AVL gets a lifetime award pass
Coney Reyes, who played Ms. AVL on Nathaniel, will receive the Ading Fernando Lifetime Achievement Award on the Awards Night.

27. Ex-News head gets Excellence in Broadcasting Award.
Former ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs head and Rappler founder, Maria Ressa, will bring home the said award.

28. Not enough disclosure in criteria.
In this edition, the PMPC gets a hint of disclosure that franchised local programs (drama adaptations, reality, childrens, and game shows) and drama remakes were excluded from the nominee list but its actors and hosts behind them are included in the list.
However, the Turf believes it is not enough; they should learn from the Emmy Awards (with separate ceremonies on Daytime and Primetime), that there must be a certain time period to qualify for nominations. In the Emmys, where the awards are held in September, the nominations must have been aired on TV from June to May. Here, we don’t have any clue!

29. PMPC’s favoritism has its intertwining
Critics saw the organization exposed their proclivity of endorsing and favoring exclusive Kapamilya talents. Ever since 2009, their inclination of such celebrities ended up monopolizing local film and OPM industry. Not to mention, the endorsement value in advertising counts.
Because of this, the minority bloc of the club backed out and forged ENPRESS, but endorsing more on GMA.

If PMPC could go back to its early days, there would be no problem of having a sound and independent judgment. As long as favoritism and close-mindedness behind the organization and its members lingers within, only time will tell when impartiality and credibility comes at hand.



  1. Initial update: Jana Agoncillo won the Best New Female TV personality in the PMPC… this is what do you expect…

  2. It’s also good to note that Marco Masa, whom we all knew played the role of the titular character in his teleseries “Nathaniel” (alam na this!), won the title in the PMPC Star Awards for being the “Best Child Performer,” along with Harvey Bautista (for his role in Wansapanatym Presents: Remote ni Eric). Keep it up, Marco and Harvey!

    On the other side, though, I strongly agree that the networks not named ABS-CBN should also be given a chance to air the Star Awards.

    1. PTV and GMA has yet to cover them and indeed, rotational basis should be the answer to an impartial coverage and fair play, like they used to before.

      Hosting should be random. If I am a member of PMPC, they must be opposite of each other.
      Thus, an exclusive male talent from Network A must host together with an exclusive female talent from Network B or a freelancer. And vice versa.

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