By Popular Request: Teleseryes Angering Anime Fans?

This Monday, January 9, will be the relaunch of TV5 AniMEGA.

This Monday, January 9, will be the relaunch of TV5 AniMEGA.

I know some of you are looking forward to the third generation of TV5’s AniMEGA on Monday.

Since last Tuesday, I have set up the new request policy in order to keep this blog alive. With that imposed, the first popular request comes from Albert Brian Gimao and he asked me, “Why teleseryes anger anime fans?”

To me, this question initially sounded too baseless and too childish. Then, I reconsidered from shelving it so that there must be an answer to end all that haka-haka (ratchet) in the cyberspace for the last time:

Back in the late 70s and early 80s, they were the heydays in late afternoon and early evening. Even after Marcos, it stood still on the program guide. Batang 90s will remember how they indulge to that genre on Channels 5, 7 and 13 until early 2000s. Since the start of this century, the grid changed to its present state when teleseryes gobbled up the afternoon slot and within this decade, just before their noontime variety show.

Last year, we all witnessed ABS-CBN killing (transferring) anime and cartoons from the main channel and moved to Yey! (on TV Plus) and Hero (cable).  Kuroko’s Basketball 3 would have aired last June 20 but then, the NBA Finals between Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers ended up tied 3-3 triggering the ultimate tie-breaking game on that scheduled day. After the NBA Finals, the anime on weekdays never happened; napalitan na ng Kapamilya Blockbusters.

To be fair, Mother Ignacia ignored the calendar cycle and uncertainty of NBA Finals when it comes to scheduling animes. With that, Team Animazing was effectively dissolved, no more, laos, flopped out, done for.

Inside the whispers from their boardroom, network execs are following their trends; that’s why there’s more sexy time in afternoons and no more kiddie time. That’s also why Marco Jonathan Rossi (Chitetskoy), the Helen Lovejoy of Philippine television, fumed up.

Granted enough, ABS-CBN is indeed a mortally sinful station — and it’s not simply for political reasons. Want to watch animes? Buy their TVplus for one-time payment of 1,499 or pay a monthly due on cable (not necessarily on Sky Cable). Either way you’re still contributing the profiteering of the conglomerate.

This is pretty much a shame despite the existing 20-year-old law yet has a soft tooth on the implementing rules and regulations (IRR). Section 9 of Children’s Television Act of 1997 (R.A. 8370) stipulated that at least 15% of daily air time will be devoted to that friendly demographic but then, with digital TV transition underway, the loopholes of the law eventually showed up. The network has so many channels and subchannels; they don’t specify where to place it.

Now that I exposed ABS-CBN’s act, it doesn’t mean GMA’s a sacred cow.

We know how obvious GMA will never ever air freshest ones (the broadcast rights are so expensive but they can’t afford for spending too much on Encantandia requel and even worse, Mulawin); they’re catering for loyal old-school viewers. Despite the better ratings report, GMA maltreated too much in dubbing and cutting scenes to make kasya to their allotted airtime that affected the integrity of the anime.

To cut the long story short, Albert Brian: The blame for your rage is on the exploitative executives, the lackluster production team, their networks’ avarice and mostly, the myopic masa. If you think it’ll go back to the 90s diversified structure, it won’t anymore no matter how hard you redress such grievances. Sorry, kiddo, it only looks good on paper.

My post-mortem on this first request: To be honest about Mr. Gimao, he’s too curious but not too much rabid than Mr. MKO. To set the records straight, this blog is never meant to be an anime promotion site; there’s Anime Pilipinas for such an engagement. This site is not only for weeaboos or for escapists; there’s more to life than animes and teleseryes.

And don’t ever get me started with that Facebook page of anime and religion hodgepodge. Three words for that admin behind that page: Wag kang fanatic!

Please be reminded on the instructions on the sidebar of the blog or on the Facebook page on how to send a popular request.

Photo courtesy of TV5 AniMEGA’s Facebook page


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  1. Based on the summary of this article (“The blame for your rage is on the exploitative executives, the lackluster production team, their networks’ avarice and mostly, the myopic masa”.), one can say that the supply chain of major local TV networks is corrupt to the core. Sad times indeed, in an age where these networks care for profit rather than their customers.

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