The Turf’s Holy Week Message 2016

Stabat Mater


Holy Week is indeed the proper time for contemplation, reflection and devotion on the Paschal Mystery of Christ.

In a general point of view, we concentrate on the life and the lessons of Our Lord in different ways. This year, as we participate on the universal Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy, we should not just listen on His Word in order to be believers and followers but to satisfy it in our mission by setting aside a part of our lives through different works of mercy — corporal and spiritual — with sincere hearts.

As the forthcoming elections draws near, I would also address this message to candidates from varying levels of government — national, provincial and local. I pray that these people will learn how to empty their own selfishness and to serve the people with genuine sincerity as they lead. For the electorate, especially the youth and the newly registered, I pray that the gift of conscience and dignity that God provided will not be traded through fear and intimidation on choosing our leaders.

Have a blessed Holy Week to all.

Advisory: Timow’s Turf will resume the #TheFilipinoDecides2016 series this April 8.

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