Philippine TV’s Christmastide Cornucopia 2015-16

Tarlac's Belenismo (displaying of the Nativity scene) is one way of celebrating Christmas in the Philippines.

Tarlac’s Belenismo (displaying of the Nativity scene) is one way of celebrating Christmas in the Philippines.

DECEMBER IS HERE, once again. We already reached the final month of 2015 and the Turf thinks out: “How would the coverage throughout the holiday month will play on?”

By Early December

As of press time, “And I Love You So” will premiere this Monday replacing “Walang Iwanan” on Kapamilya Gold but the day before, Dec 6 (Sun), Miss Earth 2015 will be aired in the morning as the 29th PMPC Star Awards for TV Awards Night will also be aired on their Sunday’s Best. The said network’s annual Christmas special will hopefully be aired for two-parts on December 13 and 20.

As of press time, Christmas cartoon specials in GMA 7’s Astig Authority is once again materialized as scheduled.

Day by Day from December 16

December 16 (Wed) will mark the first day of Simbang Gabi and it commences the airing of the traditional 9-day TV Mass on ABS-CBN.

Saturday, December 19 will be the broadcast of Miss World 2015 in Sanya, China on GMA while the Giant Lantern Festival will be broadcast live on CLTV 36.

December 20 (Sun) will be the battle of Christmas specials between KMJS and Rated K but for TV5, the PBA 2015-16 Philippine Cup elimination round games will end.

December 21 (Mon) marks the 64th Miss Universe or the “real” Miss Universe 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. This edition will mark the beginning of the new ownership of the beauty pagent following the controversial remark of Donald Trump, the former stakeholder on Latinos (particularly, Mexicans) during his Republican campaign for the U.S. Presidency next year. Even though NBC ceded their broadcast rights to Fox following his racially discriminatory quip, the Philippine counterpart will remain on ABS-CBN, albeit, delayed due to Kris TV and the new animated Mr. Bean.

On Media ng Bayan, this day will mark the 80th Anniversary of Armed Forces of the Philippines, live from Camp Crame. President Aquino will lead the rites for the last time as the Commander-in-Chief of the AFP.

December 23 (Wed) will tentatively commence the quarterfinals of PBA 2015-16 Philippine Cup on TV5.

Christmas Eve, December 24 (Thu), will mean an early main Lotto Draw at 2:30 p.m. on PTV 4 to give PCSO employees an ample time to prepare Noche Buena at home. At 6:30 p.m., expect the traditional Christmas party for children of GMA Kapuso Foundation to be shown on 24 Oras with their Christmas jingle — “MaGMAhalan Tayo Ngayong Pasko” by Alden Richards — playing in the background. As the night rolls on, the UST Christmas Concert 2015 will be a saving grace special for IBC and later, TV5 as long as they ignore PTV’s jump by a few days. At midnight, ABS-CBN will carry the Midnight Mass on the studio.

On the dawn of Christmas Day, December 25 (Fri), where the broadcast day commences, the Midnight Mass from the Vatican will be placed again as an inset during the respective morning programs of the Big 3 but it will be carried by PTV a few hours later. At 7 p.m., Philippine time, Pope Francis will impart the Urbi et Orbi blessing from the loggia (balcony) of St. Peter’s Basilica and it will be carried live on PTV 4 while the Big Two continue with their news bulletin.

Will CNN Philippines try to carry this like her predecessor, 9TV, did? Wait and see.

The said liturgical rites will be merged on GMA as their last program for the said broadcast day.

Unlike in the USA where they have a special lineup on Christmas and New Year’s — Eve and Day — the afternoon and evening lineup on the mainstream channels (ABS and GMA) will give no regards to change and will continue with their own respective running teleseryes.

For TV5, the PBA Philippine Cup Quarterfinals will probably continue being Friday as a game day (other being Sundays and Wednesdays). Again, like the apathy mode for dramas on the Kapamilya and the Kapuso network, they will give no regards for a special holiday game for the national basketball league unlike NBA, which is aired the following day on ABS-CBN Sports + Action.

