New Year’s Message 2016

A FEW DAYS from now, the Earth will spin away the old year and will enter into the new.

We have recollected the kaleidoscopic memories of the past, full of inspiration, lamentation, consolation, admiration, reaction, dedication, innovation and appreciation.

At home, we incorporated such characteristics in the story of the nation and its people from Pope Francis’ pastoral visit to the coronation of Miss Universe after a generation.

Overseas, we observed facing dilemmas and challenging struggles in different fields from international affairs to scientific achievements.

Words just cannot simply express how to deliver the saga of the outgoing year but indeed, 2015 was worth every newsworthy moment around us.

Yet, time won’t last forever and will march onward but its memories will.

And so, we gather again to rekindle, not on the fuse of firecrackers, but relationships of friends and family to remember the best and worst of our times and to look on to the future.

Of course, the coming year for most of us is a gift of mystery and doubt, especially on the coming national elections and the transfer of power on the next administration.

But with the aid of the faith of our people and of Divine Providence, this coming leap year will leap us together from any forms and any kinds of adversaries.

Let’s raise our glasses up for our aspirations and dedications not only for you but for your loved ones, for the community and for our world.

Happy New Year, 2016!

I would like to thank every visitor and follower of this Turf for a substantial support. Let’s #MakeOurFuture together this #Sweet2016.


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