DBS 35 shelves relaunch, considers buying IBC 13

It seems that DBS’s Plan A has been abandoned but they have a Plan B.

According to an insider, Delta Broadcasting System (DBS) Inc. finally conceded Friday their task to revive their own channel on UHF channel 35 by shelving their regular test broadcasts since July last year.

“After 8 or 9 months, the electronic communications engineers and first-class radio-telephone operators assessed to us from the Antipolo transmitter that our test broadcasts are too adverse to be received in the Metro and nearby provinces,” Bro. Ryan America said.

One of its staunchest critics, whose name is redacted, was finally relieved from this decision to shelve after breaking their promises to relaunch on specific dates since 2013.

However, no hope is lost for the technical staff as they consider acquiring Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation (IBC) 13, their parent broadcaster for almost 25 years.

Naalala ko na kawawa pala ang Channel 13 sa lahat ng aspeto (I remember that Channel 13 is pitiful in all aspects),” he added “recently, I heard na nawalan ng signal ang (they lost their signal on) IBC 13 for the past few weeks.”

Delegated by the owners, Bro. America is currently perusing the proposal and position to best out among five other contesting bidders for the long-overdue privatization game.



    1. It was all an April Fool’s joke that you were taken three weeks late.

      Anyway, in reality mode: We, especially those in PHTV Group, are a part of the staunchest critics of DBS 35 and it’s slow and a tad late of their undertakings.

      Naming names is not a norm but I can specify few. JRDV is one of them; he proposed that it would be better on cable since it will be too late for Ch 35 to relaunch, given the tightened DTT timeline.

      Ed Ching? Maybe, if he has the guts to express.

  1. Sorry ho sa out-off-topic comment ko na naipost ko sa IBC 13.

    Yung nag upgrade ang TV Plus namin at may lumabas na 6 na bagong mga channel, ang mga pangalan ay PROGRAM 1-6. Sa tingin ninyo ho, sa ABS CBN ba galing mga yan na may ilalagay na galing sa sarili nilang cable channels o sa channel 35 DBS yan? Ano po kaya gagawin nila sa mga blankong channels na yan?

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