On the last Sunday of 2015, December 27, the heated rivalry for the year-end specials in respective magazine shows and Sunday night specials will fire up on ABS and GMA. The Awards Night for the 41st Metro Manila Film Festival will remain in limbo but it cannot be broadcast by GMA.

On Rizal Day, December 30, the Media ng Bayan will carry the coverage of President Aquino’s last wreath laying of the Rizal Monument live in the early morning. The Big 3 and CNN Philippines won’t bother as they count up on firecracker injuries and last-minute shopping for Media Noche.

On the last day of 2015, December 31, will once draw the Lotto balls early on Channel 4 for the employees’ convenience for preparing Media Noche.
Despite of financial trouble of GMA, the network will certainly continue their New Year Countdown on its 13th year (the 9th on the Mall of Asia). Alden and Maine Mendoza of AlDub would definitely be the centerpiece of the countdown.
Would TV5 get another  New Year’s Eve countdown as successful as the last one? Wait and see.
ABS-CBN will remain in humility in covering the turn of the year celebrations on Bandila. This will follow by a TV Mass per tradition.
Don’t be suprised if the Media ng Bayan’s (PTV and IBC) lineup is “apathetic” when it runs as if it is an ordinary day for them when they sign off at midnight unlike other national state broadcasters with their special arrangement on celebrating the New Year. Don’t expect CLTV 36 to budge to plan a New Year’s Countdown as they’ll shut down by 9 p.m.

On Jan 1, 2016 (Fri), the New Year’s Day Mass will be carried on TV5 in the morning but there will be no PBA games (resuming play on Sunday, 3rd). We should remind the Turfers that don’t expect any broadcaster on this country to cover the New Year’s Concert from Vienna, Austria at all because, as it is mentioned earlier, they’ll rather continue with their scheduled teleseryes or series.

After Epiphany (liturgically miscalled as Three Kings’ Day), when the Christmas decors are removed from our homes, the last New Year’s Vin d’honneur of President Aquino in Malacanang will be carried by the Media ng Bayan. The date will either be on January 7, 8 or 11 since the Feast of the Nazarene (January 9) falls on a Saturday.

This is the insight the Turf so far for the holiday month.

Wherever you are, have a meaningful Christmas and a sweet (20)’16 to you, your family and your friends. Cheers and good health.


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    1. Gab, you’ve just gave me another theory: Maybe their employees will be sent home to have Noche Buena and Media Noche rather than assign there for slack hours of the night.

  1. Are the rights packages still individually offered by country/region even that FOX International Channels is now possible to gain TV rights to Miss Universe outside of the US, Japan, and Southeast Asia given that FOX now has the US broadcast rights to Miss Universe?

    1. Even though they belong to a new channel in the USA, the forthcoming pageant will still maintain on ABS-CBN, due to affordability of the complete package (Bb. Pilipinas, the national pageant and Miss Universe, the internatonal pageant itself).

      However, cable channels will carry live but not on free TV. In this case, Hoz, we need to wait like more than an hour due to KrisTV, a lifestyle program hosted by our President’s sister, Kris Aquino. No matter how hard our disgust to her on the small screen for four years, she will not let her program go.

      1. I believe sa 8am pa ang start ng Miss Universe on the 21st… mukhang magsasakripisyo sa oras si Krissy.

      2. May tama ka pero sorry, hindi pwedeng umikli ng airtime kasi naka-tape ang the most annoying morning show of the PH.

        You know the drill, Gab. Handa natin ang cable (STAR World) and/or Twitter to follow the live results.

        Mas reliable at real-time pa ang live blog ng Rappler or any other media outlet kaysa sa chopped up edition on Dos.

  2. clarification pala, dun sa KAPAMILYA SIMBANG GABI ay sila talaga ang producer para sa banal na misa mula sa ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, iba nman dun sa CHRISTMAS EVE MASS na produced ng THE HEALING EUCHARIST, INC. at Society of the Divine Word pero TAPED broadcast lang

    sa CNN PH, nagawa na nila ung coverage sa Vatican ng LIVE at kuha sa feed ng EWTN ksi may commentator na nandun at additional pala dun sa TV Mass ni Fr. Mario Sobrejuanite, SSP for Christmas Eve pero delayed telecast lang

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