#TheFilipinoDecides2016: Reflection before the election


Today marks the last day of the campaign. The blaring noise on miting de avance is currently intensifying until later at midnight. The day after tomorrow, the eyes of the world are looking upon us.

Throughout the past three months, you have finally decided who to vote for but at the same time, you realized how hurtful to see the dissolution of friendships and relationships with differing slate of candidates and reasons. To be honest, dear readers, elections come every three (for Senators and below) and six (for President and Vice President) years but the individual relations to others last forever. We can rekindle and reconcile them.

However, the relations with our country cannot be easily fixed; it is not like a weekday teleserye that you usually watched on television. I will expound the reflection on this final yet extraordinary post before we wrap up #TheFilipinoDecides2016 series before the big day.

My dear Turfers, we are a human generation (30 years) after our parents and grandparents marched on to a thoroughfare, crying out for a peaceful return of our rights and freedom for our nation. Small percentage may it be but it significantly made in our history to retrieve our civil liberties that was lost under despotism.

It is supposed to be our duty to safeguard such rights, as long we never forget our obligations. However, time has passed and so are our behaviors and attitudes. Most of the youth, those born after 1986, are now “realizing” and claiming to be “better” thinkers than others through condescension over social media without hearing and reflecting the common side or the other side of the story before balancing them. Hence, the prevalence of rash and misleading judgment has emanated its true colors. They usually fire back at you through merciless yet illogical insults and throwing death threats thrown by their apologists and you felt that you might be a martyr for your conscience and free will.

Let me ask three questions before you go out to your precincts.

  1. Will your vote uphold our rights and liberties enshrined in our Constitution or will we kiss it goodbye altogether?
  2. Will it choose to help others or hurt them through intimidation?
  3. Are we going to let this Republic stand firm within six years or be in the brink of collapse?

On Monday, the answers will all end up on you and your ballot ready to be marked.

Tomorrow, May 8, is Mother’s Day — although by presidential proclamation, we should have observe it by first Monday of December. Usually, we give our gratitude to our own mothers — whether biological, adoptive or stepmothers — on this day but we must never forget to give gratitude especially to our Inang Bayan. Let us hope that we apply the principles and the wisdom taught by your respective mothers for the sake of our motherland.

Thank you and vote conscientiously.

Timow out.



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