Christmas Message 2015

Note: I would like to apologize for not having a corresponding YouTube video on this year’s Christmas message as one of our laptops got an LCD screen flickering due to the ribbon fault and we don’t have a replacement but I promise to upload a New Year’s Message on the following week.


The Pope opened the Holy Door of St. Peter's Basilica as part of the commencement of the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy.

Another twelve months have been surpassed and we gather once again to enjoy the greatest — if not, the most important — holiday around the world with distinct methods and traditions.

Throughout the said period, the world continued to harness fear and dilemma arising from elements of hatred and hopelessness.

In the European Union, the member states faced the ethical question of to open their borders or not for refugees from being squeezed between authoritarianism and religious extremism.

In the United States with saga of shooting innocent civilians coming from the minorities, politicians in different spectrums were challenged over gun control.

Here at home, as we have harnessed another annual storm, desperate people are currently living in evacuation centers without their loved ones and without bountiful gifts they’ll receive.

Should we be indifferent with the situation? When and what should we do?

Early this month, we opened the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy with the theme: “Merciful like the Father.”

But even before that opening, the proper time to act from our lukewarmness and apathy is now.

For every practicing believer, we have been retold the first Christmas story in Bethlehem that bores the physical presence of the long awaited Messiah. Of which, He preached the Gospel of Mercy to his disciples and passed it on to us for over two millennia.

The life of a believer does not only focus on the milestones of initiation but by practicing ot what we preached and we can begin it by opening our doors to the merciful and comfort them, both in tangible need and in sincere spirit or both in corporal and spiritual works.

Wherever you are — near or far — a peaceful and hopeful Christmas to everyone.

[Photo courtesy of Maurizio Brambatti / EPA / Catholic News Service / America Magazine]


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